Shariah – Three lashes with a RATTAN CANE – for selling rice during Ramadan and a man caned eight times for gambling.

Shariah is not to be tolerated in the WEST.

This is ABUSE

This is beastly

This is unjust

ISLAM is not a religion like any of the other major religions.  It’s core is Conquest and submission.  It’s filled with rage.  Testosterone that is uninhibited and untamed.  The West has issues with Islam because the WEST doesn’t understand TESTOSTERONE without maturity.  The male that has never known the love of a woman, not even his mother.  Islam is an ideology and religion that uses the strength of the male  for conquest and submission.  It destroys everything and reins it in.  HOWEVER, it CREATES nothing.  The MUSLIM is a person.  The person can be shown the light.


ISLAM should be denounced and made illegal.  It is a POLITICAL weapon.  It’s buildings are NOT religious based.  The basis for all Mosques is other than Religious.  The mosques functions are more military and political than ANYTHING else.  They are weapons caches and they are judicial instruments.  The religious element is the SMALLEST element of all.  ISLAM is here to Conquer the WEST: Religiously, politically, morally, culturally, and militarily.

Where is the World Health Organization?

Where are the humanitarian out crys?


Three Lashes for Selling Cooked Rice During Ramadan in Aceh:

Foodstall owner Murni binti Amris wincing as she is whipped by Shariah πolice after Friday prayers in Jantho, Aceh Besar. (EPA Photo)

Foodstall owner Murni binti Amris wincing as she is whipped by Shariah πolice after Friday prayers in Jantho, Aceh Besar. (EPA Photo)

Nurdin Hasan | October 02, 2010

Jantho, Aceh. With heads bowed, two young women walked toward a wooden stage outside Al Munawwarah Mosque in Jantho, Aceh Besar. Friday prayers had just ended, and hundreds of residents surrounded the platform, keeping a respectful distance but keen to watch.

The eyes of Murni binti Amris, 27, and Rukiah binti Abdullah, 22, began to water.

They feared the worst when officers of the Shariah Police dragged them to the center of the stage.

The women had dared to sell cooked rice in the daytime during Ramadan, violating the 2002 Islamic bylaw in Aceh.

With a quivering voice, Murni said: “Wait, sir.” She wanted to correct her sitting position.

However, the man standing over her brandishing a rattan cane took no heed, lashing her three times across the back.

When it was Rukiah’s turn, she was whipped twice. She did not make a sound, although her face was wet with tears. A shout was heard from the crowd: “Add to it. Let her feel it.”

A top official of the Shariah Police, Marzuki Abdullah, told the Jakarta Globe the women had been arrested on Aug. 23 for violating the regulation that stipulates: “Whosoever prepares facilities for Muslims that do not fulfill religious standards during the fasting month of Ramadan faces either a year in jail, a fine of Rp 3 million ($340) or being caned in front of an audience for a maximum of six times.”

“They were selling cooked rice in the daytime during Ramadan. They were arrested by Shariah officers at a small stall in the Baitussalam district,” Marzuki said.

The ruling was issued by the Jantho Shariah Court on Thursday. “Both women were of good character and did not make a fuss in court,” Marzuki said.

“They did not have a lawyer. We told them they could be represented by a lawyer but they refused,” he said.

Next it was the turn of Fakhruddin bin Teuku Harun, who was caned eight times for gambling.

Marzuki said Fakhruddin also chose not to be represented by a lawyer in court.

Speaking outside the mosque before the canings, Marzuki said Acehnese authorities had had the right to cane those who broke Shariah law since 2005.

“The Wilayatul Hisbah [Shariah Police] were handed the right in order to uphold Shariah in Aceh,” Marzuki said.

When asked if this law applied to legislators and councilors, Marzuki said it did, but if they had not been caned it was because they had appealed their sentences.

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A Sharia law official whips a man convicted of gambling with a rattan cane during a public caning in Aceh Besar, Aceh province, Indonesia, Friday, Jan. 29, 2010. A version of Islamic law was introduced in the province in 2001 as part of negotiations to end the 29-year war between separatist rebels and the military. The law bans gambling, drinking alcohol and makes it compulsory for women to wear headscarves

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A Muslim part-time model will be caned next week, becoming the first woman in Malaysia to be given the punishment under Islamic law, after she pleaded guilty to drinking beer, a prosecutor said Wednesday. An Islamic court in July ordered that Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, 32, be lashed six times with a rattan cane after she was caught drinking alcohol in a raid on a hotel night club in eastern Pahang state last year.

17 Responses to Shariah – Three lashes with a RATTAN CANE – for selling rice during Ramadan and a man caned eight times for gambling.

  1. j says:

    and people want to let Sharia law in the US.

    Well they wanted change from Obama… and they did not learned there lesson, still. Now sharia law. Got to love th stupidity of people now at days.

    With all the Politically correctness the only thing they do is to silence the first ammendment a the people that are trying to call out islam and its evil ideas of conquering the world. there is no barganing with Sharia or islam.

    wake up people…!

