Obama the Muslim – Opposing Mosques Could be a Federal Crime

The title says it all.


Obama: Opposing Mosques Could be a Federal Crime

October 18, 2010

By admin

Obama: Opposing Mosques Could be a Federal CrimeIn the past Tennessee Lt. Governor has stated that we need to face the threat of Sharia Law in America, and hundreds of non-Muslims have come out in protest against this proposed Mosque. But none of that matters to Obama and his gang, as here they come to save the day and help advance

a religion/ideology that clearly goes against the freedoms of America. I thought you guys were supposed to help the country, not hurt it.

Feds: opposing Tennessee mosque could be a crime
Richard A. Serrano, Reporting from Washington
October 18, 2010

Washington….The Obama administration, for the second time in two months, interjected itself Monday into an angry local dispute over a proposed Islamic center, warning local officials that opposing the mosque could violate the civil rights of its members and become a federal crime.

The Department of Justice filed court papers Monday in support of construction of a Murfreesboro, Tennessee mosque, saying local Muslims were protected by the First Amendment right to free exercise of religion and disputing opponents claims that Islam is not a valid religion.

In August, President Obama drew fire from conservatives and many New Yorkers when he said people have the right to build a mosque on private properly. The statement so inflamed his detractors that the next day the president stressed he was not necessarily endorsing the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero in New York.

In the Tennessee matter, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is attempting to build new facilities outside of town to accommodate its growing congregation. It purchased 15 acres for a new 10,000-square foot center, with a worship house, school, a gym and swimming pool. The surrounding area would include a pavilion and cemetery.

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I would like to see if the complaint actually states why Islam should not be recognized as a religion. It is called Sharia Law.



15 Responses to Obama the Muslim – Opposing Mosques Could be a Federal Crime

  1. Mike says:


    What’s wrong with you? It’s a plain fact that the President is not a Muslim. Don’t you remember all the hubbub over the controversial comments made by the pastor at his former Chicago area CHURCH? Dislike him all you want, but tell the truth, if you can manage it.
    Why are you so afraid (yes, I said afraid) of letting peaceful people have a place to pray? Why is your logic so flawed? You assume that one billion Muslims worldwide are ALL out to destroy our way of life, based on the actions of a handful, or even a few thousand, militant extremists. Doesn’t really make sense, does it?
    Your ignorance and bigotry are pretty sad, and your attitude on this issue is about the most UN-American thing I can imagine. It kind of turns my stomach.
    Get a life, and stop propogating BULLSHIT on the web. It’s not constructive.


  2. txlady706 says:

    Nothing wrong here. You are entitled to your opinion. I choose not to close my eyes to reality and I choose not to close my ears. I hear what the Muslims say. I choose not to close my mouth to the facts. I see the HISTORY and the ORIGIN of Islam. It was forged from a man who would be deemed a sociopath today. A whole IDEOLOGY was created out of it, not just a religion, but a LAW, Politic, Culture and dogma. Mo and his religion (Theocracy)is EVIL. YOU are un-AMERICAN. You defend a invasion. You defend those who would seek you out to murder you. Murder is defined in many ways. I consider it murder if one is forced to OBEY a Theocracy or a Theocratic government against their will. Don’t start with Israel. They let the people practice whatever Religion and if you don’t like it they don’t stop you from leaving. Try leaving ISLAM and you’ll find out what comes of it.
    YOU are a fool. Don’t you call me a fool! I speak and I have a right. YOU have NO argument based in logic and the only thing you USED my Blog for is to spew your idiocy on me. Fe! Just like the SELF deprecating JEW, YOU make me sick. YOU are culpable to the ENEMY and whatever occurs to this country, know that YOU have had a hand in it’s demise. You offer NOTHING, now be a good little DIMMI and run along to worship your master, ALLAH or MO. It doesn’t really matter, because it’s one and the same.

  3. Ronda T. says:

    You too are entitled to your opinion, but not to your own (false) facts. Your president is not a Muslim. And anyway, si what if he where? I tought americans prided themselves on not hating because of somebody’s religion, isn’t that what bigotry is? And the poster didn’t call yo a fool, where did that come from>? And he didn’t say anyting about Israel either. And Israel people don’t live under religious law?> Can I go to Israel and get bacon with my eggs for breakfast? And how is living in theocracy the same thign as murder, really isn’t that a little far fetched to believe?

