Iran – In charge of OPEC – Masoud Mirkazemi, to chair the 12-nation organization during 2011

This is truly Alice in Wonderland!

The Carter presidency is directly responsible for our demise of the WEST and not just America going into this following year.  Carter was the chief instrument of the design of OPEC.  He is also the one who brought on the Iran hostage crisis.  He is the one responsible for planting the seeds of this behemoth.

This is the CARTEL nations telling the WESTERN world that they support IRAN and that the sanctions against Iran are going to be used against the WEST itself.  They are united against the WEST.

The WEST is not only NOT united, but are in a complete trance, hypnotized by the lies, propaganda and hollow promises that the Islamic world weaves.  The Islamic HYDRA!  The Hydra is difficult to understand, because once one head is cut off, there are two that grow back.

These things are not that mysterious, though.  The reason is, if one puts all the pieces in perspective, then one understands that this president is a saboteur.  He should be handcuffed and investigated for espionage.  Treason is not in question anymore, in my opinion.

Treason would entail that the president had allegiance to the US, at one time or another.  I am not reasonably sure that he EVER had allegiance to this country, legally or otherwise.  His papers don’t attest to it.  He’s unwilling to disclose supporting paperwork, such as school records, etc… and his actions by going around the world and cowering to all the ISLAMIC nations, reassures me ONLY of his allegiance to the ISLAMIC STATE.

The Islamic state is a THEOCRACY based in ISLAMIC laws AND Culture.  They are indivisible.  The nations that are ISLAMIC are NOT singular.  Once a nation becomes an Islamic theocracy it becomes part of the bigger (HYDRA) and is exponentially increased in power.  They have the entire THEOCRACY behind them.  Thus, OPEC will align with the OIC to form a complementary alliance.  Coming and joining together the breadth of the ISLAMIC states and the power of the INTERNATION MONOPOLY that CARTER created——of which America has no commodity of, but is rather lead around by the nose ring of.  US sanctions are an ILLUSION.


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Iran Elected to Chair OPEC Next Year; Dismisses Western Energy Sanctions as Ineffective:

Friday, October 15, 2010
By Patrick Goodenough

Is this the October surprise?


( – For the first time since the Islamic revolution, Iran has been handed the rotating presidency of the OPEC cartel of oil-producing nations. The move comes at a time when Western governments are seeking to target Iran’s energy sector over its nuclear programs.

OPEC ministers meeting in Vienna Thursday elected Iran’s oil minister, Masoud Mirkazemi, to chair the 12-nation organization during 2011. His Iraqi counterpart, Hussain Al-Shahristani, will serve as alternate president, OPEC said in a statement.

Participants said the election had been a unanimous one by the group, whose members range from U.S. allies such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to historically hostile countries including Venezuela, Libya and Iran itself.


President of Iran @ Columbia University.

Image via Wikipedia


It remains to be seen whether Iran will use the presidency to push once again for oil to be priced against a currency, or basket of currencies, other than the U.S. dollar.

At an OPEC summit in 2007, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad joined his Venezuelan and Ecuadorian allies, Hugo Chavez and Rafael Correa, in pushing for such a change, citing the weakness of the greenback and its effect on oil producers’ earnings.

Led by the Saudi summit hosts, however, the gathering decided not to pursue the politically charged issue.

Iran’s election as OPEC president for next year comes amid attempts by the U.S. and European Union to escalate pressure on Tehran and its controversial nuclear activities by taking aim at its oil and gas processing, sales and imports.

U.S. legislation enacted three months ago penalizes companies that sell gasoline or other refined petroleum products to Iran or support its domestic refining efforts. E.U. sanctions target the export of equipment benefiting Iran’s energy sector.


<Iran to chair OPEC in 2011Meanwhile, on August 6, 2010, President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a meeting with the officials of Golestan Province, northern Iran, pointed out that twelve foreign companies have ignored anti-Iran sanctions, and have announced their preparedness to invest in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s oil industry.


The Islamic Republic of Iran, Algeria, Angola, Venezuela, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Ecuador as the OPEC twelve member states. OPEC was founded in the year 1960 in Baghdad.>


The State Department announced on the last day of September that four major European oil companies had committed to stopping business with Iran. It also named another company, a Swiss-based subsidiary of Iran’s national oil company, as the first to face sanctions under the new law. The Iranian government – not for the first time – on Thursday dismissed the sanctions as ineffective.