    I want to vomit when people say that islam is a religion of peace. Tell that to the 1000 of women and children abused for no freaking reason.


    • Anonymous says:

      I hardly think Sharia law is going to become a reality simply because Obama was voted in…

      Also, while its not entirely relevant, your comment is riddled with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and poor sentence structure. If you’re going to point out people’s stupidity you should at least learn english.


      • Educated says:

        Anonymous, what a pathetic, pedantic and ridiculously pompous response you made! Congratulations are surely due to you for comprehensively appearing to be a complete cretin in just two short paragraphs.

        No, this certainly ISN’T a forum to correct English, however, as you clearly intend to do so, you’d do well to ensure your own woeful attempt is correct first. Not surprisingly, your self-righteous drivel about grammar and spelling showcases your own hilarious incompetence magnificently.

        1. You omitted an apostrophe in the word ‘it’s’
        2. ‘English’ is written with a capital letter.

        You wrote… “If you’re going to point out people’s stupidity you should at least learn english (sic)”. Well, perhaps you should jump off your high horse and take a long look in a mirror, big mouth. Then, learn English yourself.

        Whilst your arrogance is merely amusing, your intelligence is clearly lacking – unlike the size of your over-inflated ego.


        • Dolly says:

          Excellent observation. I believe that the person commenting on grammar, etc. doesn’t have a better response, thus he/she focusing on a totally irrelevant issue. The religion of Islam is the point of discussion, not grammar. Islam is a very intolerant, cruel, barbaric “faith” which has no place in this world if peace is of any importance.


  2. txlady706 says:

    Thousands would be a sever underestimate.
    Saddam Hussein, amassed more carnage than that and he was a minor dictator when it comes to Muslim standards.


  3. txlady706 says:

    By the way, clear sky’s and a comfortable 70’s here in Austin.


  4. me says:

    This is so ignorant. I have never read the Quran but if you think other religions don’t encourage this type of punishment, I beseech you to thumb through The Bible!

    No, the religion itself should NOT be outlawed. People doing evil things in the name of the religion? Absolutely! But we need to make sure we know the difference.

    Once we start limiting religion what next? What kind of clothes we wear? What kind of music we listen to? This is a [somewhat] free country and it needs to stay that way! This kind of thinking is so dangerous.


    • Atheist says:

      This is the most common misconception about Islam, other religions preach tolerance and hence Islam must too.

      Islam as a religion is unique in its intolerance and state that anyone not a muslim must convert or die. Islam is the problem.
      Oh, and once you’re in you dont get out. Converting from islam is a capital offence.

      But dont take my word for it. Google it! Try the well known author and islamologist (dunno about the spelling there) Robert Spencer. The truth is very unsettling.


      • Anonymous says:

        “Islam as a religion is unique in its intolerance and state that anyone not a muslim must convert or die.”

        Incorrect. Go check your facts. Rest of comment is disregarded.


        • Atheist says:

          I have. I even provided you with a credible source of information; something you conviniently chose to disregard.

          Islam is a poison only rivalled by communism.

          I end this with a link to a speech by Ibn Warraq, it might do you some good to watch the video.


      • WillTeach says:

        you’re mistaken, go get your facts right, in Islam people have the free will of choosing their religion, you wont get killed for being christian or jew or whatever religion you choose!


      • Anonymous says:

        what a load of bull where in any islamic country have anyone been killed for not being muslim and as for paying tribute that tradition hasen’t been practised for centuries now and even in the biginning all muslims pay taxes why should non muslims not living in the same community not pay?


  5. froutakia says:

    Helpful information. Fortunate me I discovered your site accidentally, and I am surprised why this twist of fate didn’t came about earlier! I bookmarked it.


  6. feaun says:

    Hope you can discover success in your future writing venture!


  7. Anonymous says:

    Slightly off topic here, but i want to know what the picture of the guy that seems like he was canned 100 times is doing here. you talk of people reciving 2 or 3 or 6 lashings. this man was obviously beaten many many more times than 6..More on topic. what business is it of anyones here. If you have a problem with the islam faith, too bad. join the millions of other people that dont like something about a religion. Every one is aloud to practice what ever faith they want, regardless of what you or anyone else thinks of it. it is thier choice.


  8. Anonymous says:

    i am a muslim woman and i know charia . what you have shown is not something tolerated in islam. muslims all over the word sell rice every day during ramathan and you don’t see them being beaten for it . what you have posted is not something real muslims tolerate it is something done out of ignorance . before you start talking about islam and condemning it you should have a real understanding of it and not broadcast your opinion based on false information . islam is not based on agression and violence it is the acts of people made in the name of islam . and you will not find in quoran any verse that justifies this kind of sadism. as for islam’s view of non muslims you will find that throughout history that muslims and christians and jews cooexisted without violence or intolerance in fact they were considered kin of muslims since they worship the same god and to this day you will find that many christian and jewish communities are treated with respect in arabic countries . so please stop spreading hatred based on false information.


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