NASA – Muslim Scientist believes in Jinns and demons and In Saudi Arabia witchcraft is punished by beheading.

Witchcraft is soo feared by Muslims that two men will be beheaded for no apparent physical crime.  The last man beheaded was in 2007 and it was again for witchcraft.  Trials are held in secrecy.

Muslims have no freedom to have religion other than Islam.  They don’t ascribe themselves to territory or have ANY boundaries, other than the ones that they conquer.

Islam is a religion of Conquest and Submission.

These people believe in what would amount to voodoo.  They fear the devil more that Allah.  They kill people, not for DOING something but for believing something.  That is totally against Judaism and Christianity, which allow people to practice as they choose and Jews are commanded to treat peaceful “strangers” in their land as guests.


Setting Arab science back 500 years:

From Al Arabiya:

God created Adam, and ordered all the angels and jinns to bow to him. All the angels and Jinns did, except a Jinn called Iblis, who was the leader of the Djinn, creatures made of smokeless fire. Iblis was proud and considered himself superior. Iblis argued that he is superior to Adam, who is made of modified clay, while he himself is made of smokeless fire. For this God damned him to Hell for eternity, but gave him respite till the Doomsday at his request. Then and there Iblis swore that he would use his time to lead all men astray to burn in hell. God replied that there would always be followers of God, and that the paradise of heaven was available for them, and those who followed Iblis would live with him in Hell.

Arab world’s most prominent space scientist working in NASA believes in supernatural creatures, but admits he has no evidence to prove [it] except for his faith in the Quran.

Dr Farouq al-Baz, who worked 43 years in NASA, told that he was sure that the ghouls, Jinns and demons live among us and said that he came to the conclusionthrough his scientific predisposition meshed with his complete believe in Quran verses signifying their existence.

Quran denotes to Jinn as creatures created from fire, while humans are created from mud.

Even if he believes in jinn and ghouls, isn’t it the height of stupidity to say so publicly? Does he think that his Arab scientific colleagues will benefit when their co-workers read this article and start wondering about them too?

If the “Arab world’s most prominent space scientist” wants to promote Arabs as being the equal in scientific achievement with everyone else, this is not exactly how to do it. But if he wants to paint them all as superstitious buffoons, then he’s done a great job.

Saudi should commute ‘sorcery’ death penalty:

Published Sunday, October 03, 2010


Why Islam religion is against Black Magic and Sorcery

There are certain things forbidden by Allah Ta’ala and are explicitly explained in the Quran. Among such forbidden acts is the act of black magic and sorcery. ‘Black magic’ may include amulets, talismans, potions, charms, spells, exorcism, witchcraft, oracles, palmistry, fortune telling etc. The forbidding of such things or acts in Islam is for the betterment of mankind.... Black magic basically involves the worship of Satan and evil spirits to gain demonic powers and harm the innocent people of Allah. Worshipping anything other than The Allah is considered “kufr” in Islam and thus these magicians are practicing the art of Infidelity (kufr) which is totally prohibited in Islam. The basic motive of black magic practitioners is to harm and mislead others by delusion, which is again outside the boundaries of Islam.

Amnesty International has written to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, urging him to commute death sentences imposed on two men convicted of “sorcery,” the rights group said on Friday.

In the letter sent on Thursday, the London-based watchdog called for clemency for Lebanese television presenter Ali Sabat and Abdul Hamid al-Fakki, a Sudanese about whose case little is known, Amnesty said in a statement.

If their death sentences are upheld after appeal, they will be referred to the king for final ratification.

“Two men are at imminent risk of facing the ultimate cruel and inhuman punishment without having committed anything that would appear to constitute a crime,” said Philip Luther, Amnesty’s deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa.

He said the pair “must be immediately and unconditionally released if the acts for which they have been convicted amount to no more than the legitimate, peaceful exercise of their rights to freedom of expression and religion.”

Sabat, a 46-year-old father of five, was sentenced to death last November by a Saudi court for practising witchcraft.

He was arrested in May 2008 by the religious police in Medina, where he was on a pilgrimage.

The case against him was brought after he gave advice and made predictions on Lebanese television.

Little has been heard about the case since April, when his lawyer in Lebanon said that Sabat was likely to get a reprieve.

