Missouri’s Judge doesn’t believe that a new election should happen even though voter fraud is alleged. The winner won by 3 votes.

This government continues it’s illegal tenure.  They continue to do things that are blatantly ILLEGAL and unconstitutional.

Here is another example from not too long ago

The Census – Legal VOTER FRAUD

And who can forget the black panther incident?

Malik Shabazz – A lawyer – Admits to voter intimidation

This is not decent.  This is not moral.

This is THEFT of the voice of the people.

Judge denies new election in Missouri’s 40th House District, but re-count begins:

By MICHAEL MANSUR The Kansas City Star

A Jackson County judge ruled late Tuesday that a Missouri House candidate who officially lost by three votes is not entitled to a new election.



But a re-count in the hotly contested 40th District primary to represent the Northeast area of Kansas City will commence at 9 a.m. today. The official count in the August election had John Joseph Rizzo winning 667 to 664 over Will Royster.

Jackson County Courthouse

Jackson County Courthouse

Jackson County Circuit Judge W. Stephen Nixon’s ruling came in a lawsuit filed by Royster, who said a new election was warranted because of numerous election irregularities. Royster also asked for a re-count, which the Missouri secretary of state later ordered.

Before ruling from the bench Tuesday, Nixon heard more than three hours of testimony. At least three election judges and a voter testified about concerns they had about voting irregularities at the polls at Garfield Elementary School and the Kansas City Museum.

Some said a Somali man had helped others vote, sometimes going into the voting area and pointing to ballots, even though the voters had not filled out special cards designated for voters needing assistance.



Royster’s petition had stated that a man who identified himself as an interpreter for a group of Somalis stood over them as they looked at ballots and told them how to cast their votes. Royster’s attorney, Phil Willoughby, had said the only solution to the situation was a new election.

An unsealing of the ballots last week also had revealed at least eight where judges didn’t properly initial the ballots.

But an attorney for the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners told Nixon that “judge’s mistakes,” under state law, shouldn’t necessarily invalidate the ballots.

<YES it should – every ballot needs to be questioned.  Each vote needs to be ACCOUNTED for.  If there is an SINGLE vote that is NOT eligible, then it dilutes the effectiveness of my vote.  Votes are the ONLY VOICE that WE the PEOPLE have.  >

Shawn Kieffer, Republican director at the election board, added that it was common for voters requiring assistance from someone to not fill out the required cards.

Kieffer estimated that a new election would cost $32,000.

Nixon did not explain the reasons for his ruling from the bench but said they would be detailed in an upcoming written judgment.

Election officials it was necessary to rule Tuesday in order to meet a schedule for at least 14 days notice prior to a new election. Absentee ballots in the November general election are set to go out Sept. 21.

To reach Michael Mansur, call 816-234-4433 or send e-mail to mmansur@kcstar.com

Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/09/07/2206834/judge-denies-new-election-in-missouris.html#ixzz10BXbwdt6
Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/09/07/2206834/judge-denies-new-election-in-missouris.html#ixzz10BXZHLq5

Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/09/07/2206834/judge-denies-new-election-in-missouris.html#ixzz10BWsK0QU


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