Tea Party Express – Black members introduce themselves to the media – The media ignores them – Black conservatives are not useful to the media

These brave blacks are the EXACT representatives of Martin Luther king.

These voices are being drowned out. The media considers them irrelevant, because they are not stirring controversy, instead they want to lessen it.  This is not useful to the media, who operate in the most base levels of humanity.

These are the true black leaders, not the Black Panthers.  These are the people who speak the TRUTH.  The honorable individuals.  They are the ANTI RACISTS.

These people stand for America.  Who do the Black Panthers associate with?  They gravitate with the CAIR groups and ACORN types.   These organizations are being used by the ARABS and the COMMUNIST.  The people within them don’t even realize the positions that they are playing.  Because one is too close to see the forest the trees are too think and the fog is too heavy and the weights of their OWN lives have grounded their sights on singular notions.  Their eyes have been averted from the lord by the many forces around them.  Once G-D is not present the rest is mailable.

These Black courageous people are the people who are the future.  You are seeing the future here.  All those who speak with duplicity will have their demise.  Those who speak straight and with TRUTH as their shields and HONOR as their sword will be the last standing.  The Black people should look to logic and truth and follow those who walk the walk and talk the talk. Walk along side those who fear no evil and to who political correctness has no foundation.

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The Black Tea Partythat the media cannot seem t…, posted with vodpod

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