Organization of the Islamic Conference – calls for suspending free speech against Islamophobia

The OIC demands silence to combat “Islamophobia?”

The fear that people have of ISLAM is not without warrant?  How many Muslim terrorist attacks have there been in the WORLD?  Why should there not be a healthy fear of a Religion or Whatever you want to call it that wants to kill one and to annihilate ones history and legacy?

Muslims don’t believe in FREE SPEECH

The OIC is comprised of terror sponsored nations.  Look at the list of members:

Afghanistan 1969 Suspended 1980 – March 1989
Algeria 1969
Chad 1969
Egypt 1969 Suspended May 1979 – March 1984
Guinea 1969
Indonesia 1969
Iran 1969
Jordan 1969
Kuwait 1969
Lebanon 1969
Libya 1969
Malaysia 1969
Mali 1969
Mauritania 1969
Morocco 1969
Niger 1969
Pakistan 1969 Blocking India from membership
Palestine, represented by the Palestine Liberation Organisation 1969
Saudi Arabia 1969 <Freedom of religion does not exist. They prohibit Jewish people from entering the country.>
Senegal 1969
Sudan 1969
Somalia 1969
Tunisia 1969
Turkey 1969
Yemen 1969 From 1990 as Republic of Yemen united with People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen
Bahrain 1970
Oman 1970
Qatar 1970
Syria 1970
United Arab Emirates 1970
Sierra Leone 1972
Bangladesh 1974
Gabon 1974
Gambia 1974
Guinea-Bissau 1974
Uganda 1974
Burkina Faso 1975
Cameroon 1975
Comoros 1976
Iraq 1976
Maldives 1976
Djibouti 1978
Benin 1982
Brunei 1984
Nigeria 1986
Azerbaijan 1991
Albania 1992
Kyrgyzstan 1992
Tajikistan 1992
Turkmenistan 1992
Mozambique 1994
Kazakhstan 1995
Uzbekistan 1995
Suriname 1996
Togo 1997
Guyana 1998
Côte d’Ivoire 2001

Let us not forget that the MUSLIM nations of the ME have been empowered by the WESTERN need for OIL and the POLICIES instituted by the WESTERN countries to CRIPPLE OIL drilling or exploration in NON Middle Eastern locations.  Jimmy Carter is the main instrument in recent history to empower the Muslim with the ONLY product that they have deemed worthy of cultivation.  Obama is more than eager to pick up the baton and carry it much farther.  Obama is a Muslim.  He has no viable birth certificate and he has spent millions to keep his history a secret.

In many Arabian tales there are stories of magicians and wizards that are able to change history with magical devices.  The magical device is the PEN.  The media in today’s time has reinforced the lies through repetition.  The government educational institutions promulgate the HISTORY that they choose.  The retelling of stories and the purity of those stories are easily manipulated through time.  Memories of man are short and the will to maintain facts is only as strong as the people entrusted with their memory.  The strength to overcome nefarious forces that would bend the truth to wield an alchemy for their own design and purpose.  When the pen changes the reality of the past, confusion is the initial result.   The masses become confused and have no compass for guidance.  The society begins to break down and it’s disunity makes it vulnerable to a strong compass, even if that compass leads it to it’s own demise.

OIC calls for urgent collective measures against Islamophobia:

File:Tahlia Street Jeddah Saudi Arabia.JPG

Tahlia Street Jeddah Saudi Arabia

By Habib Shaikh

File:Jeddah, Saudi Arabia locator map.pngJEDDAH – Foreign ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) have called upon the international community to make collective efforts to prevent incitement to hatred and discrimination against Muslims and to take effective measures to discourage negative stereotyping of people on the basis of religion, faith or race, according to an official source at the OIC on Sunday.

This call was made in the declaration by the Annual Coordination Meeting of Foreign Ministers of OIC Member States on Countering Islamophobia held at the United Nations head quarters, New York on Friday.

The foreign ministers called for a global awareness on the dangerous implications of the rise of Islamophobia on world peace and security and urged the leaders of the international community to demonstrate their collective political will to address the issue with all urgency.

“We emphasize the need to develop, at the UN, including the HRC, a legally binding institutional instrument to promote respect for all religions and cultural values and prevent intolerance, discrimination and the instigation of hatred against any group or followers of any religion.”

They also called upon the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to set up an observatory at her office aimed at monitoring and documenting acts that lead to incitement to religious hatred, hostility and violence.

