Texas – Houston – Airport – A 40-year-old, Vijay Kumar, arrested at Houston airport with jihadist books and a weapon

Here we go again withe the Airport crap.

These terrorists are persistent.

Although, I think this is just another TEST run

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2006---"Thank you ACLU! Because of you, I am no longer unfairly discriminated against by the infidels' airport security screeners. If Muhammed wills it, this flight will surely be a BLAST! Ah-lah-lah-lah-lah-lah!"

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2006---"Thank you ACLU! Because of you, I am no longer unfairly discriminated against by the infidels' airport security screeners. If Muhammed wills it, this flight will surely be a BLAST! Ah-lah-lah-lah-lah-lah!"

Passenger arrested at Houston airport with jihadist books, a weapon:

August 21st, 2010 12:30 am

(Houston) — Security screeners say they noticed him right away.

A passenger from Mumbai, India was sweating and shifting back and forth and fidgeting with his hands as he stood in line at the Intercontinental Airport Terminal E security checkpoint.

When 40-year-old Vijay Kumar was pulled aside for secondary screening, after raising suspicion with Transportation Security Administration ‘behavioral detection officers,’ even more alarm was raised by what was found.

One law enforcement officer said, “He had a ton of books,” including jihadist books and publications written in Arabic.   Some focused on espionage and other diagrams seemed to explain how certain US military weapons can be taken apart in the field.

The title of one book was “Spycraft” and another was titled “New Voices of Islam” and police noticed mentions of “infidels” in some of the writings that could be made out clearly.

“It definitely raised our concerns,” said one law enforcement official involved in the arrest.   “Not your everyday passenger would have this sort of stuff and it definitely poses a concern for anyone involved in airport security,” he said.

Image of The New Voices of Islam: Rethinking Politics and Modernity--A Reader

The books and radical Muslim material was found in stacks, packed in Kumar’s carry-on luggage, according to the police report.

Officers also found a pair of brass-knuckles in the luggage he had checked with his airline to be carried in the cargo hold of the aircraft.    In Texas, brass-knuckles are prohibited by law so he was booked on a felony charge of Possessing a Prohibited Weapon in a Prohibited Place (airport).

brassknuckles.jpg brass knuckles picture by kroteam

FBI agents were called to the secondary screening area where Kumar was being detained.   Agents are now checking his name on terror watch lists and ‘no fly’ lists, but there is no indication that his name has appeared on any of those lists.

In addition to the brass knuckles and the jihadist publications, police confiscated more than $10,000 in cash that Kumar is accused of carrying on his trip.

Federal law requires anyone carrying $10,000 or more to declare the currency to Customs agents, but law enforcement officials said there was no such declaration for Kumar.

One federal prosecutor said his office was still researching how that law applies in this case since only about $8,000 was in US currency.   Several thousand dollars more were made up of foreign currencies, so the prosecutor wasn’t sure if Kumar would face charges related to the stacks of cash.

The security alert reached its peak during Friday afternoon’s lunch-hour arrest when screeners began their secondary screening of Kumar.   A TSA officer pulled out a swab and rubbed it all over Kumar’s bags to test for explosives.

Suddenly, the alarm sounded on the testing machine, indicating that the powerful home-made explosive TATP was detected on the bags of this suspicious passenger carrying jihadist publications.



Airport officials said no other passengers were affected and most likely didn’t even see any commotion, even during the height of the concerns.

A secondary test was conducted with a new swab being rubbed on his luggage and then placed in a freshly calibrated detection machine.   That secondary test came up negative, which security workers say would likely mean the first machine wasn’t calibrated properly.

A third explosives test also tested negative and no other indications of explosives were apparent.

Police and FBI agents said they were turning their attention to Kumar’s background and what he was doing in Houston, and they’re also planning to examine a computer flash drive (or “thumb drive”) that Kumar was carrying.Cruzer-Micro-512

Flash drives can hold thousands of documents or diagrams, but no one had gotten a look at the contents as of Friday evening.    A search warrant may be required to view the thumb drive, even though international passengers typically have fewer legal protections when the government wants to look at something they were going to be carrying onto an airliner.

Kumar told police he was in Houston attending an “Islamic seminar.”   His booking sheet describes him as standing 5’10” and weighing 215 pounds.

