Arizona – terrorists living in caves

Obama is allowing for the US invasion and take over.

He provides comfort and aid to terrorists

His IMPEACHMENT is necessary.  If we do not impeach this traitor, then he will FOREVER be granted special privilege because he was the POTUS.  Look at Jimmy Carter and the rest of the presidents.  They are even MORE powerful AFTER office.

We MUST impeach!

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New Border Threat: Illegals Living in Caves, posted with vodpod
<thanks Atrain>

4 Responses to Arizona – terrorists living in caves

  1. Chris says:

    Don’t forget my friend…All in an agenda
    for a One World Government. Communism led
    by the evil banking elite(Bilderberg Group)and
    corrupt politicans. Illegals and terrorists
    coming across our open borders.

  2. txlady706 says:

    I believe that this President needs to be impeached
    If he is not impeached, then he will forever be PROTECTED by the secret service and his records locked away for the remainder of his life and all records will be sealed. This has MUCH more FAR reaching implications. The 4 years of presidency will only be the beginning.

  3. j says:

    I second and montion the impeachment of Obama.

    but there is a gourp of civilians that work with the border patrol in assisting on survailance for them.

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