Iran has nine oil refineries, including this one on Lavan Island in the Persian Gulf (Photo: 


Iran has nine oil refineries, including this one on Lavan Island in the Persian Gulf

Iran has nine oil refineries, including this one on Lavan Island in the Persian Gulf


Speaking in Vienna, Mirkazemi told reporters the sanctions have had “no impact whatsoever,” but had provided an opportunity for the energy sector to become self-sufficient.

Iran is OPEC’s second-largest oil producer and boasts its second-largest proven reserves, after Saudi Arabia. In 2009, Iran’s crude production was approximately 3.8 million barrels per day, according to the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Agency (EIA).

Because of limited refinery capacity – its nine refineries together produced about 1.5 million barrels of gasoline per day last year, says the EIA – the country has had to import up to 40 percent of its supply.

Mirkazemi claimed that Iran planned to build six new refineries in the next three years.

Thursday’s meeting agreed to make no change to the cartel’s official oil production target of about 24.8 million barrels per day.

It doing so it stuck with a policy that has been in place since the end of 2008, when it announced a significant cut of 4.2 million barrels per day, following a drop in prices and demand as a result of the global economic slowdown. Its previous cut before that, of 500,000 barrels per day, was announced in December 2006 and later reversed.

Crude oil is currently trading at about $83 a barrel.

OPEC, which turned 50 last month, comprises Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Ecuador, Algeria, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Angola and Libya. Indonesia was a member but withdrew in 2008.

Oct 15, 2010 09:43 Moscow Time

Iranian Oil Minister Massoud Mir-Kazemi. Photo: EPA

Iranian Oil Minister Massoud Mir-Kazemi. Photo: EPA

Iran has assumed the presidency of OPEC for the first time.

The new president of the international cartel is Iran’s Oil Minister Massoud Mir-Kazemi, who was elected by the OPEC member-states in Vienna on Thursday.

Iran will chair the oil cartel until January next year.

The Vienna meeting participants have also retained intact the current oil production quotas of 24.8 million barrels a day.


Carter pushed the Shah out and ushered in Khomeini and the Mullahs

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Jimmy Carter behind anglo CIA conspiracy in Ira…, posted with vodpod



20 Responses to Iran – In charge of OPEC – Masoud Mirkazemi, to chair the 12-nation organization during 2011

  1. j says:

    interesting someone is trying to make Iran a super power. first terrorist training camps and safe harbors flights from Venezuela, then nukes and now OPEC.

    we need to make Iran a glass pot beofre it turns us in to shards of glass.

  2. txlady706 says:

    Alas, the crafting is fashioned by the elites and globalists.
    The people don’t matter.
    The only focus is the power.
    Power is an illusion. The muslims are masters of the craft.

  3. hungry4food says:

    this will crash the US economy , I saw 200 plus a Barrel oil by 2011

  4. hungry4food says:

    This video is MUST SEE….

    It explains the Sunni vs. Shiite war that is about to explode between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the useless vermin on “The View” can not even say the word Muslim and Terrorism in the same sentence? They need to be thrown off of TV for telling lies to the brainwashed fools that watch that show in the first place.

    • txlady706 says:

      It’s actually even worse. This only explains the Muslim portion. However, the communists and the Muslims have had a tactical alliance for over a century. The communists were forged out of the Socialist rhetorical of the socialists in the later part of the 1800’s. The natzi was a Nationalist, which was a socialist with national security at the center. The idea is not EVIL, but the tactics used to create this utopia are. Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a philosopher, whose ideas created the French Revolution by the late 1700’s and America was taking part in the philosophy. So, in some ways these culminations of events and IDEAS FORGED America. One must understand the ideas and philosophies, but one must also, yield to human nature and the natural. The current state of philosophy is far removed from the natural state of Man, rather it has taken no human condition as a factor. This was also an argument with which many philosophers of that time had issue with. One side had, at one point, argued that the NATURAL state of man had was not to be considered because the natural state no longer existed and would no longer exist going forward. But that has time and again, been proven, inaccurate.
      So, the fact that this show continues is only by the grace of it’s benefactor. I know that I don’t watch it and I don’t know any women who do. The women I know, see the show as demeaning to women’s intelligence and the only girls I know who have watched it were in College, particularly the one in NYU and COLUMBIA. G-d help them. They are destined for misery. They have been lied to by the fem-socialists and the communists. They will never be happy with a man or themselves by choosing their CAREERS above their basic need to nurture a family and they will punish their MEN if they do. If they choose a lesbian life, then they will eventually hate that because they gave up themselves to the Society and the other singular human being that will never be MORE but always LESS as time goes by. We live through our HISTORY. What history is left?

