Vatican – Pope’s aid not to travel to UK due to remark – This is the silencing of the Lambs.

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This is the reason why the VATICAN has been silent.

THEY are being SILENCED from within.

They need to figure out what they will be as an organization coming out of this.

If they continue this path, then they will be making the prophecies of the end days come true.  However, is it a legitimate end of days if the prophesy is willed into existence.  This would be a SELF – FULFILLING  prophesy.  If it is self -fulfilling, then is it legitimate?

Why is the Papacy playing a game?  Why are the forces within the Vatican causing the one office that has a legitimate say to be silenced.  The Popes JOB is to guide.  One can’t GUIDE if one may not offer criticism.  Why is Judging wrong?  Who said that WE are not allowed to judge one another?  Why did g-d appoint judges?  Jesus said that no ONE individual should throw a stone in hate of another ONE individual.  This was AFTER she had already been judged.  This is already AFTER she had turned to g-d.  What he was saying is that he should not hold grudges.  We should have forgiveness in our hearts toward our fellow man or woman.  We should be able to CAST judgment and DEMAND respect and JUSTICE.  However, after judgement an payment, then forgiveness and inclusion should occur.  THAT was the lesson. That is MY opinion.  I am Jewish.  He was Jewish.  But you should know what perspective my analysis comes from and this is why I lay that out in the open.

Silence of the LAMBS (VATICAN).

Pope aide pulls out of trip after ‘Third World” jibe

15 September 2010 Last updated at 15:42 ET

The Vatican said the cardinal was pulling out of the visit solely on health grounds

The Vatican said the cardinal was pulling out of the visit solely on health grounds

A senior Papal adviser has pulled out of the Pope’s UK visit after saying arriving at Heathrow airport was like landing in a “Third World” country.

Cardinal Walter Kasper reportedly told a German magazine the UK was marked by “a new and aggressive atheism”.

The Vatican said the cardinal had not intended “any kind of slight” and had simply pulled out due to illness.

The UK Cabinet Office said his views were personal and not representative of the Vatican or bishops in the UK.

The German-born cardinal was quoted as saying to the country’s Focus magazine that “when you land at Heathrow you think at times you have landed in a Third World country”.

He also criticised British Airways (BA), saying that when you wear a cross on the airline “you are discriminated against”.

‘Talking nonsense’

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In 2006 a BA employee was told to stop wearing a cross at work. She took the case to an employment tribunal claiming religious discrimination, but lost, also losing her subsequent appeal.

BA changed its uniform rules in 2007, allowing staff to display a faith or charity symbol.

Vatican sources said Cardinal Kasper – who stepped down in July as the head of the department that deals with other Christian denominations – was suffering from gout and had been advised by his doctors not to travel to the UK.

They also said his “Third World” comment referred to the UK’s multicultural society.

The Cabinet Office said the cardinal had worked hard to build ecumenical relations between the Catholic and Anglican faiths.

A spokesman said: “His comments do not represent the views of the Vatican, nor those of Bishops in this country. They are the personal views of one individual.”

He said the visit would further develop the relationship between the UK and the Holy See following the Queen’s State visits there in 1980 and 2000.

“The visit is an opportunity to take our co-operation with the Holy See on international issues to a new level. And all involved with the visit are sure it will be a success,” he said.

Not all of the cardinal’s comments in the interview were critical of the UK.

He also said: “Everyone who knows England knows that there is also a great Christian tradition there.”

The Pope is spending four days in Scotland and England, starting on Thursday.

The BBC’s correspondent in Rome, David Willey, said the cardinal’s reported comments were “a slightly clumsy thing to have done on the eve of the visit”.

However, he added that he did not think it would have much effect on the Pope’s trip to the UK.

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Clifford Longley, from Catholic newspaper The Tablet, said the cardinal was “obviously talking nonsense”.

“I don’t think he believes Britain is in the grip of secular atheism, and he shouldn’t have said so,” said Mr Longley.

“They are saying it is ill health [that has forced the cardinal to drop out of the visit], but I wonder if that is the fact. I wonder if he has been dropped because he is an embarrassment.”

British Airways said the cardinal had been “seriously misinformed” in his claims about the airline.

“It is completely untrue that we discriminate against Christians or members of any faith,” it said in a statement.


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