Pizza Express – The ART of flirting

Once call Customer rapport, now called “flirting”

People have been desensitized away from people to such a degree that this once casual interaction is now given the catch phrase of flirting.

Well, whatever they call it, maybe a bit more this type of flirting is what will make people more HUMAN to one another.

Maybe we should flirt with other human beings a bit more and show our humanity.

Flirting is a sexy word.  So, it grabs ones attention. However, the idea is not to enamor someone but rather to touch someone on a HUMAN level.  This is what is being taught for this company.  Maybe this is something that should be taught in schools.  The ART of HUMAN contact.  It would make for a very nice class.

If we all tried to touch each other on a human level, maybe there would be less hostility or negativity toward life.  Maybe a little bit of softness would nurture the human souls that are being deprived of this.  Maybe this can be a small step to making us nicer to each other.  Maybe, by doing that people will begin to revere life just a little more.  Maybe a baby will be saved from being aborted that day.  Maybe.

Pizza Express teaching staff to flirt with customers:

Pizza Express is teaching its staff how to flirt with customers in an attempt to relax them, it has emerged.

By Louisa Peacock, Jobs Editor
Published: 7:44PM BST 12 Oct 2010

Pizza Express teaching staff to flirt with customers

The family-friendly restaurant, famous for serving up “bambinoccinos” – a cappuccino without the coffee for kids – has recruited classically trained actor Karl James to teach flirting and the art of chit-chat to staff to help them to butter up the restaurant’s customers.

A source close to the company said: “With social media and texting reducing our face-to-face interaction, Pizza Express has enlisted the help of a conversational expert who is incorporating flirting and unique conversation techniques … into its new staff training scheme to help completely redefine the restaurant experience for customers.”

Mr James had played a key role in designing Pizza Express’ new training and recruitment process, including teaching staff “how to flirt (subtly) with customers so they feel more comfortable and relaxed”, he said.

He added the hectic pace of modern life often prevented people from having a quality conversation. But somewhere among the pizza ovens, pushchair ramps and oversized pepper grinders, the art of banter was a “teachable skill” which would help staff “get the most from every interaction, with colleagues and customers,” the source said.

Mr James runs The Dialogue Project, a specialist school that helps people master the art of conversation. The company’s other business clients include Unilever and the BBC.

Angela Baron, an engagement adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, backed the flirting technique, which she said was becoming more popular in service-led businesses. She said: “Pizza Express is a fun, family-orientated business and I can see that teaching people to engage with customers and have fun with them would give them a better experience.”

However, she warned the company to explain to staff exactly what they meant by flirting or the training could become a recipe for disaster. “If they mean customer flirting in the sense of ‘what are you doing later when the kids are in bed’, that’s not a good idea,” she said.


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