Muslims – Al-Jazeera – demonize Americans as Stupid and less informed than children – then have the Nerve to call it Cross – Cultural “understanding”

Is this the type of RESPONSIBLE NEWS that an INTERNATIONAL press Agency should be dealing in?

This is a piece of propaganda CRAP!

This type of propoganda has been used in Israel for decades.

Basically they are calling AMERICANS more stupid than Children

This is beyond OFFENSIVE (distasteful) and is offensive (rather than defensive).

This is a WEAPON of JIHAD.  It is used to twist the truth.  It appeals to the mealy mouthed infants who would sooner pee themselves before picking up a sword in their own defense.  They say that it’s because they are peace-nics and would never fight, but the truth is that they wouldn’t be ABLE to fight even if they WANTED TO.

Al-Jazeerah: Cross-Cultural Understanding:

Daddy, Why Do You Hate Muslims?

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, September 13, 2010

Son: Daddy, why do you hate Muslims?

Father: First of all, they want to impose Shariah law in America and change our Constitution.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Son: I thought that will take an act of Congress! Like 2/3 of both House and Senate, plus 3/4 of all states have to ratify it. Since there are only 2 Muslim Congressmen in the House, that would be virtually impossible.

<Muslims are not the ones who would VOTE for it.  It would be the DEMOCRATS who would and those who are sympathetic for whatever reason.  >

Father: Since when you are that smart son?
Son: Well, learned this at school last week.

<A jab to denigrate anyone who doesn’t agree>

Father: I also do not like Mooselims because they can’t be patriotic Americans.Son: That is odd! My Muslim classmate, Chafique, told the class that his oldest brother had served in the US army and that his father is a retired US veteran.

<Nidal Hasan’s alleged shooting spree at Fort Hood for an example>

Father: Well son, these people are slick. They only do it to get the green card, citizenship and free education.
Son: Not so daddy, I know from my friend that he and all of his siblings were born in America like me and my sister.  And I remember him telling me the first time we met that after his father graduated from college and became a citizen, he choose to enlist in our military.

Father: Which side are you on sweetheart? You seem to be spending a lot of time hanging out with your Moosezlim buddy.
Son: Dad, do you mean Muslim?

<Another jab at STUPIDITY>

Father: Listen son: I never told you that. The reason your father did not serve in the military is because I was the only son in my family. If something would have happened to me, you would not have been born and our family would be extinct over time. That is why your mom always called me lucky.

< I am the ONLY child too.  I am also a female.  I served.  I am currently a mother.  I served four years.  I didn’t see any war time, however.  That being said, my unit was staged to deploy to Korea, but tensions were defused and we stood down.>

Son: That is not what I heard! Mom told me that you were lucky because her best friend Jeffery died in a car accident.

Father: Don’t be a smarty pants son! Besides your mom always likes to brag.
Son: OK daddy. Anything you say.

<Jab at morality and the convoluted thinking that Muslims have >

Father: Another thing I don’t like about those Mooselims is: they are not like us. They talk, eat and dress differently. They also eat Taliban food.

<whatever that mean?  I don’t understand that one at all>

Son: What is Taliban food dad? How do they get? Does it get shipped to them on an airplane?

Dad: Not sure son.

Son: That is funny! last weekend when I went shopping with mom, I ran into my Muslim friend I told you about. He was with his mom shopping. I noticed their grocery cart had stuff not different from what we bought.

Father: Hey, you keep it up like that cookie, and you will not be visiting your Mooselim buddy anymore.

Son: Daddy, have you heard about the drunken Connecticut man who stormed into a hookah bar and got his butt kicked?

<while they dengrate Americans for DRINKING, their MOOSLIM buddies are smoking CRACK and HASH, sell heroin, cocaine and have sex with small boys (they don’t have gender until they reach a certain age and thats different in different areas)>

Father: Yes son, that was a mistake after all. He thought the hookah bar was a mosque. He got himself arrested and charged with disturbing the peace. It could have been worse. Like having his bones broken!

Son: Like you always told me dad, violence is not the answer. There is always a better way.

Son: What else you don’t like about Muslims, dad?
Father: They have a different God than us and they also worship a rock.

