Texas – Dallas – Eddie Johnson, a nine-term Democrat -“a veteran Texas lawmaker has illegally awarded thousands of dollars in college scholarships to relatives and the children of a top aide even though anti-nepotism rules expressly forbid it.”

True to form for a democrat!

They lie steal and cheat and think that they deserve it.  They say that they are “public servants,” therefore they should get those things as perks.  I say BULL!  They are NOT public servants.  They get a paycheck from us.  They don’t go to their offices out of the goodness of their hearts.  They make good salaries working for us.  They can’t get salaries like that out here in the free market for doing the phony jobs that they do.  Then they have the audacity to stand up there and say that they are public servants.  They are the sycophants.

More Scandal For Congressional Black Congress:

Last Updated: Mon, 08/30/2010 – 11:48am

2008 Democratic Convention in Denver

2008 Democratic Convention in Denver

In the latest of many corruption scandals to rock the Congressional Black Congress, a veteran Texas lawmaker has illegally awarded thousands of dollars in college scholarships to relatives and the children of a top aide even though anti-nepotism rules expressly forbid it.

Reported over the weekend by a Dallas newspaper, it marks the sixth time in the last few years that a member of the influential House committee is embroiled in wrongdoing. Most recently two prominent members—New York’s Charles Rangel and California’s Maxine Waters—have hogged up the spotlight for their widely reported transgressions, which have resulted in a multitude of ethics charges by House investigators; Rangel for failing to pay taxes and hiding income and assets and Waters for unscrupulously steering federal bailout funds to her husband’s failing bank.

In a federal trial last month, Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. was exposed for his involvement in the biggest political scandal of modern time, a plot to buy President Obama’s old U.S. Senate seat. Jackson and his top fundraiser offered to pay ousted Governor Rod Blagojevich, a convicted felon, $1 million for the appointment, according to court testimony in Blagojevich’s corruption trial.

A few years ago California Congresswoman Laura Richardson got busted for funding her political campaigns with hundreds of thousands of dollars borrowed against three separate homes whose loans she later defaulted on. Before that Florida’sKendrick Meek, the state’s Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate this fall, steered millions of tax dollars to a shady developer that employed his mother as a “consultant.”

Eddie Johnson

Eddie Johnson

Now the baton has been handed off to Eddie Johnson, a nine-term Democrat from Dallas who gave her grandson and great nephews, as well as the children of her top aide, more than a dozen scholarships intended for needy students in her congressional district. None of the recipients even live in the area Johnson represents in the House and all violate rules explicitly forbidding awards to relatives of the CBC foundation that distributes the money.

Initially Johnson, who has served as caucus chairwoman and on the board that oversees the scholarship foundation, denied wrongdoing but subsequently said she“unknowingly” violated the rules though she assures that she didn’t “personally benefit.” However, the foundation’s general counsel has determined that the scholarships violated eligibility rules regarding relatives and residency.



6 Responses to Texas – Dallas – Eddie Johnson, a nine-term Democrat -“a veteran Texas lawmaker has illegally awarded thousands of dollars in college scholarships to relatives and the children of a top aide even though anti-nepotism rules expressly forbid it.”

  1. j says:


    This story if funny. Eddie indicated in a press release that this was not a crime, since there was no personal gain by providing scolarships to relatives that are not living in the area or state where Eddie is serving as a public representative.

    they are there to do the peoples will not to take advantage of the people that put them there.

    rot in jail.

    • txlady706 says:

      They won’t put her in jail. Even though she stole from the people and diluted even more trust, she will likely not even be fired. Stealing from the people seems to be OK. If I stole from a bank, I would be thrown in jail or some Nazi would come and reposes everything I own.

  2. Rajalakshmi says:

    Spot on TXLady 706 !!

    Being an Indian (a hindu) & quite familiar with the murkiest duplicity of most Indians I want to add something more. The world is now pretty aware of jihadists. However many have fallen for the outrageous myth that hindus are all good , peaceful Godfearing yada yada.

    Far from it.Most of them are so corrupt , dishonest & untrustworthy but atrociously smug & self congratulatory. I hasten to add ” Exceptions prove the Rule”. Or else these pompous hindus would pounce on me calling me unpatriotic , traitor Western stooge yada yada.

    You might have heard of several hindu faux godmen , godwomen conning Americans, Europeans worldwide along with idiotised Indians of course.One of them called SSSSRavishankar of Art of Living cult is a sly self pimping ” false prophet “. He is extremely close to many Democrats. A lot of hindus wantonly promote him with a hagiography written by one Francois Gautier as these hindus want to cross swords with Christians , Jews & Whites of this world. He and his cronies are stealth appeasers of Muslims too. As basically this charlatan wanted to make trillions. And has made it by fleecing a lot of people making them give up their lucrative careers & donate non stop & do service cloaked as charities.Enjoying tax exempt status as non profit NGO. He lobbied & lobbies very hard along with Democrats to wrest Nobel Prize for Peace.

    India is full of such charlatans in cahoots with various politicians of all hues. It is a front for political chicanery of Indians. Once after a train bomb blast in India there was a message on msg board stating this Ravishankar’s funds played a vital role in financing those bomb blasts. A terrorist called Yassin Malik of JKLF was bestowed a lot of hugs & his hyperventilating sudarshan kriyas. That Yassin Malik had meticulously assassinated lot of Air Force Personnel & their families most of them Sikhs. With no Justice but feted & appeased by such treasonous appeasers. Beware of Indians. They feign breathtakingly. They actually abhor Jews & Israel. They love PLO , Russia are hard core leftists at heart. Many of them are Hitler worshippers.They are unscrupulous & avaricious as anyone else but pompously strut about with lordly holier than thou air. When push comes to a shove would alacritously join hands with islamists & thisisnotislamists. They are adept at dissembling. UBER ARROGANT.

    • txlady706 says:

      I don’t judge anyone by where they are from or their ethnicity. I don’t really care. I’m from the Ukraine and you know where I stand. Anyone who doesn’t do that or is not up front with you is duplicitous and should not be trusted.

  3. […] Texas – Dallas – Eddie Johnson, a nine-term Democrat -”a veteran Texas lawmaker has illegally … […]

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