Kansas – Pastor arrested for passing out the Bible. The US government is taking action to ESTABLISH ISLAM in the US.

Islam has NO place in the WEST.

Islam is NOT inclusive.  It stands in opposition to all others.  It’s EXCLUSIVE.


Anyone who stand FOR Islam stand in direct opposition of OUR WESTERN SOCIETY.

The CORE of the Koran is Conquest and submission and DEATH. The core to all other major religions is LIFE and the betterment of it. The Q’RAN is EVIL. To support EVIL is EVIL.

This example of OUR government taking ACTION against Christians distributing their Bibles, is disturbing.  They don’t stop Muslims from praying in the STREET.  They don’t STOP HARI KRISHNA’s from passing out their “propaganda.”   They don’t stop the Seventh Day Evangelist’s from going to my door.  I don’t really mind them.  They are respectful and go when I tell them that I am Jewish.  This government is ESTABLISHING a religion, because they are bestowing SPECIAL protections to the Muslims.  This is against the First Amendment.  The Pastor should sue for damages attributed to the violation of his FREE SPEECH and the ESTABLISHMENT of Religion by the Government.

The censorship is not being distributed equally.  The Liberal media and the government are biased in their ACTIONS in support of ISLAM and it’s legal arm of SHARIAH is becoming part of the BANKING LAWS?  I don’t support SHARIAH.  I’m not able to be heard.  You are not going to be heard in the same way.  Majority rules.  How long do you think that YOU will continue to be the majority?

This should be brought to trial.

Where is our NATIONAL security?

Janet?  Janet?  Where’s WALDO?  I mean Janet?

Free speech in Kansas? I guess not…:

Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 9/7/2010 3:45:00 AM

Bible in man's hands bigA pastor is facing a court date after sharing the gospel with Muslims — in Kansas.

About 14 people, including three senior pastors, went to the local mosque to distribute to Muslims packets containing the books of John and Romans in English and Arabic and a DVD with testimonies of former Muslims. Pastor Mark Holick of Spirit One Christian Center was one of those passing out the packets to people leaving the mosque.

Holick tells OneNewsNow that when local police officers arrived on the scene, he was handcuffed then detained in a patrol car, where he repeatedly asked what crime he had committed.

Handcuffs small“And then about 15 minutes later, 20 minutes later, something like that, they finally came over and told me that I was being charged with ‘loitering’ and ‘failure to disperse,'” the pastor shares.

Asked if this episode occurred in Saudi Arabia, he replies, with a chuckle: “No, this was in Wichita, Kansas.”

The pastor says it was very disconcerting to see the gospel squelched — especially on a public sidewalk in a country with a constitutional guarantee of free speech. Holick believes police are suggesting that he was blocking traffic on the driveway.

“Of course we never did do that,” he assures. “There would be no reason for us to block vehicles — and they probably have no idea how much I like all of my organs and bones perfectly in the position they’re in right now.”

Holick says serious free-speech rights are in question, so he is asking the Alliance Defense Fund to represent him. There has been no decision on that so far.


<via- http://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2010/09/08/pastor-arrested-for-sharing-gospel-with-muslims-in-kansas/>

Are you starting to see why there are 1.4 billion Muslims in the world? You can’t make fun of them or critique Islam – lest you be killed. You can’t share other religious beliefs with them – lest you be killed. And Muslims can’t leave Islam on their own free will – lest they be killed. As the Muslim population grows in the U.S. – these scenarios are becoming more real, and more frequent. Every day it creeps a little further.


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  1. AnTiViRuS says:

    keep it real, iight

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