Stoning – Media mistake results in 99 lashes

The media has been lax in fact checking anything.  They have been irresponsible in disseminating information that is, in many case, outright, lies.  There have been no repercussions to them.  Their retractions DON’T get seen.  Correcting these things are not enough to the people who suffer from their completely liable statements.

They want to OUTLAW “hate speech”, yet they can’t seem to focus on out right LIES.

The reporters have not done any reporting.  They are constantly making things up.  Their liberal agenda’s are the only “stories” that get any positions of visibility, if they print other view points at all is questionable.

Petition-Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.

Petition-Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.

Times to Iran Woman: Sorry About Lashing

(AP) – As if getting sentenced to death by stoning isn’t bad enough: The Times of London is apologizing today to the Iranian woman who got an additional 99 lashes after the newspaper wrongly identified her as a bareheaded woman in a photo. The newspaper previously issued a correction, but today denounced the lashing as “simply a pretext.” “The regime’s purpose is to make Ms. Ashtiani suffer for an international campaign to save her that has exposed so much iniquity,” it said.

“Publishing the photo provided a judge an excuse to sentence my poor mother to 99 lashes on the charge of taking a picture unveiled,” Ashtiani’s son tells the AP. But the lawyer who once represented Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani in Iran said from Paris that it was not certain if there really had been a new conviction and sentence over the photograph.

petition – Stoning a Woman is sanctified by the Religion of peace – Islam is an inhumane CODEX and a cult for Barbarians


2 Responses to Stoning – Media mistake results in 99 lashes

  1. j says:

    This is a mess.

    The Sindicated media are never hold accountable for there mistakes. What is wrong with this picture…I will tell you, We are the problem. We do not hold other people accountable for anything. It is always Politically correct…that will be are doom.

  2. txlady706 says:

    The liberals take offense when we point out that their logic is erroneous and they get especially viscous when you call them out on it. They threaten you with liable or label you a racist.

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