TEXAS courts approve Shariah under the “guise of mediation and arbitration”

Islam is a complete THEOCRACY

To support any part of it, supports ALL of it.

Islam is EVIL.  To support Islam is to support EVIL

Images of Islam:

Israeli Ambassador: Israel Has Right To Defend Itself From TerrorismAttend Rally For Rifqa Bary This Monday!

Shariah should be illegal.

Islam is a form of government through Shariah.

Support of Islam should be considered sedition.  Material aid in support of Islam should be treason.

Dangers of socialism in disguise of social justice

America First

By Christian Newswire  Tuesday, August 24, 2010

According to West Bank TV Evangelist Terry McIntosh, America is in trouble. The polemic pastor doesn’t mix words in a website opinion piece where he warns the American Church against the dangers of socialism in disguise of social justice.

Social justice generally refers to a society based on the principals of equality and solidarity that recognizes human rights and the dignity of every human being, and is increasingly used to solicit Church participation.

<To support INJUSTICE is to be UNJUST.  The blight of ISLAM is a blight on human rights–me.>

McIntosh says it threatens freedom of choice. “Christians recognize the dignity of every human. However, when it comes to conflict of ideology and way of life, I am an American First and citizen of the world second. The call for social justice mandates that a community provide for all citizens equally, and has the appearance of being righteous. Someone said, ‘This is what Jesus would do.’ They are creating a jesus, little j, that plays into the socialist agenda. Jesus advocated generosity and caring for the poor, but he did not advocate government mandates that forcibly takes from one person and gives it to another.”

McIntosh hails from Kentucky, but has spent the better part of the last 18 years living in and sharing the Christian gospel to Islamic cities in the Middle East. He has been featured on Palestinian TV and radio numerous times with the message of peace through Christ, He founded a Christian chapel in Jericho in 1996, and his Christian influence in the Islamic world defies logic.

Regarding Islam, McIntosh says “Radical Islam is an enemy of our country and freedom world wide.” He adds that infiltrators have embedded themselves in the political process and religious institutions. “Sharia law is now judicially approved in a Texas court under the guise of mediation and arbitration. Adherents say it is the next best thing to the US Constitution. It actually usurps the Constitution and denies certain inalienable rights to individuals.”

McIntosh further writes, “Any organization, howbeit political or religious, that espouses a government, law, or any manifesto other than that of the Constitution of the UnitedStates and which sets itself against same, to destroy it, or usurp it, should be declared a natural enemy of the United States of America to include our own President, members of Congress, the Senate, and judicial system should they, or theirs, commit or endorse treasonous behavior by word or deed.”

His entire comments can be reviewed at usajourney.us



2 Responses to TEXAS courts approve Shariah under the “guise of mediation and arbitration”

  1. Shirley says:

    Islam is a threat to America. Sharia Law is cruel in application and even evil. Kudos to Mr. McIntosh for speaking out against it. It is one of the inner threats we face as a nation today. I don’t understand how anyone can support it unless they stand to gain something from it, but that will be at the expense of others.

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