Black Panthers – Burning the KORAN (Quran or Q’RAN) is a HUMAN RIGHTS violation and incitement to WAR

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Black Panthers Warning:Terror Attacks in Florid…, posted with vodpod

The Black Panthers are calling this a HUMAN RIGHTS violation?  Is Obama looking to take this to the UN?  Just like he did to Arizona?

“There are already immigrant Muslims that say they want to go to WAR and blow up places and things. ”

Other man chimes in, “Absolutely”

back to the first guy ” is that what we want…?”

No.  It’s not what we want.  If this guy knows people who are saying that this is what they are going to do, then he should let someone know, so that they can be deported.  If something does happen and it gets known that this man KNEW, then doesn’t that make him an accomplice to terrorism?  Why are they taking this SEDITIOUS position.  They are giving aid and comfort to the ENEMY of AMERICA:  TERRORISTS.

“I came here today as a warning to Pastor Jones” — So now he is WARNING pastor JONES?  He says that “You all will be a TARGET.”

This guy is lying when he says that Muslims would never burn the BIBLE : watch this video

Muslims burn the Koran all the time -

Muslims burn the Koran all the time -

Why do they care if this pastor in Florida burns the Koran.  They do it themselves.

This President is not AMERICA’S president.


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