UK experts abdicate sovereignty saying – “there’s only so much government can do to protect the public ,” against MUSLIM TERRORISM

Muslims have been recruiting in the jails, here, in the US, for over 40 years.

Are they, seriously, just figuring this out in the UK?

How dumb can they be?

Why are they willfully averting their eyes?

Is it because the Queen and her royalty are part and parcel to the Bilderbergs? The ONE WORLD government people?  These organizations run the world and they have partnered up with the Saudi’s.  This is why Dubi and Abu Dabi are there.  Princess Diana was murdered.  She was having an affair with a Pakistani surgeon and then met Dodi Fayed.

Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed outside the inquest into the deaths of his son and Diana, princess of Wales

Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed outside the inquest into the deaths of his son and Diana, princess of Wales

During the inquest into Princess Diana’s death, Mohamed Al Fayed said she was pregnant. He claimed he phoned her to convey the news and she confessed that Prince Philip and Prince Charles are trying to get rid of her.

Diana wanted to destroy ENGLAND and what better way than to bear a child that would allow the Muslim world CLAIM to the THROWN?

Even though England and all the members of the Bilederberg’s have monetary partnerships and close and cozy relationships with  the MUSLIM  world, they will never allow the division of power.  The Muslims would welcome it, because they don’t have the same laws under Shariah.  The child would divide the CROWN the powers of the Muslim world would not be diminished by this in anyway.  The WEST was the only one with the threat.  Diana’s womb contained a threat to the CROWN.

But thats another story.  Yet, it’s all related.  America is not a KINGDOM, and this type of threat is not something that we need to worry about.  However, a threat to the UK, is a threat to the WEST and the One World Order.

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Muslim prisoners recruited in jail – new threat…, posted with vodpod

Muslim prisoners recruited in jail – new threat to UK:

Published 06 September, 2010, 06:50

Edited 06 September, 2010, 17:37

A leading British think tank claims the UK is vulnerable to terrorism as more Muslim prisoners are recruited by militants.

Back in 2005, four British-born Muslims, motivated by the UK’s involvement in the Iraq war, blew themselves up in coordinated attacks, killing 52 people.

Now a security think tank study reveals the threat of a new generation of homegrown terrorists.

“There are about 8,000 Muslims in jail in Great Britain, out of a population of 93,000, and the evidence we’ve seen, which is based on conversations with Muslim inmates, is that about 1 in 10 have been targeted in the last 3 or 4 years for radicalization,” said Harry Fletcher, assistant general secretary from the National Association of Probation Officers.

If those attempts at radicalization are successful, 800 potential attackers could be released within the next 10 years – and they won’t have previous terror-related convictions.

That’s even more dangerous when you take into account the shifting nature of the terrorist threat.

Instead of large scale coordinated attacks, experts fear more terrorist attacks by so called “lone wolves” – committed to violent jihad, poorly trained and unaffiliated with any terrorist organization – and so impossible to detect.

“Now we see the evolution of the threat, ideologically driven,” said Valentina Soria, a report co-author from the Royal United Service Institute.“Panic and psychosis.”

It’s a trend that, according to the institute, is already apparent in the US.

Pakistani American Faisal Shahzad’s recent attempt to bomb Times Square showed the emergence of untrained but highly radicalized attackers.

The Ministry of Justice is anxious to point out that holding radical views doesn’t necessarily lead to criminal behavior, and says it’s closely monitoring prisoners of concern.

“All our high security prisons operate enhanced monitoring and intelligence-gathering on those convicted or suspected of involvement in terrorism or extremism, and staff are trained to recognize and deal with behaviors which are of concern,” state the ministry’s report.

But the anti-extremist group Minhaj-ul-Quran says more must be done in terms of education within the community.

“That has to be dealt with through long term education and clarification of the misconceptions these people have,” said Shahid Mursaleen, a spokesperson for Minhaj-ul-Quran. “The government needs to employ chaplains who are moderate, in order to tackle these issues inside the prisons before they come out. It will be already too late by the time they come out.”

It is impossible to tell who has been radicalized in jail. But what is known is that by April of next year, 100 convicted terrorists will have been released from high-security prisons into lower-security facilities.

With a move toward a more “scattergun” approach to terrorism, the reasoning is that eventually, one of these lone wolves will manage to take out a high-profile target. And in an open society, experts say there’s only so much government can do to protect the public.


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