Texas – Austin – Cedar Park considering ban on marijuana-like herbal drugs

This is NOT POT.

The high is similar, but it’s got much more dire consequences

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As this substance becomes more popular, the security and health of this country comes in to question.  Where is the Janet on this?  K2 not big enough of an issue for her to comment on?

This Czarina of Security is creating a lawless America.  The only laws that are enforced are the laws directed at LEGAL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.

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Cedar Park considering ban on marijuana-like he…, posted with vodpod

It is a substance that is getting the attention of state health officials and lawmakers: incense that can give you a marijuana-like high. It can also cause serious health problems, such as seizures, hallucinations, even a heart attack.

One version of these herbal blends, sold as potpourri or incense, is called K2. It is also called Spice, Drolle, Genie, Space and Black Mamba.
It is a blend of different herbs and spices sprayed with a synthetic version of THC, the stuff in marijuana that gets people high. It will not show up in a drug test.
Since it is legal, teens are buying it and smoking it, but that could soon get you fines, even possible jail time in Cedar Park, if a ban is approved by the city council.
K2 is sold in shops across Texas. It comes in packets and jars, and it is clearly labled not for human consumption.
“January through last week the Texas Poison Centers have received 186 calls about exposures to K2, “ said Matt Forrester with the State Health Department. “It’s not regulated; there’s no standardization of the amounts in these products. So basically, you don’t know what you’re taking.”
Aaron Blackwelder smokes K2 and says he enjoys the legal high, but understands it comes with a risk.
“It’s been the exact same as smoking marijuana. It’s no different,” Blackwelder said. “One of my friends actually had to be hospitalized over a certain type he did take or smoke. It was pretty bad. It was serious.”
Texas health officials now believe K2 might have contributed to the death of 19-year-old Dominique Tate. The Dallas medical examiner is waiting on toxicology reports.
Cedar Park officials say they have not had reports of anyone using K2 or other substances like it in their city, yet.
“Just because we don’t have a problem now doesn’t mean there couldn’t be one in the future, so we’re trying to be preemptive before it becomes a dangerous situation, “ spokeswoman Melanie Carr said. “If the ordinance goes through, they could be looking at charges if they’re found in possession or use of it. They could face a fine of up to $2,000.”
Carr says the ban on K2 could be in place by Sept. 9.
A number of Texas cities including Dallas, Frisco, Longview and Cleburne have already banned K2, and other cities are considering the move as well.
State Senator Florence Shapiro says during the upcoming legislative session, she will work to have the herbal blends banned statewide.

8 Responses to Texas – Austin – Cedar Park considering ban on marijuana-like herbal drugs

  1. Jason says:

    Do you know anything about this? Legitimate K2 is about as safe as it gets. It’s using a research chemical that actually promotes neurogenesis (the creation of brain cells). The problem is that as the bans come down, companies are shooting off to new chemicals that create the same effect with far more ominous side effects.

    Regulation is the answer… not banning.

  2. txlady706 says:

    I don’t know where you heard that it was “a research chemical that actually promotes neurogenesis (the creation of brain cells).”
    Frankly, that would be scary. It’s marketed as potpourri.
    Not sure where you saw that.
    In any case, it seems to be a health threat. But if you want to kill your brain cells, go for it. I just don’t want to pay for your ER visits or be forced to pay for your or anyones drug addiction.
    Kill yourselves on your own dime.

  3. Cliff says:

    I interpreted that as a weak counter argument. decriminalization is the only way. The enemy is in our own judgmental personalities, forgetting that we will one day be judged by our own judgments upon other men. Will the authority of this country stand before the LORD and say, we judged a righteous judgment on the younger generation, let me into your kingdom. then the LORD will say, understand this, I desire mercy and not sacrifice. So, let us as a people stand up to the constant inflow of non-violent prisoners to the slaughter houses of American Penitentiaries.

  4. txlady706 says:

    I don’t care about any one person that wants to poison themselves. They can be blessed or they can be whatever they DESERVE to be. I don’t WANT TO be forced to PAY for their stupidity or be subjected to it. When I am Required to PAY for the treatments that result from it, then I get to HAVE a VOICE. IF you want to make it legal, then take away public money for treatments for the addicts. I don’t care for them. Take away their power to vote, because they are mentally deficient and remove their ability to have a declarative say in any politics. The health risks are 10 times worse in POT, then in cigarettes and yet we are ready to ban them. The drug dealers DON’T care what they deal in. POT? It’s a product. If POT stops being a product, then guess what? The people in that business will look for another product and there are plenty out there. The arguments you libs present make as little sense as the amount of brain cells you have left from the POT thats killed them. You have probably lost track of what you were talking about.

  5. Luis Escobedo says:


    I thought i would throw my 2 sense in. First of all do you think the war on drugs is working? If you answer yes i think you may be high. The drug cartels are stronger and more powerful than ever that not even a whole government can take them down. By banning this product we will just be spending more tax payer money for a losing cause. People have turned to things to relax for years look at prohibition when the country was in the great depression people still found a way to drink or should i say escape when they were totally broke. Making this illegal is just going to drive people to make this at home and just imagine the dangers in that! A girl in europe died after taking mephodrone after it was made illegal and her and her friends bought in a back ally from street dealer. That is what a ban will cause. I do believe there should be a regulation put in place but not a ban. Think about it like this when we were young it was easier to score weed and cocaine than beer so we did cocaine or smoked pot. So in banning it it will just be more accessible to kids because drug dealers do not ask for id. A legitimate business will not risk being shut down for sale to a minor, when on the other hand the drug dealer on the street will not care. Instead lets regulate it and tax it to help get out of 15 billion dollar debt or have money readily available in the case of a natural disaster like a hurricane. The point i am trying to bring up is that the ban could really make things worse, look what it did for the mob during prohibition!

  6. txlady706 says:

    Luis Escobedo:
    You sound like the liberal talking points.
    Your point is that making drugs legal would create revenue through taxation.
    I disagree.
    The revenue generated would be dwarfed by the necessary services that would be required to treat and maintain the dregs of society that this would create.
    The social cost would be even worse.
    The black market uses drugs, the drugs don’t use the black market. The gangsters would shift to another drug and if that were to be legalized too, then they would shift to weapons or something entirely different. The black market is there, because they see an opportunity, because of weak laws or avenues that they can CONTROL. The product is a tool. They can use OTHER tools and will. They have already started to shift. They will shift to other TOOLS. The object is POWER not the product.
    By legalizing drugs you would open the door to much much worse. Another industry while also crippling the legitimate individual in our society and burdening it with the hospital bills and mental debilitation of the general population.

  7. Imperial Advance

    Texas – Austin – Cedar Park considering ban on marijuana-like herbal drugs | Politics, Religion, and Family

  8. Jared Londry says:

    Jared Londry

    Texas – Austin – Cedar Park considering ban on marijuana-like herbal drugs | Politics, Religion, and Family

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