    • hungry4food says:

      TXLady I think this stage of the Elites game is all about Slowing Capital , and using the cover of those Socialist , Communist , Marxists , political circles as ways to generate populous support for the agenda of class division and selection of how to fund some while allowing others to go without to the point of those less fortunate to wither up and dieoff in the Global sense . I see some much out there on the Fear of Overpopulation and Earth reaching its Human carrying capacity that you know the Globalist Plan was all about this time which they feel has come .
      and then couple what Gates is plans are with this …

      They are letting the Private sector Bleed out its Primary capital reserves right now , and when the Unemployment Benefits run out this will kick into Overdrive and will be the Final Blow . With No Incentives coming out of Government to drive Profit anticipation for Business to Grow and then Hire Labor this trend is eating itself and once the Government has to make the Choice of Dollar Losing its AAA rating vs Cutting spending to sustain the Rating , we will go as EU austerity has and thats when what they are saying here will happen ; – note the date on this and then scroll down to the ,” What you Can Do “

    • hungry4food says:

      And Txlady I will refer you to these site as well , these site show the Mind control at the young academic end of the learning curve to teach the acceptance stage of Eugenics ,
      This set of Videos are about Finite theory , without a debate about how Innovation might expand the supply , because the Engineers of Society believe no matter how much innovation you have if you do not have sustainable , or Zero population growth you end up in Conflict at some point in time , Kissinger was clear about this in 1971 in his NSSM 200 study, , and this was Instrumental in Nixon de-linking the Dollar from its Constitutional Rule under Article 1 Section 10 of the US Sound Money policy .

      This shows how they Train the Younger Generations to think Acceptance of their fate and that giving to the Greater Good , ( which they forget to mention that Means Give to the Elites so they can live the Utopia while the slaves for a way shorter time labor more physically and without abundance in their lives die soon , the whole plan laid out here in this example by Bill Gates and Howard Dean leading the Cheer ;

      Its all because they are saying we are running out of water too ,

    • hungry4food says:

      And TXlady instead of embracing Innovation to Stem the oncoming supply shortages like Water , Take a look at what India is doing , , and the longest period of Peace time in world history is after WW2 when the world embarked on a Technology driven breakthrough period that increased abundance in resource supply which brought longevity to life by creating a better Quality of life and these fools have Lost this spirit and are wanting to go backwards to Save Humanity from itself they think !!! I think we are entering a Very Dark time , like what made up the 1800s into the early 1900s again , because they have the Money divided from the Republic , and the Central banks won’t Underwrite anything so this leaves the Public at the Mercy of the Elites as they setup the game plan to reduce overpopulation again , like the Great wizards like this one ,

      The Environmentalist Marxist Organizations have the Government in Lock down mode as these Hank Paulson types are also the leaders of the Big Bailout banks , did you know Hank Paulson was a founder and ran the Nature Conservancy for 15 or 16 years before going to Goldman and then onto the Treasury before collapsing the International Banking Industry ?? Gotta be a Thought here , or maybe to about what is the real plan ???
      If the USA gives away control to its water ways and Continental Shelf waters what will we have left to Intrinsically back our Dollar with ? If you read down the Executive order under Sec. 2. Policy. in the Whitehouse link below you will see where it says the Obama Administration is going to (iii) pursuing the United States’ accession to the Law of the Sea Convention . The USA is a Sovereign nation I thought and No International control over Our Resources can be done without the rights of the US citizens to be in control of its Nations resources , what do you call this ?????

      So it leaves ones Imagination to wonder with this Law of the SEA Convention , President Obama as well as the last 8 Presidents are following the plans set forth by the Trilateral Commission on Population Control

      So while the little people try to economically find sustainable work to grow their families way of life into the future , and the Government keeps saying , Just Give us a Little more time to get the wheels of progress going again , we the people must get smarter and ask how does the growth happen when these same wizards are trying to setup a economic function that sucks the wealth right out of the system like this does ;

    • hungry4food says:

