Texas – Ft Worth – 912 – Wake Up America

I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel.  We got in at around midnight and the room number was 666.  Nothing bad happened, so I guess that totally disproves any notion of the old wives tale being true.  We got a good deal on Priceline:  $80.00 for the 4 star.  We did pay extra for parking, but if we stayed anywhere else we would have had to drive in to downtown and pay for parking.  So, we got a good deal and therefore were able to spend a bunch while at the event.

The water garden was beautiful:

On the way to the convention we saw the beautiful church – the corner stone says 1888

ST. Patrick's - Ft Worth

read the Constitution

At the convention center - It was a very good turn out

A really cool trailer

Jon-David Wells - Emcee

An older gentleman dressed in patriotic garb

An older gentleman dressed in patriotic garb

Below is a gallery of pictures from the event:

In order – JD WELLS, JOHN DAVID (on the guitar), LLOYD MARCUS, DR. SUZANNA HUPP (parents killed in Lubby’s massacre – and former Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives), BRIGITTE GABRIEL (Author of Because they Hate and created Act! for America.), Katherine Youngblood Glass (a Houston lawyer who has worked in the liberty movement for 30 years and is running for Governor of Texas as a Libertarian), CHRIS KROK (Talk Radio – Afternoons on the Legendary KLIF/Dallas-Fort Worth), KRISTA BRANCH (I Am America), ADRIAN MURRAY (Adrian Murray is a former VP of Sales at Edelbrock, Adrian Murray of Ft. Worth 912, who is sponsoring Nullify Now on Sept 4th in Texas- 2009 speech), MARK DAVIS (Host of the most popular local talk show in Dallas/Fort Worth-WBAP), STEPHEN BRODEN (Pastor Stephen Broden in DeSoto is running for US Congress Texas 30th District), Ann Hart Coulter (American lawyer, conservative social and political commentator, author, and syndicated columnist), JOY OMEGA (Sang the first and SECOND verse of the Anthem).  Unfortunately, while Debra Medina spoke I had no camera.


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