Fakki was accused of practising sorcery after a man working for the religious police “entrapped him by asking him to produce a spell that would lead to the man’s father leaving his second wife,” the Amnesty statement said.

It said Fakki, 36, was arrested after apparently agreeing to produce a spell in exchange for money.

“Following his arrest, he was questioned, apparently beaten, and is believed to have confessed to carrying out acts of ‘sorcery’,” the statement said.

It said he was sentenced to death in March 2007. “He had no legal assistance and very little is known about his trial proceedings as they were held in secret,” Amnesty said.

It added: “The detention of the two men on vague ‘sorcery’ charges also contravenes international human rights standards by punishing forms of expression that, while unusual, have been peaceful.”

Amnesty said that the Saudi “authorities have arrested scores of people on ‘sorcery’ charges in recent years.”

The last known execution for sorcery in Saudi Arabia was in November 2007, when Egyptian Mustafa Ibrahim was beheaded in Riyadh.



25 Responses to NASA – Muslim Scientist believes in Jinns and demons and In Saudi Arabia witchcraft is punished by beheading.

  1. […] NASA – Muslim Scientist believes in Jinns and demons and In Saudi Arabia witchcraft is punished by… […]

  2. Ifti says:

    Its ridiculous…Who told you about killing someone for their belief in islam?We have seen jewish cleansing in the west,not in muslim world…Red indians were eradicated by western civilization,not we muslims..Hitler was not a muslim…And,christians and jews have been living in middle east for a thousands of years with muslims…
    And vodoo?if someone practice vodoo in a muslim country,that does not necessarily ascribed to islam..For your information,alover the muslim lands,islam is not applied as a system at this moment,rather it is western backed dictators who rules those countries,in the paper name of islam..If someone is beheaded,islam is not responsible for that,as it is not the ruling system,,those dictators and their puppet masters r…

  3. txlady706 says:

    I’m sorry for your blindness.
    Jewish cleansing? What are you referring to? Please, clear this accusation up. I would like to answer it, but there is no way to do that without you being specific.
    Muhammad established ISLAM and the people in the Middle East were raided upon. I had read the Conquests and raiding of Muhammad. Muhammad died after warring against his own brethren ALL of his life. You may be able to convince someone else in the WEST by attacking and making accusations that are NOT logical, but not someone who’s actually read about Muhammad. He was a sociopath who reined through his sword. The brutality of ISLAM is founded with Muhammad, the pedophile, murderer, adulterer, and lier.
    Hitler was not a Muslim, but during WWII, he had regiments made up of MUSLIMS and he was a great friend of the SHAH in Persia, which is also why Iran was named Iran (Aryan in Farsi) when the Europeans broke up the Middle East. They imposed a political structure in the ME, which is not something that the Bedouins or the other tribes (camps, Religions, or groups of people in the ME were familiar with.) This is the out crop. Islam is a politic as much as it is a THEOCRACY. Islam is a weak Religion, but and gets it’s strength from the brutality and SUBMISSION it REQUIRES. You talk about the political leaders who kill the people because they practice VOO DOO. Honestly, everyone knows that the political leaders are the puppet heads of the THEOCRATIC imams and shahs that are the true leaders of these ME “states.” Who are you trying to double talk? Me? I don’t care to makes nice nice with you. I don’t care to be friends with you. I will only tell you the truth. Get your head out of the smoke of Islam. Voodoo as well as homosexuals people are murdered everyday in Muslim countries. In the west, one is able to live out their life however he believes. That’s freedom. Islam is brutality and tyranny. Islam is EVIL and it’s evil is founded from the sociopath Muhammad it’s evil founder.

    • edd says:

      u r mad.. muslim hater person!!!!
      one day u will see

    • Anonymous says:

      If iwish if you made any sence. What Muslims got to do with Hitler.What about todays holocaust in Gaza by the Israeli forces…Israel the children bombers, children you masscared them by your air force in Gaza….why we have to talk about anything else

  4. betz says:

    Im muslim. I never knew I was supposed to be “soo afraid of vodoo”. Well, Im scared now. Im scared…. People are gonna vodoo me. Maybe you will.