    • txlady706 says:

      Ronda T:
      If you have something to address or say, make it more clear. I am having issues trying to understand what your saying. I don’t mind replying to people trying to address me, but I don’t understand what your saying.

  4. RondaT says:

    Sorry my typing is not the best! I SAID, you are entitled to your opinion too, but not your own false facts. That’s pretty clear isn’t it? Your president is not a Muslim. That’s pretty clear isn’t it? What difference would it make if he was a Muslim, since I thought in America you did not go around hating people based on their religion? That’s pretty clear right? So why do you hate and use calling him a Muslim as disrespect, when I thought America was about being free of that, which is bigotry? Right? Still pretty clear? And Mister Mike there did not call you a fool, or say anything about living in Israelo, but you say that he did? Why? And can yuo explain how anybody can say that living in a thocracy is the same as murder, and not be a ltttle batty? Can you hear me now? Ronda

    • txlady706 says:

      -What false facts?
      -How do you know he’s not a Muslim? That liar has lied about so many other things (gitmo, unemployment, etc…) why would he NOT lie, if thats what he thought you wanted him to hear. I judge him a Muslim, not because of what he says but what he does and by the Middle East not calling him an INFIDEL. Since, he was in a Muslims school, in Indonesia, and his father enrolled him saying that he was Muslim, then HE was Muslim from that time onward. IF he ever converted, then he would be an INFIDEL and would be rebuked as such by the ME.
      -It makes a big difference. Islam is not a RELIGION, in my opinion because it CAN NOT be separated from being a POLITIC, LAW or Culture. Therefore, it’s not mainly a Religion and can’t be treated as such. Secondly, Muslims (ISLAMISTS)were the ones who attacked us at the WTT, not once but twice, Cole, Ft Hood, Somalia (Pirates), etc…… It was not another religion and it was not another group of people, it was ISLAMISTS. That is not to say people from the ME, because there are plenty of Islamist (Muslims) coming from everywhere,so I don’t care WHERE they are coming from, but if they believe in the vileness of Mohammad and his ilk, then they are evil.
      – Bigotry – usually, refers to someones prejudice against a ethnicity. I don’t care about ethnicity. I don’t care what color or where you come from. Islam tells people that they are no good if they are this, that or the other. Who is the bigot then? I have and prejudice against a Ideology that tells those who subscribe to it, that ALL others are beneath them. I don’t think that makes me a bigot. I think it’s the other way around. ISLAMISTS (Muslims) are bigots.
      I hear you loud and clear. Can you hear me?

  5. Mike says:


    Sorry, I’ve been away. Far, far away…you’d be amazed at the things I have “had a hand in” that really have very little to do with “the demise of this country.” Wow, you sure did get worked up there! Everything okay now? Sure you have a right to speak, as long as you speak THE TRUTH. Besides which, I think–personal opinion, mind you–that you have a gift for distortion and exaggeration. Where’s the invasion, exactly? And can you share with the folks at home what a DIMMI is? (I already know, and probably much better than you do, so be careful with your answer, I’m laying another logic trap here.) BTW it’s THIMMI, but we don’t really have an English equivalent to the Arabic labial fricative hard “TH,” and besides that the colloquial pronunciation in much of the Middle East substitutes the hard labial fricative “D” anyway, so maybe I’ll let you slide on that one. BTW Ronda is right, I never called you a fool, or mentioned Israel, nor would I have…but she (she, I think, sorry if I’m wrong) brings up a good question. I’ll take rogue states for two hundred, Alex…CAN I get bacon with my eggs in Israel? And if the answser is no, can you explain why not, please?

  6. Ronda says:

    Oxford Dictionary of Current English: BIGOT: n. an obstinate believer who is intolerant of others.
    AND you’re a looney!

  7. Raisuli says:

    -So, logically–
    -If Obama weighs the same as a duck…then he’s made of _wood_!
    -And therefore..?
    -A witch! A witch!

    Right! Yes! It all makes perfect sense now! Pathetic. TxLady you’re a hoot! So, what about that dimmi or thimmi thing? And the bacon and eggs? This new learning amazes me! Share more!

  8. Soggy Francis says:

    I’ll bet there was a little picture of Texas Lady next to the definition…

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