Michael Moore – says that the Ground Zero Mosque should be built ON Ground Zero and that it should be a PEACE PARK

Michael Moore is an AMERICAN bigot.  He hates America.

He equates Blacks and the Slavery thing with the Muslims.

It’s not a valid argument.

Blacks had NO CHOICE in coming here and once they were sold by their tribesmen to the white traders, they were slaves of the white traders.  What most children in the NORTH are NOT being taught (I should know, I was raised in NY and spent 19 formidable years there) is that those slaves had MUCH better lives than they would ever have had in AFRICA in a rival tribe.  They may even have been killed.

Michael Moore uses the same propaganda tools as do the Muslims.  His uncanny ability to provide comfort to the enemy (Muslims in the ME and sympathizers are the enemy) is an act of true Sedition.

Moore is urging supporters to help fund the planned controversial Islamic Center near Ground Zero.

Posted: September 11th, 2010 01:53 PM ET

Moore is urging supporters to help fund the planned controversial Islamic Center near Ground Zero.

Moore is urging supporters to help fund the planned controversial Islamic Center near Ground Zero.

(CNN) – Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is weighing in on the proposed Islamic Community Center in New York City, stirring the the pot by saying he doesn’t want it to be built near Ground Zero but rather on Ground Zero.

“I want it built on Ground Zero. Why? Because I believe in an America that protects those who are the victims of hate and prejudice,” Moore writes in an open letter on his website. “I believe in an America that says you have the right to worship whatever God you have, wherever you want to worship.

“And I believe in an America that says to the world that we are a loving and generous people and if a bunch of murderers steal your religion from you and use it as their excuse to kill 3,000 souls, then I want to help you get your religion back. And I want to put it at the spot where it was stolen from you,” he added.

The filmmaker is also urging his supporters to contribute money to help fund the controversial project and is pledging to match up to $10,000 in donations.

World Trade Center: View from Jersey City

Image by wallyg via Flickr

“C’mon everyone, let’s pitch in and help those who are being debased for simply wanting to do something good. We could all make a huge statement of love on this solemn day,” Moore writes.

The religious leader behind the plans to erect an Islamic center and mosque a few blocks from New York’s ground zero told CNN Wednesday night that America’s national security depends on how it handles the controversy.

“If we move from that location, the story will be the radicals have taken over the discourse,” Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien on “Larry King Live.”

“The headlines in the Muslim world will be that Islam is under attack.”

The project, known as Park51, is slated to include a variety of facilities, including a prayer room, a performing arts center, gym, swimming pool and other public spaces. It is planned for a site two blocks from the World Trade Center.


Also- http://hotair.com/archives/2010/09/13/michael-moore-lets-build-the-ground-zero-mosque-right-on-ground-zero/

Former Jimmy Carter speechwriter Hendrik Hertzberg thinks it’s a swell idea too, and I’ve actually floated it before myself as the logical extension of the pro-mosque side’s arguments. They like to point out that it’s arbitrary to say that two blocks away is “too close” since, in theory, any distance can be dismissed as “too close.” (A point rarely mentioned: Mosques have been built elsewhere in the city since 9/11 with little objection.) But the counterpoint works too: If two blocks isn’t too close, why not put it on Ground Zero itself? If the answer is that that space belongs to all Americans and shouldn’t be monopolized by any private interest, no problem. There’s plenty of room there for the Freedom Tower and Cordoba House.


2 Responses to Michael Moore – says that the Ground Zero Mosque should be built ON Ground Zero and that it should be a PEACE PARK

  1. Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:


    Eat your heart out!
    Micheal Moore was able to raise $50,000 in donation in the first 48 hours after his post. The money is going toward building the Islamic Center in NYC.

    I have also read few weeks ago that one of the Scandinavian countries has pledged l.2 million ureos toward to project to support woman study department.

  2. txlady706 says:

    Michael Moore is an anti American Seditious man. Mosques should be classified as government buildings. The imams in the Mosques judge and preach Sharia LAW. LAW is an arm of a POLITIC. They are not separate from religion. Moore should be investigated for Treason for providing material support to terrorists. Feisal Abdul Rauf is a terrorist and anyone who supports his AGENDA is a terrorist. I am an AMERICAN. You are a MUSLIM. I come from the Ukraine, yet I say that I am an American. You are a Muslim. No matter even if you live in the US for 30 years. You will still be a Muslim. You believe that the totalitarian theocracy is your GOVERNMENT. You are not an AMERICAN you are nothing. You will never be ANYTHING. Islam doesn’t allow for an individual idea. That is why there have not been any since the 7th century. You will never be anything but a NOTHING.

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