<I scanned around on google and didn’t find any “Islamic Seminars” — This was not an extensive search, though.  I tried “muslim seminar in Houston TX” ,   “Islamic seminar in Houston TX” and “shariah seminar in Houston TX” >

Terminal at Bush Intercontinental Airport Photo: Houston Airport System photo

Terminal at Bush Intercontinental Airport Photo: Houston Airport System photo

A search of federal court records in Houston shows a 2007 lawsuit filed by a man with the same name, same age,  and same hometown as Kumar.   In that lawsuit, Kumar described himself as a native and citizen of India, who was admitted to the United STates in 2004 on a student visa to the University of Connecticut.

<another “student” who “accidentally” over stayed his visa>

The lawsuit said he had earlier studied at Texas Tech University after entering the US in 2003.  He then transferred to University of Connecticut, where the lawsuit said he earned an MBA degree to bolster his undergraduate engineering degree.

<or to “buy” time>

The lawsuit said he married a US citizen in 2004 and he filed to change his immigration status to allow him to remain in the US past his student visa in 2005.

His lawsuit claims FBI has been holding up his citizenship paperwork by claiming it couldn’t complete the proper background checks.

In the lawsuit, his lawyer writes, “Plaintiffs request that the Court order the Defendants FBI to immediately complete the national security check.”

The suit claims the government’s refusal to act on his citizenship paperwork is “arbitrary.”

It was unclear Friday night whether federal agents would be placing a “hold” on Kumar, which would keep him locked up while further investigation is conducted.

Typically, someone jailed for such a felony weapons charge could post bond and be released within a few hours of arrest.   If a federal hold is placed, it could allow him to be locked up for several days without ever facing a federal judge.

He will be facing a Harris County District Court judge on Monday.   Court records show he was being held in an “interfacility” jail, which is not considered to be part of the Harris County Jail.

Prosecutors have already filed a motion to request a high bond.   The contents of that motion that spell out the specific reasons for requesting a high bond were not available Friday night.

His bond was listed as $50,000, which is already unusually high for this particular felony.   The judge could raise or lower that bond at Monday’s court hearing.



57 Responses to Texas – Houston – Airport – A 40-year-old, Vijay Kumar, arrested at Houston airport with jihadist books and a weapon

  1. Rajiv Varma says:

    Did you or anyone care to notice that the person in question is a HINDU, and not a muslim. Why would a Hindu be a prospective Islamic terrorist? Any ideas?

  2. txlady706 says:

    Rajiv Varma:
    Don’t YOU think that you’re being presumptuous? I never said he was a Muslim, however, neither did I say he was a HINDU. Just because he’s from India doesn’t mean he’s Hindu. There are, however, a large population of Muslims in India. India has had Muslims there for many years and the history has been quite violent. Please, do some research regarding the violent clashes with Muslims. The Calcutta Petition is quite a detailed historical account. I never said he was a Muslim, but Islam was an obvious passion, because the books that he was carrying were NOT HINDU or American or Christian or Jewish or anything else. He also has a weapon and traces of controlled substances used in the manufacture of explosives. These are the CLUES that I have. Whether he’s a Muslim or not, is irrelevant, rather, that he carried artifacts that pointed to those violent themes is what is relevant. Many people align themselves with others that they don’t necessarily have the same vested interests, but they have a common purpose. So, if Muslim or Hindu or whatever, it doesn’t really matter. Although, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then good chances that it’s a duck and therefore should be ruled out as a foul before going on to a chase that may prove to be a, pun intended, wild goose chase. hehehe.:)

    • Rajiv Varma says:

      Thank you very much. I *know* about the violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims in India. And I am glad you know about the Calcutta Quran Petition. Don’t you think Hindus would be interested in knowing about Islam, Jihad and Shariah, so they might sometimes read some literature. Or should all Hindus start reading the Bible when flying? Is that what you are really implying? Since when reading about Islam equates to being a terrorist? Your inferences are quite wild.

      This case is a simple goof-up. Plain and simple.

  3. Pradip says:

    I agree that this does look like a case of goof up, and a royal one. In fact, it is totally upside down. It does not seem like the Hindu passanger Vijay Kumar committed any breach of rules. Carrying Islamic literature for study to aquire a good understanding of the enemy is no crime; in fact, it is a sign of a smart man. Too bad, most people choose to remain ignorant of the enemy. A passenger does NOT need to disclose cash in excess of 10k to the country he is departing; he needs to disclose that to the country where he would be landing. The article says the brass knuckle was in the checked-in bag – not the carry on. That of itself is no violation of flying rules; and it wouldn’t have come to light until after his detention. I hope the authorities act fast on it and realize their mistake and let the man be on his way with honor.

