Chicago – Second Amendment violated by Laws that put individuals into a Catch 22 situation


Chicago is the most corrupt government that there can be an example of.

They passed the gun law 45 to 0.  Real politics involves real argument and ideas back and forth.  That vote alone shows that the government in Chicago is a corrupt as it comes.  They have disarmed the poeple and created a DEPENDENCE on government for more and more.  Yet this dependence doesn’t afford the population any benefits.  The crime in the area is very high.  The people have no way to protect themselves and yet the government has PROVEN that they are incapable of protecting a LAWLESS society, which is whats been created.

Everyone seems to bellyache about the need for AMERICANS to get out and vote.  What if we ARE?  What if we are and are votes are drowned out?  What happens when your vote is only worth 1/6th?

New York – Voter Fraud – Whites and Blacks are now 1/6th of a person – on the instructions of a federal judge and the U.S. Department of Justice as part of a new election system crafted to help boost Hispanic representation.

and here’s some more on voter fraud:

The Census – Legal VOTER FRAUD
Black panthers intimidating voters from voting – US AG is OK with it.
Obama should not be president – A Catalog of Evidence
New York – Port Chester, NY – Voter fraud is so successful that they have expanded it to include MORE cities. Hispanics VOTE 6 TIMES in each election. That makes you 1/6th of a person. The census was used to get the VOTE to illegals.
Update – My letter to Texas senior Senator – Kay Bailey Hutchison and her response – regarding the article “New York – Voter Fraud – Whites and Blacks are now 1/6th of a person…..”
Obama – gets kill switch over freedom of speech when national emergency is declared – Obama has the power to declare anything he wants as a national emergency.
Obama’s little nut – ACORN – FBI Documents Regarding ACORN Voter Fraud by Judicial Watch
ACORN – Has splintered off in to many pieces and changed it’s name, but the criminal organization is still in operation
The 10 most corrupt governtment public servants-Eric Holder, Christopher Dodd, John Ensign, Barney Frank, Timothy Geithner, Jesse Jackson, Roland Burris, President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, and Charles Rangel


Sad thing, though, is that I’m sure that that is only a small and partial list.


Has this country experienced a coup?

This country was set up so that no ONE person or group could be in charge.  Yet this is exactly what IS going on.

We have lost the right to even ask for PROOF of BIRTH from our PRESIDENT.  While he seals the record of his history and tell us that WE are the problem.

Rahm Emanuel is seeking office in Chicago.  Why?  Because that is the only shot he has.  It’s the only place that’s so corrupt as to ender the peoples voice and VOTE irrelevant, thus ensuring his electibality.

Chicago Faces New Gun Rights Lawsuit:

August 20, 2010 by Personal Liberty News Desk


Chicago faces new gun rights lawsuit


In the latest gun rights-related lawsuit, three residents and a gun range designer, Action Target, have taken on the city of Chicago over the law banning shooting ranges within municipal boundaries.

Filed in the United States District Court in Chicago, the lawsuit — which is supported by the Second Amendment Foundation and the Illinois Rifle Association — claims the ban violates the U.S. Constitution.

SAF executive vice president Alan M. Gottlieb also pointed to the apparent contradiction of the ordinance, which prohibits public gun ranges inside the city but requires handgun owners to complete at least one hour of range training time.

“This is a ‘Catch-22′ scenario,” Gottlieb emphasized, adding that it “seems deliberately designed to discourage Chicago residents from exercising their firearm civil rights barely two months after those rights were restored by the Supreme Court.”

According to WLS 809 AM, which cited the lawsuit, one of the plaintiffs, Rhonda Ezell, is the victim of three attempted burglaries, applied for a firearms permit, but finds it hard to travel outside the city to practice due to ill health.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19926861-ADNFCR



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  1. […] “Rahm Emanuel is seeking office in Chicago.  Why?  Because that is the only shot he has.” (I wrote that on October 8, 2010 – Chicago – Second Amendment violated by Laws that put individuals into a Catch 22 situation) […]

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