California – San Diego – Somalis are the third largest group in San Diego and they are “having trouble integrating”

I remember visiting San Diego when I was 14 and again at 23.  The place had changed.  When I was 14 it was affluent.  When I came back at 23 it was not great and had many Mexican illegals.  Now, I’m reading this and it brings chills up my spine.

This is a FAST invasion.  This is an invasion that is crafted by the Globalists.  What the Communists, here don’t understand, is that the Muslims that have joined hands with them, they are seeking world domination as well.  The Muslim Communist sees the movement as a tool to establish a Caliphate. The Communists see the strength in numbers, but they are arrogant and believe they will win.

This is a dereliction of duty by our Federal Government who’s ONLY job is to DEFEND the sovereignty of the US.

Somalis, San Diego and the Southern border

Before reading further, please have a look at this map of California.  Notice how close San Diego and El Cajon are to the southern border—convenient huh!

San Diego - Incredible! That’s what people are saying about what is happening in America today whether in New York or our own backyard here in San Diego. While churches struggle to meet their budgets (both North Coast Church in Vista and North Coast Calvary Chapel in Carlsbad have built new edifices recently to accommodate their growing membership—a challenge in a declining economy), expensive mosques are popping up everywhere. Recently, just in time for Ramadan, a new Islamic Center opened in Santaluz, North County—a building costing some 5.5 million dollars. Many San Diegans opposed this construction but eventually accepted their fate gracefully in the name of tolerance Temecula now faces a similar problem. But so far the people have not relinquished their right to show their disapproval of building a Muslim edifice in this peaceful old town with a distinctly Christian penchant

Within just a couple of days, I’ve come across four articles about San Diego and refugees—at least one was sent to me by The Opinionator.   We’ve previously written dozens of posts mentioning San Diego, here, and its suburb El Cajon, but now comes word that this area in California is the largest resettlement site in the US.

From an article at San Diego 10 News that is primarily focused on Iraqi refugees going to El Cajon we learn:

EL CAJON, Calif. — The U.S. State Department reports San Diego County has become the nation’s largest resettlement site for refugees from around the world.


U.S. State Department reports showed Chaldeans (Christians from Iraq mostly) have become the fastest-growing refugee community in San Diego, with Burmese refugees (Christians and Muslims included) making up the second-largest group, followed by Somalis (Muslims).   [Religions added to this quote by RRW]

San Diego a Somali anchor community

So if Somalis are the third largest group in San Diego, and this article at Bartamaha, a Somali publication, says there are 20,000 Somalis in San Diego County, then there are one heck of a lot of Iraqis and Burmese.  So, what I’m getting to is that San Diego is a perfect place to hide.

20,000 and some are having trouble integrating!

And for thousands, the exodus [from Africa] led them to San Diego through the refugee resettlement program. The city has nearly 20,000 Somalis. They have bought houses, businesses and are raising families. Many live in City Heights where women wear burkas, markets sell halal meat and men walk to prayers at neighborhood mosques.

Some Somalis such as Ali Artan say assimilation has not come easily.

“It will be hard and a long road that they can integrate with the mainstream,” he said.

Many of these immigrants came from rural areas and do not speak English.

SYU Logo

Somali Youth United would like to reach out to the San Diego City College Somali Students, and connect them with the community. Coming Soon. Please E-mail Us if you are interested in working with Somali Youth United, and you go to this school.

Mohamoud says unemployment within San Diego’s Somali community is between 40 and 50 percent.

“Many of them are just settling for whatever jobs they could get, part-time, odd jobs, you tend to see some customer service at hotels…maybe some janitorial, housekeeping, security guards,” Mohamoud said.

Even with the bad economy, Somalis keep coming to the anchor community they’ve established in San Diego. In the past two years, the number of Somalis immigrating to the U.S. through the political asylum process has increased. And some of them are taking a circuitous path that’s raising red flags within the intelligence community.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So what is that all about?  Red flags within the intelligence community?

We know something about San Diego red flags because we told you a year ago this month (here) that Somali former refugee youths leaving the country to go to Somalia for terrorist training have left through Southern California.

Are San Diego Somalis going to Africa? This article says not yet anyway.  Maybe not those living there, but their friends arriving from points east can disappear into the large Somali community before making their way south.

The bigger question:  Who is coming in?

Amita Sharma the same reporter who wrote the above linked article, on the day before wrote this for KPBS News:

SAN DIEGO — Each week, five to 10 East Africans arrive at the U.S. ports of entry in San Diego from Mexico. Many are Somali. They are often well-dressed, young men fluent in English. They ask for political asylum from war-torn Somalia. Federal agents in San Diego spoke about these cases to KPBS on condition of anonymity. They say a majority of these claims are legitimate. But they say there are strong indications that others are not.

As one agent told KPBS, “We are responsible for the security and safety of the people of the United States and we really don’t know who is coming.”

Federal investigators say Somalis are entering with inadequate identification at a time when the Al-Qaeda-linked Somali Islamist group al-Shabab has threatened to attack the United States. And they say the Somalis are taking a suspicious route.