      My Dear Txlady heres what I think We the PEOPLE of this GREAT FREE Nation NEED to DO , Rally the TEA party together because they seem to be still not in a daze by this overpopulation theory in the USA , because its Technically a LIE , I refer you to this chart, , because when you factor in the Babyboomer era coming on and the fact that if we had Border control and followed the Law of Immigration , we Have Sustainable Population Growth , So I ask Why should We the people give up our Rights to self Government and Liberty to Be a Government Of , By and For the US People ???
      Its all about the 1971 executive Order , and the FEDERAL RESERVE that is Standing in the Way of American People Being able to GET THEIR COUNTRY BACK to WORKING FOR WE the PEOPLE not these SOB Elities and I say Enough is Enough !!!!
      Here is the way we get our Country back ; Here is the Key to restoring True Capitalism in America , and undoing the Cronies Capitalist manipulations .
      Restore Article 1 Section 10 of the US sound money rule under the Constitution and put the American people back in charge of these future by having their Monetary Policy back under their control through their elected congress and they UPHOLD Sound Money for America! Support HR 1207, S.604 and HR 833!

      END the FEDERAL RESERVE before this gets any farther . and restructure the tax code to accommodate the revaluing of the US economy to be more competitive with foreign markets should be considered .

    • hungry4food says:

      TXlady I forgot to include this Link too , scroll down to where it says, ” FEDERAL RESERVE CONTROLS THE MONEY, NOT THE GOVERNMENT ” , this is where the TEA Party if it had the Legal support thats working with the 20 states right now in Florida to challenge the Health care mandate rule could by decree include this historic provisions of HR 92163 to restore to Congress its constitutional power to issue money and regulate the value thereof; to provide monetary income to the people of the United States at a fixed and equitable purchasing power of the dollar, ample at all times to enable the people to buy wanted goods and services at full capacity of the industries and commercial facilities of the United States; to abolish the practice of creating bank deposits by private groups upon fractional reserves, and for other purposes.”

      The Congress also attempted to issue non-interest bearing Treasury Notes. A Federal Credit Commission linked to the Secretary of the Treasury was the goal of Congress. The concern was that banks were issuing loans without the backing of real deposits and that it was controlling money based on the price it attracted on international money markets or by the amount of interest they could charge. The Congress wanted to withdraw from the banks the right to issue credit on fractional reserves, and leave the banks the right to issue credit on account of actual deposits, which means that permanent money will be loaned not bank manufactured money.

      The bill would have eliminated the private manufacture of money – a direct contravention of the mandate of the Constitution, which places the right to coin money in the hands of Congress.


      The bill would have allowed the nation to pay off its national debt and stay out of debt. In one year’s time, with this bill, the national debt could have been paid, and without any tax increases, plus it would have allowed for full employment. You could have guessed that this bill never became law in 1936 – the banking interest was too powerful.

      This is How I would Take back our UNION and make it Whole again , and get Congress back to work in a Bipartisan manner because they would find ways to work for the betterment of the Union in order to get to allocate funds into the Private sector that would create wealth and tax revenues . But we are stuck on Stupid with the Environmentalist Marxists running the FEAR of Overpopulation Campaign in the Elite Financial world of the M1 monetary Exchange , and this is why we are at a standstill , so this is why we need to End the FED and put the Power of MONETARY POLICY back in the Hands of WE the PEOPLE !!!!

  5. hungry4food says:

    One more piece of Information here that goes with your thought about the Communists Marxists and Socialists and why if the USA stands any chance of sustaining its Constitutional values we must End the FED to have control of the Means to restore of principles of our UNION ; because without this very means in the hands of the People the internationals through the collusion they have setup with this Central banking conduit are sucking the US wealth Creationa and Distribution out of our Nation without our ability to Intrinsically Negotiate Sovereignty balance ( Free Trade Agreements , that have been at the heart of our demise for the last 16 years , remember what Ross Perot said about the design of this trade agreement that Clinton enacted and both parties supported , and all these players are products of the NSSM200 study done by Kissinger , and my dear Txlady Kissinger is still in there advising this president today , so go figure ….) in our means of both economic viability and the Vitality of life in America . Whatever we do regardless of facing cost structures around our means to produce we must not become willing to cede control of our Intrinsic substance that sustains our life in this country or elimination of our people is at stake , and Law of the SEA conventions , DEBT held by Foreign entities , all these types of things are creating the whirlwind thats bring down the Sovereignty of this Nation and its Union .