  4. txlady706 says:

    Rajiv Varma:
    I really don’t care about anyones religion. However, we can’t ignore a threat. Every threat must be evaluated. He didn’t JUST have a Q’ran, he had a FEW things that added together were suspicious. India and America have MANY things in common. The threat from the MUSLIMS to the Hindu’s when they first started to come to India is similar to the threat to Americans. The Americans are even MORE naive to it. I’m not against people getting educated, but he KNEW that the security would be on the look out. He combined ALL of those elements to see if the Security would react. THAT needs to be worth something. I don’t think that this maybe as innocent as you may want to believe. I think this was more of a TEST to see if people would react to the MUSLIM threat. This maybe a test, but is it a test by a friendly or a security test by another enemy? Tests don’t necessarily consist of the enemy that they necessarily WANT you to think they are. It may not be an enemy at all.
    This smells of a TEST. This was not innocent. The combination of elements that were put together were MEANT to be noticed. It’s not ANY single item. I hope that makes you understand that I have not a care about the Religion of anyone. I fear ISLAM and the JIHADIS. If one is not scared, then one doesn’t take the proper precautions to alleviator that fear. FEAR is useful. When people (collectively) have not addressed their fears, then they become the victims to whatever it is they fear. Fear is useful. It tells you that there is danger. WE CAN’T IGNORE IT. WE MUST CONFRONT THE FEAR AND ALLEVIATE THE DANGER. If we don’t, then we are walking in to an oven and we won’t survive.

  5. txlady706 says:

    Please, see my response to Rajiv Varma. Thank you for helping to confront reason. Although, I disagree, I believe that your view should be examined as well.
    WE MUST CONFRONT THE FEAR AND ALLEVIATE THE DANGER. If we don’t, then we are walking in to an oven and we won’t survive. Not Americans or Hindus or Europeans or anyone who is anything but MUSLIM. Muslims are a combined threat. They threaten Religions and Governments and Ethnicities in some cases. I have found that Muslims have a particular Hate for Black and Jews. Black is a Color and Jewish is religion. So, they have issues with many aspects of different peoples. They are not inclusive and pose a threat everywhere that Islam has thrived. Islam, at it’s core is EVIL. There is no Religion that has DEATH at it’s core and conquering as it’s tenant. All other major world Religions have LIFE and the betterment of it as a core value. Islam, when peal away to it’s core, has nothing like that. ISLAM is a form of Government through Shariah. Shariah is not separate from ISLAM. Therefore, Shariah should be addressed and the danger needs to be stated. Please, understand that I am against Islam, but not against ANY other Religion. NO other Religion has at it’s CORE DEATH and Conquering. NONE! Not even the Wiccans, which is a pagan “religion” have Death and conquering at their core. So, I am not a bigot. I stand against that which is against everything else. Therefore, I am FOR all Religions that have LIFE and the BETTERMENT of LIFE at their core. If you protect evil, then you support evil. If you protect the Religions that support LIFE, then you are a force for LIFE. Regardless of whether I agree with Hindu’s as a belief system or not, I support the fact that they are for LIFE and the betterment of LIFE. Muslims, acting upon the protocols of their FAITH, deem killing their babies as a BLESSING? That is SICK! I’m sure that you are very familiar with the life of Mohamed. His is not the life of VIRTUE.
    Fear is necessary. It’s what keeps you alive, if you keep your head cool and react to the threat properly

    • Sara says:

      You are at best misinformed and/or a victim of the propagandist corporate media. Or at the very worst, maliciously spreading lies about the peaceful way of life called Islam. You owe it to yourself to learn about Islam by actually reading the quran and going to the local mosques. You will find the people to be most honorable, truthful, courteous, loyal americans, who will set you straight. So, ENOUGH WITH THIS HATE SPREADING!!!!!!!!

    • txlady706 says:

      I am not spreading lies. You can verify all of my posts. YOU are the lier!

  6. Sujith says:


    America is full of ignorant liberals who are easily
    fooled by the subterfuge muslims have evolved to
    Befool non muslims, till they gain in numbers to demand more rights including sharia law.