Be sure to vist the article to see the details of the suspicious route.  And remember we told you this (here) previously when a Virginia man was indicted and ultimately released for helping (by his own admission!) 270 Somalis to enter the US illegally.  The case was dismissed when none of those he allegedly helped could be found (no evidence=no crime).

Who is paying for the well-dressed and fluent in English Somali men to cross the border and seek asylum?  Terrorists?  Families? NGO’s?  All three?

Federal agents say the cost of the entire journey can be $60,000.


Chris Harnisch is a former research analyst with the American Enterprise Institute. “Most Somalis aren’t earning $2 a day, so most Somalis, especially refugees are not going to have the money to do this,” Harnisch said.

Harnisch believes these Somalis could be funded by al-Shabab.

But there could be other reasons. He’s the former director of policy and planning for Customs and Border Protection. He says the Somalis’ journey might be financed by relatives or non-governmental organizations.

Be sure to read the entire article and pay special attention to the broken asylum system discussion.

But a federal agent tells KPBS “What people here should realize is how broken our political asylum system is. People have gotten through who pose a terrorism risk.”

No surprise here:  Immigration attorney defends the system

Writing at the pro-Open Borders Immigration Daily, asylum attorney Jason Dzubow asks why would a terrorist subject himself to the asylum system.

I have represented many Africans who have traveled to the U.S. in a similar fashion. The route often takes them through different African countries, then to South America, Central America, Mexico, and the United States. They use one or more false passports and meet several different smugglers along the way. The trip is circuitous and strange, and it is not clear why people pass through so many different countries (my guess is that the smugglers can get more money if they make the journey longer).


Nevertheless, people are crossing our Southern border and applying for asylum, and we do not know much about them. This certainly does present a security threat, but it must be viewed in context–Many more people cross the border, never claim asylum, and live here illegally. Given that asylum seekers undergo a background check (albeit imperfect) and government interviews (also imperfect), it seems that any terrorist would be better off entering the U.S. and not seeking asylum. Why initiiate contact with government authorities if you plan to engage in criminal activity?

However, we learned in the KPBS report that almost no one is turned down in the asylum system.  Perhaps these well-dressed Somalis know that.  Maybe they aren’t carrying a suitcase nuke because their jihadist plans are long-term.  But answer this Mr. Dzukow, who is paying for their trip?   It hardly makes sense to pay $60,000 to get to America for a meatpacking job paying $8 an hour, does it?

Let’s have Congressional hearings to answer all these questions!

Participating in the event were, from left, Pete Worden, director of the NASA Ames Research Center; Rep. Mike Honda; Martha Kanter, chancellor of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District; Chancellor Blumenthal; Rep. Zoe Lofgren; Father Michael Engh, president of Santa Clara University; Rep. Eshoo; Jared Cohon, president of Carnegie Mellon University. (Photographs by Terry Way)

In January, if the Republicans regain the majority in the House and Senate, we must demand hearings on the flaws in the refugee and asylum system that may be jeopardizing American security.  If Democrats keep their majority you can forget any hearings from the likes of CALIFORNIA  Rep. Zoe Lofgren who thought it was a brilliant move to havecomedian Stephen Colbert waste our taxpayer dollars and our time with silly and embarrassing comedic testimony.

<—> Check out Zoe’s VOTING RECORD HERE<—>

Let’s get serious about investigating Somali comings and goings!   We can start with calling Mr. Dzukow to testify.


5 Responses to California – San Diego – Somalis are the third largest group in San Diego and they are “having trouble integrating”

  1. Chris says:

    Scary indeed! I remember that Somalian that brought
    over 200+ illegals across the Mexico border. That
    was never mentioned in the MSM. Who knows where they
    are in the US? San Diego is likely a safe haven.

    I have friends in L.A. and even their they are
    seeing a uprise in Refugees from the Middle East.
    Not just including illegals from Mexico and South

  2. txlady706 says:

    I think that the Progressives/Communists/Fascists/democrats/Socialist believe that if they flood the US with different types of immigrants than the Hispanic drug cartels will be minimized somehow. I’m not sure if they have considered the fact that the Muslim is an opportunist. He will ride the backs of the drug cartel underworld until they become sufficient in number and rank to influence them. Meanwhile, on the other side of things they also infiltrate the legitimate offices of the governments that they want to conquer. When the bad guys become the same guys as the “good guys” thats when a dictatorship is easily established. The people’s will is of no consequence when those numbers are reached. The people will have no choice but the submit to the forces that enslave them.

  3. Chris says:

    Yes i agree. I am trying to pray and hope
    the one above will come soon and put his
    Judgement on all the evil in the world.
    Until then we have to stay strong,be safe,
    and spread the word of what wickedness is
    going on in our own backyard and what evil
    lurks abroad.

  4. txlady706 says:

    that’s why I’m here.
    This is my little way to COMMUNICATE the alert

  5. Juan Harry Bush says:


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