In the declaration, they extended support for all initiatives aimed at promotion of moderation, tolerance and encouraging dialogue for shunning violence and extremism, and invited the international community both in terms of policy and practice to stand against all xenophobic campaigns of fear-mongering and discriminatory measures that endanger peaceful coexistence among cultures, civilizations and nations and create a negative environment conducive to violence and violation of human rights of individuals and communities.

“We also call upon the international community to make concrete measure with a view to fostering an environment of respect for all religions,” they said.

They stressed that while considering the importance of dialogue among civilizations and expansion of relations and cooperation between the Islamic World and other cultures and civilizations, “we reiterate our commitment to continue efforts in engaging with the West in projecting the true tenets of Islam, and countering common challenges.”

However, they expressed “profound regret and deep concern” at the increasing acts of Islamophobia, growing trend of intolerance and hatred toward Muslims, and mounting number of acts of violence against Muslims in some Western societies.

A Jew eating an Arab Palestinian child. Published in several Arab newspapers

defamation- blood libel is taught to children in the ME

According to them, the culture of peaceful coexistence and inter-communal and interreligious tolerance that the international community is trying to achieve, is under threat from marginal and extremist fanatics and from the pervasive xenophobic discourse of a minority of extremist politicians who, for the sake of domestic political gains, exploit the socio-economic difficulties faced by their societies to foment hatred against Islam and Muslims through negative stereotyping and defamation.

“We strongly believe that defamation of Islam geared toward denigrating and dehumanizing Muslims, their beliefs and sacred personalities, insults the deep-seated religious feelings, undermines their dignity and violates their fundamental human rights thus threatening the multicultural fabric of the societies,” they said, and added, “We reject all acts and attempts of distortion to associate Islam with terrorism.

Muslims were the first peopl to force DHIMMIS, non-muslims like Jews and Christians to wear distinctive clothes identifying them as non-muslims.

Nothing could have been farther from the truth. Islam is a religion that implies peace by its very nomenclature. Such stereotyping leads to discrimination and poses grave and multidimensional challenges to global as well as regional peace, security and stability.”

With reference to the recent unfortunate episode pertaining to the burning of the copies of Noble Qur’an, they expressed appreciation for the strong and principled statements made by the US authorities as well as community and religious leaders and world leaders. – SG __

OIC wants UN to develop a “legally binding institutional instrument” to muzzle free speech about Islam and jihad:

The Organization of the Islamic Conference continues to pretend that it is Western non-Muslims, not Islamic jihadists, who are responsible for the link between Islam and terrorist violence, and are hoping by means of laws against “incitement to religious hatred,” which are of course to be interpreted and applied by them, to render us mute and hence defenseless in the face of the advancing jihad. “OIC calls for urgent collective measures against Islamophobia,” by Habib Shaikh in the Saudi Gazette, September 27:


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3 Responses to Organization of the Islamic Conference – calls for suspending free speech against Islamophobia

  1. dajjal says:

    The annual defamation resolutions have no legal effect, they only serve “moral” support for national blasphemy laws used to persecute minorities, particularly Christians in Egypt, Pakistan & Indonesia.

    The OIC pushed through a program to translate those resolutions into binding law by inserting them into an enforcible human rights covenant: ICERD.

    The UNHRC’s Ad Hoc Committee for Elaboration of Comlementary International Standards will meet again at the end of November.

    Last year, they bogged down in procedural matters. We have no way of knowing what, if anything, they will accomplish this year.

    Eventually, they will write a protocol inserting the resolutions into ICERD. It will be signed. It will be ratified. The Supreme Court won’t touch it. Kiss the First Amendment goodbye.

    My compiled blog posts on the ad hoc cmte are available in the Expanded library at

    Our only strategy against this attack is a counter attack We need to raise the political cost of their attack above the limit they are willing to pay.

    ICERD, ICCPR & CPPCG contain provisions which, if enforced, would require Islam to be proscribed by law.

    “Do unto others before they do unto you,?” Disrespectfully demand enforcement of those provisions by signing, publicizing and promoting the International Qur’an Petition.

    This html formatted copy, with links to evidence, can be copied and pasted into an email. Exhort the recipients to sign and forward it.

    The only prerequisite for the triumph of evil is that good men ignore it.

  2. txlady706 says:

    dajjal :
    I will have a look at those.
    I will reblog your info.
    Hope it gets eyes. The truth speaks for it self.
    Thanks for the info

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