    The situation in india, more specifically kashmir is case in point . It was a hindu kingdom before muslims
    began to settle in…once they gain in number they terrorised local hindus and threw them out while liberal congress govt for sake of power sold out on
    local hindu rights and kept quiet and allowed them
    to do so with no retribution….now they want a separate country , in reality they want to merge
    with pakistan bcoz its a muslim country !

    But fact is – only 40% of population in kashmir is muslim and only about 1-5% support joining pakistan as per recent Pew survey report !

    Coming to America..

    According to Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the Board of CAIR
    (Council of American Islamic Relations): ‘Islam isn’t in America to be
    equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should
    be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted
    religion on earth’ (Report in the San Ramon Valley Herald of a speech
    to California Muslims in July 1998; quoted by Daniel Pipes in CAIR:
    Moderate Friends of Terror, New York Post, April 22, 2002)

    Innocent Muslim ? Religion of Peace or a cult ?
    Educated american have to decide.

  7. txlady706 says:

    Yes. I am aware of all that you say.
    The issue is that the propagandists are the “Golbalist,” which is another name for communists. They rename the same things to make them sound better. The communists think that they can achieve the one world government by aligning with the FISTS of the Muslims. What they believe is that they will be able to subdue the Muslim once the power is theirs. They will be mistaken. History has already been played out this way. They make the same errors in judgment.

  8. Rajalakshmi says:

    I agree with you. So what if his religion is hindu or even buddhism , atheism whatever ?

    I am also a hindu. It is highly presumptuous to conclude all hindus are above board.Let Immigration Dept and FBI handle it.Indians commit many frauds in immigration. Forgeries , bribery , adulteration , fradulent malpractices etc have become so routine in India.

    Every Indian including every hindu SHOULD be meticulously checked.

    • T. Jefferson says:

      That principle is fine in itself. But the point that many bloggers are making is that if Jihadi material is found with a Hindu (or a Christian or a Buddhist or a Taoist or a Shinto or a Confucian), it CANNOT derive into a conclusion, that the person is about to engage in a Jihad. Most likely the non-Muslim person is studying Jihad phenomenon to save himself against it. That’s the absurdity of ICE screeners. Once the identity of the person was established he should have been let go. By ICE’s convoluted logic nobody should be learning/debating Jihad, because if you do, you are somehow out here to engage in Jihad. The worthies at ICE should probably need to build some minimal level of intellectual capacity to distinguish between a Muslim Jihadi vs. a non-Muslim Jihad student.

      I as a Christian could be studying Jihad on a plane ride. Could I?

  9. Saanya Gulati says:

    Tx Lady

    your article was still okay and somewhat unbiased but your comments are atrocious and the generalized assumptions you make about people and religions are shocking and somewhat misinformed…like There is no Religion that has DEATH at it’s core…and a test?? I really don’t think that someone who’s a terrorist would want to “TEST to see if people would react to the MUSLIM threat” …because it’s obvious that with people like you there is enough islam-phobia in your country..also you might like to consider the possibility that someone who is actually a threat i.e. is a terrorist would not be carrying around literature on jihad…moreover please do not equate Jihadi’s and Islam b/c that is the fundamental mistake that ignorant people tend to make. the religious text of islam has been misinterpreted by those that have adopted extremist ideologies but this in no way does extend across to the entire islamic community…it’s one thing to have him detained for national security reasons which is still legitimate but not for people like you to make such accusations and statements…

  10. txlady706 says:

    Saanya Gulati:
    We will have to agree to disagree.
    The CORE of Islam is DEATH.
    The prophet was a pedophile, murderer, and adulterer. And those are his lesser faults.
    He was a conqueror of nations and the EVIL that engulfed the entire Persian empire into darkness. Nothing good has come from that part of the world SINCE Islam was thrust upon it. It was a lavish world of commerce and education, until ISLAM arrived with it’s death cult.
    YOU are the atrocious skewer of truth. I am not ignorant. I know ISLAM by it’s DEEDS. Most of the Worlds horrors are committed by, what you call, the FEW “extremists.” The western diminutive of the murderous demons that come from this theocracy. A theocracy that is trying to come to America and create the Caliphate of Islam here.
    No, you can’t fool me, by calling me names. I don’t have a “fundamental mistake” in this assessment. It is you who fundamentally are mistaken if you truly believe that ISLAM has anything but DEATH to offer to you and your children. My statement are legitimate, just as your ignorance of the matter. Open your eyes to the HISTORY. ISLAM is, at it’s core, DEATH.
    This case, however, should be properly vetted. So, I’m glad that they stopped this guy. However, all the litmus tests must be applied to this case. Is he innocent? Maybe. Is he a test? Maybe. Is he the terrorist that will blow up the plane? Probably not, however, if he has any contact with terrorists from other nations then he may be a accessory to terrorism. So, don’t you sit there and tell me that I am jumping the gun and I am misinformed. I have gone through most of the bloody Q’ran and without an interpretor sitting next to me to tell me no, no, don’t believe those words, they have different meaning in Farsi. They don’t. And you know it. The meanings are QUITE clear. The actions of the “extremists” are exactly what that ILLEGITIMATE HOLY book prescribes.
    This is not the way of the WEST or the EAST or the SOUTH or the NORTH. The book of ISLAM is the book of HELL. READ IT.
    I’m JEWISH.
    When I read it, it’s like vomit.
    When I read any other scripture, although, I may not agree with all of the message, I don’t feel threatened and vile and dirty. Your book, makes me feel all that and more. VILE!

  11. txlady706 says:

    Yes, everyone should be. Forget what Religion. The evidence should be the tell all.

  12. txlady706 says:

    T. Jefferson:
    You must be a liberal

    • T. Jefferson says:

      No actually a Republican Conservative (minus Sarah Palin faction). It seems Mr. Kumar was here to educate the public about Jihad (and not engage in one). As a conservative I support this education.

      What are you?

  13. txlady706 says:

    T. Jefferson:
    Once the RACE card gets thrown out. Your argument falls on deaf ears. You may consider yourself a conservative, but you talk like a LIB.
    Does educating the “public” – where did you get that inference from anyway? – involves having traces of bomb making material and brass knuckles. Well, I guess you could use the brass knuckles on the knuckleheads in the Universities to pound some sense in their heads. I doubt that would work, but libs try to get their way anyway they can.
    He would have been an illegal that overstayed his visa if he didn’t get married.
    Isn’t that fishy to you? It is to me. If your going to ignore things that stand out, then you are just as bad as the rest of them who are going to hand over our Constitution to Shariah. Please, be more discerning.

    • T. Jefferson says:

      Texas Lady:
      Having traces of bomb material was a “false positive” – do you actually know what that means? You may need to build a wee-bit of intellectual capacity to understand that term. I agree that the “brass knuckles” were a violation of a Texas Law – but then why did TSA’s own website approved it in checked baggage? TSA should own responsibility of this goof up.

      In so far as his Visa is concerned, he was on his WAY OUT (Not IN). So why should Immigration raise any issue?

      As far as handing the Constitution to Shariah is concerned, he was here to educate the public about just that. Why should you oppose that as a Republican? Or are you a Shariah-promoting Crypto-Democrat in the garb of a Sarah Palin Conservative?

  14. txlady706 says:

    T. Jefferson:
    They had every right to detain him with the combination of materials gathered.
    “Finally, on reports of his being a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Kumar conceded he had been part of the organisation but had “long disassociated” himself with it owing to ideological differences.”
    Proof enough for detainment. Your argument that it’s racial profiling doesn’t have merit.

    • T. Jefferson says:

      Texas Lady:
      What does that mean? Please enlighten. What has past member of a certain organization got to do with being a suspected Jihadi. Right to form and be part of an association is a fundamental right in most democratic constitutions. Do the Sarah Palin School of Clownish Conservatives have a problem with it? People are (past and present) members of IEEE, Teamsters, Opus Dei, Boy Scouts, ACM, AMA, …. blah blah blah. The point is …. ?

    • T. Jefferson says:

      Texas Lady:

      A google search gives the following links.

      Can you show me connection to Jihad/Islam?

      By your logic (rather lack thereof) if I am a past member of Boy Scouts or current member of American Medical Association, I could be detained by the worthies of ICE?



  15. txlady706 says:

    Ok. Let me enlighten you. The organization is a terrorist organization. Just like the Taliban.