    We got to break this Log Jam up that sucking us dry ….

    and we start by doing things like this after we take back control of our Monetary Policy and set it into gear with incentive driving innovation like this ,

    Start building infrastructure like Innovative India water plant opens in Madras
    we can do this type of project to create a Aqua duct that would flow through pipeline systems pumping desalinated ocean water from the Gulf inland to the Ogallala Aquifer and Recharge it so we continue to be able to produce abundance in food and high yielding resources , plus along the way adjacent to these pipeline infrastructures we build the Vertical Farm infrastructures that can Grow Algae for Energy and further food stuffs for Livestock ingredients because of its High protein , I mean the Innovation and technology Exists its just that Breaking the will of the Eugenicists and Environmentalist Marxists that are controlling the Government and the Central banking which is controlling this capital Expansion is why we are not going forward with these types of operations because of their fear of it leading to further Overpopulation and we end up right back at the same carrying capacity argument in the future that they feel we are at today , so this is the debate taking place behind closed doors like we saw harry Reid and the Senate Democrats do on Health care that Produced Nothing but Open ended unfinished documents to be filled in some time down the road when the Public is not watching which will leave a unfunded mandate that we the people are force to pay into but receive no benefit from later in our life , all more ways of sucking the means of what gives us longevity of life away , the plan of the elite .
    But we can take control of our Monetary Policy and create this to feed the USA and world a Quality of Life not try to take from the ones that have a Good quality , it won’t solve the problem of a finite resource base issue that needs to be expanded in order to spread the quality of life around , thats a better Idea than spreading the wealth because wealth by itself when in the form of Debt is a Losing proposition , when the resource supply is not expanding with the money expansion , so wages can reflect the overall growth of a economy .

    The Pulp from this is high in Protein so all kinds of food stuff could be generated along with the energy produced from this resource , and we should be expanding this resource in Mexico with a Immigration Policy so they can sustain their population without the Drug money .

    And develop things like this ; and , And build desalination plants all over the world to alter this water shortage issue , and incorporate the Greenhouse growing facilities like the could do with veggie crops being grown in these types of operations and that free up our arid able grounds for more cereal grain crops .
    Resource supply abundance to the world societies is what will bring peace across the land .
    We need to demand Debate on these topics and if the elite in Public Office dodge this kind of questioning , we need to Vote them OUT and vote in some New ones until we find those who will listen to the people and be BY , FOR and OF WE the PEOPLE !!!!

  6. txlady706 says:

    Some really nice ideas there

    • hungry4food says:

      If you want Congress to work together for the good of we the people , make them accountable for our Monetary Policy again and they will be devoted to We the people .

      The silly argument that the Congress would Gridlock over this very Issue is without substance now because as the RECORD shows no sound Money POLICY has BEEN Accomplished over the last 97 years of the FED being able to Shield Congress from the Demands of the People of the USA to insist on proper wealth creation and distribution methods that would have originated from the will of the Voice of WE the People , if In deed the USA MONETARY POLICY was in the Hands of the Citizens and voting by , for and of the people were reflected in the Monetary Policy !!!!!

      The FED has NO RECORD of ACCOMPLISHMENT to RUN ON , because anyone Can do what they do , Print Money , but I can tell you this the will to bailout the Financial Central banks would have been done this last Time way differently , and the American people would have Been Better off for it . Like simply those Institutions that got trapped in their own doing would have divvied up their assets to some New Managers and Life would have Went on without all this Debt accumulation , its just that all those Big Fat Cats would have had to give up their Country Club memberships to some NEW members that took over their spots , and tell Me sweet Jesus why would that have been such a bad thing ???

      God Bless the USA the Land of the FREE and Home of the BRAVE and those who give their LIVES , their Limbs for we the people to Keep Starting a new in the that IS a Utopia already !!!!!!

      • txlady706 says:

        I agree. Thats what I have been screaming about every time that Bush opened his mouth. The TARP and all these other “stimulus” had nothing to do with the common person who had a note outstanding. This MONETARY fund is the SAME as the Madoff scheme. The ONLY difference seems to be in the scale of the swindle. It’s too bad that the country is not only a paper but is a house made of paper, wothless green paper.

  7. […] article entitled, “Iran – In charge of OPEC – Masoud Mirkazemi, to chair the 12-nation organization during 2011” provides excellent insight how Iranian Jew-hating freak President Ahmadinejad of Iran will lead […]

  8. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case.
    my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it
    with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

  9. txlady706 says:

    I’m not sure if you are a robo comment, because I don’t know where you see ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

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