Colorado – Northglenn student claims school guard would not let him fly flags

I would have liked to have known where the security guard got that idea

Is it his own?

Was it something that another kid told him?

I would have like to have seen what this security guard had to say.

This is disgraceful. I hope that the school realizes that.  The security guard should be swiftly “educated” about what country he or she lives in.

The use of POLITICAL Correctness ploys is what causes this.

It’s time to start with TRUTH.

This young mans freedom of speech was QUESTIONED, because it was PATRIOTIC?


The Propaganda machines are in full force and the weapon of the moment is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS

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Northglenn student claims school guard would no…, posted with vodpod

NORTHGLENN, Colo. – A student at Northglenn High School was told he can’t fly his two large 3×5 foot American flags on the back of his pick-up truck. But the principal of the school said it was all a misunderstanding.

Sixteen-year-old Jeremy Stoppel told FOX31 News that a school security guard asked him to remove the flags on Thursday, after they had already been up for a week. But Mary Lindimore, the school’s principal said the security guard had no authority to do that. When Jeremy took his complaint to Lindimore, she said he ‘could’ fly the flags, saying the school supports it, welcomes it and has no rules against it.

Stoppel said he saved up his money and bought the two flags last Sunday for his pick-up truck. They cost about $30 each and he had no idea they would cause a problem, “This is America. We have the right to put up what we want,” he said.

Or so he thought, until the school’s security officer told him to take the flags down, telling him the school focuses on diversity and the flags made some kids feel uncomfortable. Jeremy said, “It’s really frustrating because I don’t see the reasoning. I mean, they’re not unsafe. I have them secured. It’s not disrespectful and they don’t touch the ground.”

Jeremy was so upset, he took his complaint to the school principal on Friday. He told FOX31 “I just thought, this isn’t going to fly with me. I’m not going to let this happen. This is what our family does. It’s a tradition. My brother has done it, my dad does it, that’s what we do. I love this country. I love my cousin who serves in the military and we’re at war right now, September 11 is coming up. I just want to show my support.”

Lindimore told Jeremy it was simply a misunderstanding.

“The school doesn’t have any policy about flying American flags, in fact, we have one in every classroom, in the main office, in the auditorium, in the little theatre, we have in hallways upstairs, so we promote the flying of the American flag,” Lindimore said.

She went on to say the only reason a student would not be able to fly a flag on their car would be if it’s a safety concern, for example, if the flag obstructs a driver’s vision or if it disrupts the educational environment, neither of which is the case here.

The principal says she will talk to the security guard when school resumes on Tuesday, but in the meantime, Jeremy is more than welcome to continue his public display of patriotism.,0,7674604.story



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