Army, Navy, Air force, Marine, Coast Guard and all National Guards – “In case of a Terrorist attack on base, grab a Three Ring Binder and throw it at the terrorist” then duck, hide and call 911 and wait for help to arrive

Soldiers are not children and have been entrusted with the FULL force of lethal justice. This is not a civilian matter and these soldiers are well over 18 years of age for the most part.  This is the governments position on the soldiers that are entrusted with our sovereignty. They are nothing more than CHILDREN?

Fort Hood shooting: First responders use a tab...

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The US bases are also filled with foreign military. I have to say that when you see other than your own uniform walking around, it’s very disturbing on some level. These documents are distributed to all the people on the BASE and it includes all of the foreign military personal visiting or taking part in training. Yes. We train other countries along with our own. I personally had a Master Sgt. from Thailand and 2 others who were from Thailand in a class that I had at FT Belvoir. In an a joining class there were 2 others from Mexico. These other countries are going to look at this and they will agree that the Americans are doing the right thing to their faces. The truth is that anything that is perceived as weakness is encouraged. It’s an unspoken rule. Encourage American weakness and support all efforts to emasculate their force.  This will be something of a laughing stock all over the world. “Americas full of boys who’s mommies don’t trust to play with guns” THAT will be the type of thing that will be heard.

As a secondary note- the perp is a white male.  I would like to see the stats for that being the case for the MOST part.  This GOVERNMENT is using propaganda against US.  How many terrorists are white males?  The political correctness is a WEAPON- a tool of propaganda.  The GOVERNMENT is perpetuating a LIE against the white male and any white person.  This is RACIST.  It’s WRONG.  And if you think for one minute that you should not care since you are not WHITE, well think again.  When they come for you, I won’t be HERE to defend you.

The Media is a TOOL of the government these days and what you see, is a distortion of reality.  You may know that instinctively, however, WHAT is the truth?  It’s more important to ask that, then to know that YOU are being deceived.

Janet Napolitano on a trip to Iraq

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National security?  Homeland security?  Janet Napolitano should be impeached!  Along with her Boss and the ONLY one she answers to – Barack Hussein Obama!  This is another piece of evidence in to HIGH Treason.


Hood jihad2

We are being betrayed by our “betters.”

Attached is the Official Tyndall AFB Plan called “How to Survive an Active Shooter.” This is in response to the Fort Hood jihadi’s wholesale  slaughter of US soldiers, the largest attack on a US army base in American history. This report/response is a pathetic and embarrassing surrender to barbarians. Read it and weep.

As you know, service members are not allowed to carry firearms on base. So what is the remedy? Our precious servicemen and women are instructed to dial 911 while playing dead (p. 18), and to attack the shooter with a three-ring binder or paper cutter (p. 19). Think I am kidding? Read the report — Download Military

When did American life become cheap? When did appeasing savages and a radically intolerant ideology trump protecting and defending American lives and the US Constitution

Hood jihad

“It is important to remember there is no “standard” for random shooting events and no profile of the shooters”

How could any rational thinking person stand behind such a statement? The Fort Hood shooting was jihad. Proud jihad. Unabashed jihad.

Instead of reversing the ridiculous restriction on our military from carrying firearms on our bases, our servicemen and women are advised to make use of three ring binders …………. or any other “makeshift weapon.”

Hood jihad3

SAD– very very sad

Using a 3 ring binder implies that we still use paper.  Isn’t that against the green peace protocol?  The binders are not there.  There is no paper.


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  1. Do a search: The First Scandal

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