Petition – Stop the Muslim Victory of the WEST in their own words “Ramadan the Month of Victory” – A UK Conference is being hailed as a “take over from within” quite vocally.

The Muslims are not even trying to hide it in the UK.

They are claiming victory already.

UK Conference: Ramadan the Month of Victory:

August 23, 2010

Once again we see Muslims using the freedoms of the West to organize, and attempt to takeover from within. Will non-Muslim Western “leaders” continue to sit and watching as Islam slowly takes over? Do any non-Muslims who read this site, actually believe that the Founding Fathers would have let Islam takeover in the name of freedom of religion? Of course not. The fight is ours now. The question is what are we going to do about it?

An Islamic Conference, not be missed. :: Jamaat ul Tawheed presents:: A heart warming conference.

:::RAMADAN-The Month of VICTORY:::

Sunday, 29th of August 2010. 5pm to 9pm.

3 guest speakers with 3 burning topics.

Topic 1. The State of the UMMAH.

Topic 2. VICTORY of the Past.

Topic 3. The Promised VICTORY.

LIVE broadcast in paltalk room:: Authentic Tawheed

*Brothers, sisters and non-Muslims welcome (strict segregation enforced).

*FREE Iftaar provided. (HMC).

The Wickham Suite. 89A Mile End Road, London E1 4GG.

Nearest tube: Whitechapel, Stepney Green(District, Hammersmith and City line) , Bus: 25.

For more info please call Jamaat ul Tawheed UK office : 07590 523366 or 078 5274 9999.

please bring your family and friends and inform others.

Jazaak’Allah Khair.

My comment —

The Navy was birthed as a result of needing to fight this plague. So, NO. The forefathers didn’t have the moral dilemmas regarding LIFE, LIBERTY and Property. They knew that to support EVIL is EVIL. To support those who have no regard for life is to support DEATH. They had the ability to reason. The current liberal educated are the useful idiots that they have been groomed to be by the Communists who have aligned themselves with the MUSLIM fist. They will turn on each other once they have conquered us together. They are however, two separate and distinct philosophies. They are currently using each other.
I will blog this too. Hopefully, the more people that see whats coming, the quicker a reaction there will be for everyone in the fight


Stop Muslim Immigration to the U.S.:

The United States must change its immigration policies to exclude Muslims.

Islam is both a religion and a political ideology, and its politics are supremacist. That is, the doctrines of mainstream Islam command Muslims to work toward the dominance of their religion over all other religions, and the subjugation of all people to the Islamic political system (Shari’a).

In this sense, Islam seeks to overthrow the established Constitution of the United States, and to replace it with Shari’a. That is sedition.

This does not refer to some “extreme” or “radical” form of Islam. Shari’a is a fundamental part of mainstream Islam. (Read more about it: Islam 101.) It is the duty of every Muslim to strive to establish Shari’a wherever possible. This means an American who practices the Islamic faith fully must necessarily commit acts of sedition.

Furthermore, one of the basic tenets of the faith is that loyalty to Islam takes precedence over loyalty to any government or country.

When Muslims move into any country, a certain percentage of them start agitating for special considerations. They start to organize and influence the nation politically in a way that is good for Islam and bad for freedom and equality. They have already started in America. When the percentage of the Muslims in a nation’s population becomes high enough, they gain so much political power that freedoms and rights begin to disappear.

There may be plenty of Muslims who reject these basic principles of Islamic doctrine, but we have no way to determine who does and who does not. We could ask them on their immigration application, but another Islamic principle allows Muslims to deceive non-Muslims if it helps the spread or dominance of Islam, so we cannot trust their answers.

We should not take the chance, at least until we find some way to determine who genuinely rejects the political goals of Islam and who does not. In the meantime, we should stop all immigration into the United States by Muslims.

Does this seem extreme? It’s not as unreasonable as it might seem. We already choose who can immigrate and who cannot. We make the rules. This is our country, after all. We are not under any obligation to allow anyone to immigrate just because they want to. They do it with our blessing or they don’t do it.

So this policy would simply add a new distinction to the already-existing immigration criteria.

The first criticism of this policy will probably be, “It is racist.” But Islam is not a race; it’s an ideology. This proposed policy is nothing more than informed, reasonable self-preservation. If there is a group of any kind (religious or not) with an established intent to overthrow our government, it would be self-destructive to grant entry to their members.

The situation is urgent because at some point the Muslim voting block will be too significant for a politician to risk alienating.

Let us do the smart thing and stop Muslim immigration to the United States now. Join with us and sign this petition. And then urge everyone you know to sign it.

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