Egypt – Egyptian Islamic Jihadist (who killed Anwar Sadat) wife seeks office – 88 members of the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR linked) are currently in parliament.

Wife of Egyptian Jihadist Launches Political Campaign
Written by David E. Miller
Published Monday, September 06, 2010

Um Al-Haitham, whose husband sits in jail for assassination of president Anwar Sadat, plans to run for office.

The wife of a jailed Egyptian Jihadist leader has announced her intention to run for office in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for November.

Um Al-Haitham is the wife of ‘Aboud Al-Zommor, a senior leader in the Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ) who masterminded the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981.

The core of Um Al-Haitham’s political platform was revealed in an interview with the Arab daily A-Sharq Al-Awsat on Monday.

She told the daily that her decision to run depended on her husband’s agreement, as well as that of her brother, Tariq Al-Zommor, also imprisoned for his involvement in the assassination. Although both of their life sentences expired in 2001 they are still being held in prison.

‘Aboud Al-Zommor attempted to run for parliament in the last Egyptian elections in 2005.

“’Aboud and Tariq’s problem is twofold,” Nizar Ghorab, an attorney representing the Al-Zommors, told The Media Line. “The first is their unending prison term, and the second is their insistence on political rights.”

“In light of this and on the backdrop of their participation in the 2005 elections, Um Al-Haitham is interested in shedding light on the political rights of her brother and her husband,” he added.

Um Al-Haitham’s campaign includes a demand to immediately release and compensate all political prisoners and to broadly implement Sharia (Islamic law) in Egypt’s legal system. She also advocates fighting corruption, loosening political restrictions on civil liberties and opposing American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Shadi Hamid, director of research in the Brookings Doha Center said that Um Al-Haitham’s announcement was an unusual step.

“If she is ideologically sympathetic to Egyptian Islamic Jihad, this move would be odd,” he told The Media Line. “Islamic Jihad has always been fervently against participation in Egyptian elections.”

Hamid speculated that this move might indicate a shift by Um Al-Haitham away from classic EIJ ideology, and a decision to focus on her husband’s release.

“Unlike Egypt’s Gama’a Islamiya [another extremist group] The Egyptian Islamic Jihad never enjoyed mass sympathy, and never requested it,” Hamid said. “It was a vanguard organization. That is why the government succeeded in suppressing it so easily.”

Hamid added that Um Al-Haitham could run for parliament as an independent candidate, like the 88 members of the Muslim Brotherhood currently in parliament.

Attorney Nizar Ghorab said that political decisions were linked to historical developments and were not set in stone.

“The decision [of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad] not to participate in the elections was suitable for a certain time, and now the opinion has changed,” he said. “This reflects a decision to halt violent and armed activities and enter political activity.”

‘Aboud Al-Zommor, 62, was a lieutenant colonel in the Egyptian military intelligence during Sadat’s assassination, but was also the military leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. In this capacity, he was in charge of training group members to use weapons to target the Egyptian president.

When an Egyptian court rejected an appeal for Al-Zommor’s release in May his wife was not surprised.

“As long as Islamic Sharia laws are absent from the court bench, there can be neither justice nor equity,” Um Al-Haitham was quoted as saying in the Egyptian daily Al-Youm A-Sabi’.

How many ways can I say that the US has been infiltrated by the Muslims and the Communists that have aligned themselves together.  The enemy of my enemy is, at least for the moment, my friend.  We have a silent war that will explode AFTER the One World Doctrine is signed, but that is what they are hoping for.  Unit the Communists and Muslims and sign the agreement, then wage the WAR against the Muslims. They believe that they can overwhelm the Muslims easily and use the agreements after to create a World Tyranny.  I’m sure that they believe that they have a benevolent idea of a One World government in mind.  A sort of Utopia.  Ask Voltaire about Utopia.  Ask the Russians who lived that Utopia.  Ask any Union that is massive and too large to sustain a product.


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