“I became a terrorist after I quit the police,” he said. “What I’ve done isn’t an act of terror, it’s an obligatory religious activity ordered by God.”

This must be the very moderate Muslims that the main stream keeps telling us about.

How many of these “main stream” EXTREMISTS can there be, here, in our own military or police forces?

If the military was infiltrated by the Nidal Malik Hasan terrorist, who is to say that we don’t have 10 times of the same caliber in our police uniforms?

I’m a Proud Terrorist, Former Policeman Says:

Mohd Adhe Bhakti & AFP | September 23, 2010

City HighlightJakarta. A former policeman claiming links to the Al Qaeda terror network went on trial on Thursday over training and providing weapons for a now-outlawed armed group in Aceh.

Prosecutor Totok Bambang told the District Court in Depok, near Jakarta, that Muhammad Sofyan Tsauri, 34, had given basic military training to the group’s members and, acting on orders from the group’s late leader Dulmatin, had supplied weapons.

He could face the death sentence if convicted.

“For the paramilitary training, the defendant supplied 24 guns and 19,999 rounds of ammunition and collected Rp325 million ($36,000) for the arms brokering,” Totok said.

In February last year, Sofyan had gathered 10 Aceh group members at a boarding house in Depok and had them practice shooting at a training ground belonging to police’s elite unit Brimob in Kelapa Dua, Depok.

“The defendant spent Rp3 million to lease the field, weapons and ammunition, as well as a police instructor named First Brig. Baringbing,” the prosecutor said.

Hamid Mir interviewing Osama bin Laden for Dai...

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A graduate of the police academy in Sukabumi in 1998, Sofyan was stationed in Depok. In 2002 he was moved to Aceh for seven months.

The officer was dishonorably discharged in June last year but the indictment did not cite the reasons.

Muslim militants issue new threat to behead Red Cross worker

Muslim militants issue new threat to behead Red Cross worker

Sofyan admitted to reporters on his way to court that he had connections with the Al Qaeda terror network led by Osama bin Laden and that he had had contact with Abu Sayyaf, a Philippines-based Islamist militant outfit.

“I became a terrorist after I quit the police,” he said. “What I’ve done isn’t an act of terror, it’s an obligatory religious activity ordered by God.”

Sofyan said he had trained about 170 members for jihad (holy war). “We changed our pattern from bomb attacks to a war with guns,” Sofyan said.

“With guns, we can be more focused on our target, while bombs can hit civilians. The jihadist factions in Indonesia agreed on this method.”

Yusuf Al Kardawi, the head of the Aceh chapter of the hard-line Islamic Defenders Front (FPI )recruited the group, the indictment said.

Dulmatin was shot during a police raid in Tangerang in April, less than two months after police raided the paramilitary training camp in Aceh.

The prosecutor said Sofyan had had meetings with other suspected militants, including Dulmatin, Yudi Zulfahri, Tengku Marzuki and Mus’ab, and discussed jihad against the interests of the United States, Israel and their allies, in line with bin Laden’s calls.

Aceh was the base of their struggle because the province was staunchly Islamic and they expected support from former members of the Free Aceh Movement.

Sofyan was among dozens of suspects who were arrested during a major police crackdown on the Aceh training camp in February.

Meanwhile, the West Jakarta District Court opened the trial of Joko Sulistyo, accused of helping Dulmatin prepare the Aceh training ground and collect money from donors. He also is accused of providing weapons training.

Joko was detained for 27 months by Malaysia for allegedly joining the Moro separatist group and illegally entering the country.



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