    Hehe, it is easy to see that you are not that bright. Can I say, stupid? Just when I saw that this article is stupid enough, I then saw in the comment – Muhammad SAW created Islam. Wow. that is even “stupider”.. We love Jesus (Isa), Ebrahim, and Adam too. Can you explain that?Because you always know something that even Muslims dont know…

    haha. this is the funniest article ive read today. I guess enough internet for today. Gotta go look after my craft shop now. Maybe someone will vodoo it…

    (p/s: it’s a craft shop, not witchcraft, but Im still “scared”…someone might vodoo me still)

  5. AAA says:

    What about the “space creatures” which alot of americans believe that it does exist.Among those are scientists,politicians and celebrities.They have not given any real evidences about it nor they believe in it as a religous beliefs.Nontheless,many of them express it puplicly without shame.On the other hand,A man says his religion which is a 1433 years old says this and that,he is being critcised!

  6. Mostafa says:

    The prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) was not any of that bullshit u have written I think u must be very heart broken that the most beutiful religion in the world and the fastest growing religion in the world is Islam and just so u know Islam wasn’t created by prophet Mohamed SAW but it came through Allah(Allah by the way it means the creator) when we pray we dot pray to a item or a thing we thank the creator who created this whole world and humans.
    But anyways all the people who do not believe in it it’s fine we don’t want to fight we will eventually meet as it has been promised in our holy book and when we meet u are the same people that’s been mentioned who will be crying.
    May Allah guide us all INSHAALLAH

  7. Sajjad says:

    This article seems to be written by the devil. May ALLAH the allmighty eradicate all non-Muslims.

  8. I constantly spent my half an hour to read this web site’s articles or reviews everyday along with a mug of coffee.

  9. Ali says:

    This is what I think. I think the Qureshi-Saudi have been right all along. The first nation Islam went to war with were persians who are certified soul eating evil djinn of shaiton. Persians consistently speak and allude to light worshipping/satanism/luciferianism. They use mushrik in everything they do. They abhor anything truly Islamic. They caused what happened in World War I and II. True Muslims understand this world and how it works and who is doing what and how. This is the reason why ALLAH causes the Turk Safaklar who are also djinn, but have pledged loyalty to Islam and ALLAH. Selcuks and Osmanli Turks won the crusades for Islam and foght kafirs including shia for around 1000 years. That is why nearly all kafirs hate Turks but praise shia homos like persians. What Saudis believe is based on reality and the truth. That is why Islam is the only solution.

    • Tim says:

      You are so wrong. islam is no solution for anything. unless you mean extinction of humanity. Isn’t islam founded by a man who had sex with a small child..??? ( please focus on that part a bit,, dont ignore that fact.. who can trust such a perverted man??) how can you worship someone who did this. and where the heck do you get your information from. imams og cartoons? The saudis are perverting islam. they are unholy, and perved to the core.. kapitalists. liars, and a crime against humanity. Salafi Wahhabism is pure evil and a lot similar to Hitlers nazism. its a totalitarian belief.. and should not be called religion.. more a perverted death cult trying to monopolize what real islam is.

      its a failed ideology, whose believers are the dumbest of the dumbest retards. (most can’t even read) they can be convinced of everything.. like flying unicorns.. or a fake paradise with willing virgins you can rape at anytime (whats up with that ?.. does it include small kids again?) … many children in the western world believe in santa claus… but most children stop believing that nonsense when they are above 8 years old.. most fundamentalist muslims dont. you have no idea about the world around you.. you marry your own with the same ideas,, never get any new inputs and ideas thet could broaden your mind. living in a islamic bubble completely detached from reality .. but its part of islam to keep its worshippers in complete darkness. why else have a rule that muslims are not allowed to marry non muslims.. ?? you dont find that in any other religion.

      but again.. all other religions are based on love, forgiveness and peace..

      wahabi salafi islam (and most other islamic variants?) is based on hate, war and death. and especially.. punishment…

      which one would Satan/lucifer,Djinn prefer?

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  19. Samir Yacine says:

    Al the religion menning Christianity Judaism an and Islam have same beliefs why don’t you atack the other religions am sorry to say you can tell you are really racist person nothing to do with religion or my be you have an angenda to make this religion look bad

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