<THE MOON G-D!  ISLAM and Sharia are based in a struggle for power. Thats central to Muhammads time period. The moon g-d ( the idol worshipers of the day ) had much power. Muhammad created a following that drove them away from the moon g-d. Muhammad took all the strengths from all the known religions, and adopted them. He took the rituals and converted them. But he skewed and screwed the objective away from LIFE AFFIRMING to the worship of DEATH. The death cults of the moon g-d are more characteristic in their core.>

Son: Daddy, I think you got it mixed up. When Muslims worship they do face toward the Kabah [what you call a rock] in Mecca and they worship only God that they refer to in Arabic as Allah. They German call him Gut, and Jews refer to him as Yahweh. Besides, don’t Jews worship at the Wailing Wall? You never told me that they worship rocks or bricks. Did you know that Jews and Christians living in Arabia use the Arabic phrase “Allah” when referring to God. Are they wrong too?

<The reasoning are erroneous.  The Wailing Wall is THE temple.  They don’t pray TO it.  They draw strength from it and wish for the resurrection of it.    They don’t pray to the wailing wall they pray to g-d. >

Father: I don’t like Arabic either.
Son: Do you mean Arabs?

Father: Whatever! After all, those Mooselims are terrorists who like to kill Americans and Jews. That is what they are son!

<Stupidity of Americans>

Son: So what happens when we or the Jews kill Muslims? Are we or the Jews are referred as  “terrorists” also?

Father: No son! We kill them first before they come over here to kill us. That is called acting smart. Take them by surprise. I think we should do this to any country that doesn’t like or disagrees with us.
<This is a blatantly erroneous and immoral propaganda piece.  >
Son: Just like the 19 hijackers did to us on 9/11?
Father: Now you get the picture.
<This is telling people that the twin towers were justified, because AMERICA has been terrorizing the MUSLIMS? >

Son: Would you have married mom if she was a Muslim?
Father: As a man I would have to be a Muslim or convert to Islam first. I don’t think that would set well with your grandparents.

<Trying to prove American bigotry.  It has nothing to do with the fact that if a Muslim female marries a Christian, she is killed with a FATWA or an HONOR Killing. Liars and Deceivers! >

Son: Daddy, have you ever met a Muslim before?
Father: No son! They are strange. They never to go to our local bar for a beer.
Son: Me and Chafique are good friends. Neither one of us goes to the bar or drinks beer.

Father: I think it is your bed time. Good night son!
Son: Good night, daddy. I am happy we got to talk!

Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Retired USAF Veteran,%20Why%20Do%20You%20Hate%20Muslims%20By%20Mahmoud%20El-Yousseph.htm


7 Responses to Muslims – Al-Jazeera – demonize Americans as Stupid and less informed than children – then have the Nerve to call it Cross – Cultural “understanding”

  1. As a Christian who was blessed to live in a very conservatively Muslim area of Amman, Jordan (Jabal Al-Taj) for over a year, I can say that the only smear propaganda I see on this page is your pathetic attempt to refute the author by using your own tired saws regurgitated from FOX News. If you seem a little sensitive to the implications that Americans are stupid, the shoe must be fitting, and fitting well.

  2. txlady706 says:

    Tammy Obeidallah:
    1. If you are a Christian, then your brainwashing is pretty impressive. I know it’s hard to see the light when the only thing you have known is darkness. I really don’t believe you are a Christian in anyway. The reason is because of the way you make your arguments. They are emotional. The logic of the Muslim is geared to deceive. It’s intellectually stunted. You bring nothing to the argument. You only insult. Quite frankly, it’s a stunted brain produced by the stunted surroundings of your geography.
    Now, if you really want an intellectual discourse then postulate a thoughtful argument based on some premise and then defend it.

  3. txlady: Forgive the tardy response, but I have been quite busy and frankly I had forgotten about this blog. In the interest of time, please see my blog: there you will find a plethora of posts for your education. Thanks! 🙂

  4. txlady706 says:

    Tammy Obeidallah:
    I have no time for your “tardy response”. If you want a conversation, then you know where to find me.

  5. txlady706 says:

    Um…. Right here.

  6. Aljazeera Sport…

    […]Muslims – Al-Jazeera – demonize Americans as Stupid and less informed than children – then have the Nerve to call it Cross – Cultural “understanding” « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

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