Larry King Interview with Imam Rauf

Bridges of Submission is the ONLY thing that he is in fact talking about.

Rauf asks – “How do we build peace?”  –  To build the Mosque.  He now emphasis “cultural center”.   They don’t have the money yet he says, so how did they get this bid approved?

He said that he will get money however it is legal.  When asked about taking money from people who fund Hamas, he said that he would take money any way it is legal.

Do you condemn Hamas?  ” I condemn anyone who commits acts of terrorism and Hamas has committed acts of terrorism. ”  – But he never ACTUALLY says it.  I think he’s been given the OK to condemn anyone, just like OBAMA.  OBAMA can lie, and it’s OK as long as it is to advance the cause of ISLAM.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

NYC Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on Larry King Live P…, posted with vodpod

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