‘Islamization’ of Paris a Warning to the West – CBN.com – While the UK Muslims rally for Sharia


The next submission is coming to AMERICA

The burqa is not in the KORAN (Q’RAN)

The burqa is a weapon and so are births and polygamy

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Shariah NO!! New Awakening of American Patriotism

By Rev. Lainie Dowell  Saturday, September 4, 2010

Here is a linked video on the Berman Post Blog that says it all.

It shows a vivid illustration of Islamic takeover of Paris streets (France). A French citizen used hidden video to try to warn the world. And America’s dilemma will, likewise, worsen unless patriotic citizens demand national adherence to our rule of law and commitment “to protect, preserve, and defend” our Constitution. Without preserving it, there would be nothing to protect or defend. And that would be far from what our forefathers and our mighty Father had intended for us.

Barack Obama has failed to adhere to his oath of office and, if anything, has done all he can to destroy our constitution and our nation—“by any means necessary.”

Some people may have heard Imam Abdul Rauf, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who is trying hard to force the building of his Mosque on the footprint of New York’s Ground Zero. He recently invoked “The Rule of Law” as his own. During a TV interview, Rauf said that Muslims also go by a rule of law. His statement was intended to imply that Muslim adherents of Islam were just like Americans, if not better. Further, it was his way of trying to deflect from the fact that his true intent has remained for decades to plant Shariah Law throughout the world, including America. He is too close to accomplishing that goal to allow the truth to snuff out his plans.


Americans cannot afford to be intimidated by anybody into keeping silent in the name of Christianity. Some people would have us to believe that the God of our Judeo-Christian faith would not have us to be anything but filled with love and peace even while they are beating our brains out. But they must know that our God does not have coward soldiers. We are bold soldiers who serve the true and living God of both love and wrath. He has given to us not only the power but also the authority to use this power in the face of every demonic foe, when necessary. And that is why we, as Christians, choose to live in peace and to demonstrate God’s love in the earth among all mankind.

Moreover, “We are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ!” And the only reason others want to make it seem as if we are ashamed is because they understand exactly how much power we possess through our faith. We must confess the name, Jesus, without shame or fear or apology. There is power in that name! America is great, because we serve a great God. Why else would people from other nations continue to break down our gates to get onto these shores?

“Greater is He that is in (us) than (anybody or anything else) in the world.”

With the November 2008 election of the Obama Administration and their subsequent ongoing actions to make Americans appear to be weak and apathetic, the enemies of our faith and our nation (at home and abroad) have seen this as their moment to strike. And, as a result, they are beginning to understand that Americans love God, family, country, and people enough to fight like hell to remain as God Himself has made us and our forefathers then made provision for us to remain—- FREE!

In 2010, Americans have gained a new awakening and have resolved to stand against Islamization and any political, ideological attempts to kill our nation and faith in order for them to birth a global Shariah takeover even in America.

Impeach Obama will continue to be our call! The No Confidence Petition (Obama-Biden) continues online since 2008! It is not too late to sign it. American voters, please follow the “No Confidence Votes Count2” link and help to finally get those pages filled up and sent on to officials, as indicated. Thank you.

God bless America! America, bless our God!!


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Kamal Saleem: A Muslim Cries Out to Jesus – CBN…, posted with vodpod

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