    “The RSS has been banned three times by the Government of India. It was banned first by the British, then again after independence in 1948 when a former member[15] assassinated Mahatma Gandhi.[4]”

    Look. I know that you are a liberal masquerading as a conservative. If you think that you truly are a Conservative, then you are not and you should know this.

    ——-People are (past and present) members of IEEE, Teamsters, Opus Dei, Boy Scouts, ACM, AMA, …. blah blah blah. The point is …. ?——-

    Wow! You lumped the Boy Scouts and the AMA in one breath. YOU are an open lib.

    I guess you thought I would not catch that. Sorry, I guess I am a bit slow. But I catch on in the end. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, but that was naive of me. I guess it’s true, we conservatives are a bit slow. That comes with giving the people the benefit of the doubt.

    • T. Jefferson says:

      This is what I call the Sarah Palin logic 🙂 (and of course I feel like Katie Couric. Thank you). Had this organization been a terrorist organization, it would have been all over the news. And unlike Sarah Palin followers, the real Republicans do watch the news. Reg. assassination – a “former” member of this organization assassinated Ghandi – so he was a disgruntled or pissed off at Ghandi. What does that really prove in a discussion related to Jihad and Terrorism?

      The point remains that if this guy was here to educate about Jihad then he should be welcomed in the U.S. – not mistreated and persecuted, because America is under attack from the Jihadi terrorists and every American patriot should support all activities AGAINST Jihad.

      Now, would the Sarah Palin school of pseudo-conservatives sit and listen?


  16. txlady706 says:

    T. Jefferson:
    You seem to have the typical liberal disease of illogic.
    The Taliban, also provides a service, so does Hezbollah. Terrorist organizations don’t get BIG and POWERFUL if they don’t support the population or provide a service. All the CARTELS in Mexico do similar things to get power. You want to be enlightened? I don’t really have the time to spend tutoring you on LOGIC. Your fundamental understanding of logic has a flaw.
    You lump organizations that are the BOY Scout and AMA (AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION) together. They don’t provide the same support and they don’t engage in the over throw of a government. Your logic is fundamentally unsound by the idea that these organizations can be lumped together.
    You also have NO humanity.
    If you understood that these other organizations were legitimate, and an organization such as the RSS are not, then your logic may have validity. The RSS is a organization that is terror based and seek to overthrow the Indian government. What don’t you understand? Well, never mind, your a liberal. You CAN’T understand.

    • T. Jefferson says:

      Texas Lady:

      You are exposed as a bleeding heart libber by your advocacy against a researcher and a filmmaker who was here to educate people about Jihad. Had you been an American patriot you would have taken up his cause. But you will not because you support pro-Jihad position in your posts.

      This petition tells a lot :-


      I would urge all Americans to rise up to support Mr. Kumar. Not only it is unjust to him, but injustice to him also causes harm American vital interests.

  17. tdr says:


    great blog.

  18. Saanya. says:

    When I read it, it’s like vomit.
    You should probably read a history book instead of quoting the Qran, also before picking up the most violent extracts and making generalized statements…
    The Ottoman empire flourished with education literature and commerce. I just pray that enough people have more sense than you to not believe the statements you make. All Religious texts talk of violence and killing including the crusades, the Hindu holy book too which was quoted by the father of the atomic bomb…which again serves as a counterargument to your statement that “Most of the Worlds horrors are committed by, what you call, the FEW “extremists,” because it IS an extreme ideology that breeds terrorism. And terrorism also exists in groups like the Tamil tigers and Naxalite insurgency.

    Also to your statement “Your book, makes me feel all that and more. VILE!” I’m sorry you feel that way but i’m also sorry to inform you that I am not even Muslim! ..I’m just an educated person.

  19. Saanya says:

    funny that you’re responding to the “when I read it, it’s like vomit” because I accidently copied YOUR statement ontop of my reply. How ironic…but no I think you’re the one whose unconvincing, b/c in fact my arguments use something called rationale … you’re the one who made statements that were not factual and emotional. Actually you use fear/anger/vomit on numerous occassions in your arguments. Sorry to correct you, yet again.

  20. txlady706 says:

    Why do you continue to comment? I have no idea what your point is. Make an argument. Stop being such a girl.

  21. Saanya says:

    I do not want to comment further..However I do request you to remove my comments, b/c I do not want my name to show up here in a search. I think I’ve made my point, it’s futile anyway . Just remove the links if you do not mind.would be highly appreciated.

