Illegal aliens – Amnesty given to illegals without your vote. The people have NO control of this government.

This government is operating totally illegally.

This government has taken control of this country and the people have absolutely no authority.

The czars and czarinas govern with impunity.  The policies have become the laws.

This is a rogue and unconstitutional government.  And every time the people come out and call them out on it, the government calls them the rogues.

The conversation is not allowed due to political correctness.  The hate crime police are out in full force.  If you talk about it, you may be the one going to jail, even if you never raise a hand to anyone.

No,  we don’t have any official LAWS – YET

U.S. Drops 700% Of Deportation Cases In A Month

Last Updated: Mon, 10/18/2010 – 10:47am

photoA month after the Department of Homeland Security launched a covert program to dismiss pending deportations there’s been an increase of more than 700% in the number of cases that have been dropped by the government in one of the nation’s busiest immigration court systems.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Official ...

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In August Homeland Security officials quietly began to systematically dismiss the pending removal of illegal immigrants, even when expulsion was virtually guaranteed or the aliens had a criminal record. The move, first reported by Texas’s largest newspaper, stunned the legal profession and baffled immigration attorneys who said it was “absolutely fantastic” for their illegal alien clients.

Just one month later 217 cases were dismissed in Houston’s immigration court system, which is among the nation’s busiest. That marks an increase of more than 700% from the previous month’s 27 dismissals, according to a follow-up piece in the newspaper that originally broke the story. The following month, 174 cases were dropped at the request of the government agency charged with keeping Americasafe.

In some cases, Homeland Security officials will allow illegal immigrants with criminal convictions to go free as long as the crimes don’t involve drunken driving, family violence or a sexual offense. For the most part, illegal aliens who have been in the U.S. for at least two years without a felony conviction will be allowed to stay, according to an attorney who serves as a liaison between the government and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

This is part of President Obama’s backdoor amnesty plan, which has been widely reported by Judicial Watch and a handful of conservative news publications. It calls for legalizing the nation’s estimated 12 million undocumented aliens if Congress doesn’t pass legislation to do it. While the plan is crafted, the administration is implementing other measures—such as halting deportations—to protect illegal immigrants. Among them is prohibiting both federal and local law enforcement officers from arresting illegal immigrants as a result of traffic violations.


5 Responses to Illegal aliens – Amnesty given to illegals without your vote. The people have NO control of this government.

  1. anonymous m says:

    leticia olalia morales of 15501 pasadena ave #8 tustin ca 92780 sbmitted fake documents and paid a consul 5000.00 dollars to obtain a US tourist visa. she is now applying for citizenship.

    • txlady706 says:

      If she did it legally, it would have been $800 here in Austin.
      She was probably shafted by one of her own too. I know that when we came here, to the US, the Russians were pulling all sort of deals and scams. They always tried to approach us to find out if we had green cards or if we were legally here? We were, so my dad would call them gangsters right to their face. He was a brave man. They don’t make real men anymore. I guess society produces that which is needed. Nature abhors a void. Men of Islam are brutes and tyrants. They are testosterone overkill. The same can be said for the gangsters in Mexico. Or the pirates of Somalia. Liberty is a Lady. A Lady never allows a man to disrespect her. Men fight over Lady Liberty. Men cherish her. AMERICA, once used to BE Lady Liberty, but she has defiled herself. Defiled, in that she has no standards. No morals. THIS is why she is seen as NOTHING in the eyes of the world – AMERICA, that is. When your own people don’t cherish you, that says something about YOU. LIBERTY – the concept – is not FREE. Freedom is not FREE. To be free comes with the understanding that it is NATURAL to be free. A free society, must understand that with every human being. They must have respect for every human being. The idea that a FREE people would INVITE an IDEOLOGY that is FREEDOM loathing is IMMORAL. That goes for allowing SHARIAH LAW or FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS to cross the border unrestrained. That’s the same as allowing a RAPE to occur and then forgiving that rape of your wife, mother, or sister without any justice for her. HORRORS abound.

  2. Kilgore says:

    America is “seen as nothing in the eyes of the world” because of our hypocrisy, the glaringly obvious double standards in our foreign policy, and the greed, arrogance and megalomania of our corporatocracy. But corporations are good, and unions are bad, right? Of course they are. Obama’s back door amnesty plan? Are you serious? Isn’t it more likely that this is simply an indicator that the federal court system is BROKE? Do you want to wail about all those deportation case dismissals, or do you want to pay higher taxes–or force your government to adjust its spending priorities–to get the services we need as a nation? Tax money = services, get it? It’s all about how you spend the money. We can’t take care of business in this country because we pour ever-increasing floods of money into the Pentagon–almost $700 billion last year, if I remember rightly–to the detriment of other needful things. Do we really need to account for about half of the entire world’s military expenditure, when we make up just 5% of the world’s population? Do we really need to continue to subsidize the Israelis to the tune of $5 billion a year when they continue to construct illegal settlements in the West Bank? Just how many nuclear warheads, and how much domestic electronic surveillance, and how much global force projection capability, to we need to actually DEFEND ourselves, as opposed to (to paraphrase Smedley Butler) “make things right for the boys at Exxon”? And before you start on how the economy’s in the shitter because of President Obama, let me take a minute to remind you that our glorious warmongering former president ran up A TRILLION DOLLARS in debt selling bonds to the Chinese, while trumpeting all the while, ad infinitum, about how we had “more first-time home owners now than at any time in our country’s history.” Idiot. Guess we figured out why THAT was, huh? And one more thing…testosterone? Do you want real men, or not? REAL MEN COME WITH TESTOSTERONE, and it’s a joy you’ll never know. -YOURS TRULY, a mean, ornery, gun-toting, testosterone-soaked, MENSA-card-carrying LIBERAL, who thinks the Somali pirates should be summarily shot at sea but still knows that THE CORPORATIONS ARE THE REAL GANGSTERS NOWADAYS.

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