  22. txlady706 says:

    T. Jefferson:
    Your tactic of reverse psychology only works on infants.

    • T. Jefferson says:

      Texas Lady:

      What reverse psychology? Did you learn that bit from Sarah Palin? This is plain and simple case of treachery to the American interests by the Obama Administration. They let real terrorists go from Gitmo, and the anti-Jihad crusaders persecute them in Jail.

  23. txlady706 says:

    T. Jefferson:

    Lets agree to disagree on some things.
    I am pro America and anti jihad.
    Shariah is a LAW and legal system.
    Anyone who supports it, supports the annihilation of this country and the WEST. It negates ALL other LAWS and stands at odds with CIVILIZATIONS everywhere, not just the WEST.
    Lets agree on that.

  24. T. Jefferson says:

    Texas Lady:
    You sound wierd. Maybe you got a call from Ms. Palin with instructions? You are pro America and I am pro America. You are anti Jihad and I am anti Jihad. I know Shariah is a legal system. Yes, anyone who supports Shariah in effect negates our system of democratic government. Yes, Shariah laws stand against any civilization, not just the US or the West.

    But the million dollar question is, why the heck are you opposing Vijay Kumar??? He is the one who was here for a lecture to educate Americans about Jihad and Shariah. His friends have put together a public petition ( http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/justiceforvijaykumar/ ) which clearly states that he was carrying literature towards a new holistic approach to tackling Islamist terrorism by gender justice and equality of Muslim women within the Islamic societies.

    Apparently this book flagged by TSA security got him into trouble “The New Voices of Islam
    Rethinking Politics and Modernity—A Reader” ( http://www.ucpress.edu/book.php?isbn=9780520250994 ). If you look at this book closely, this is about Reformist Islam, not Jihadi Islam.

    The problem in my opinion is that there are a few muslims who have taken up Reform Islam mission. Even though Vijay is a Hindu, he had taken up this noble cause. With his incarceration and mis-treatment, it would be now impossible to keep the Reform Islam movement going. In the end loser will be the U.S. and the West.

    Don’t you think so?

  25. txlady706 says:


    I’m not against education nor am I against Vijay Kumar, per se. Actually, the only point that I have been trying to make is that, he had suspicious material and I am glad that he was detained. That’s it!
    I’m tired of the Security of this country being lax. The policies have caused the people who try to do their jobs, not only not able to do them, but they cause them to directly contradict the oaths of their offices.
    The recent Discovery Building incident occurred because, even though the security knew about this guy for a year, they didn’t act on his specific actions, because THEY deemed him a nut. Who are the security people to, first, deem him an nut, and second, decide that the “NUT” was harmless.
    The issue is not the MAN, him self. It never was. The issue is policies that this illegitimate Department of HOMELAND security sets up. The whole Department is an unconstitutional body. The head of which answers only to the President?
    I have nothing against ANY ethnicity or Religion.
    My beef is with this government not protecting US. THE PEOPLE.

    • T. Jefferson says:

      Texas Lady:

      Your intentions are noble, but noble intentions pave the way to well … quite often. You claim that Vijay Kumar had “suspicious material”, hence he was detained.

      But that’s where the problem is. Had TSA agents applied some elementary logic and actually screen the material carefully, they would have determined that the material, such as the book “New Voice of Islam”, is actually AGAINST Jihad and hence above suspicion.

      You have no idea how much damage is being caused by this monkey-approach-to-security business. No wonder we are stuck in with the cowboy approach to tackling terrorism, and on the other hand we punish the people who think outside the box.

  26. txlady706 says:

    T. J.
    I think that detaining him WAS the exact right thing. I don’t see any damage. I’m not an apologist, so I don’t see any damage by having them detain him while they DID do the exact right thing and properly VET him. The WRONG thing would have been to either go to light or too heavy. Too light being let him pass with no interruption and the other extreme, too heavy would have been to lock him up and throw away the key. Since, neither was done and he was THEN properly vetted, then THAT was the correct action.
    I don’t care what the rest of the World thinks of us. Damage? The damage would be if we did NOTHING.
    I often see the government offices in Dereliction of duty to their sworn oaths to office. The first thing is to keep the AMERICAN people SAFE.

  27. BB says:

    Even us, hindu americans want america to be safe. But u have to put yourself in the shoes of hindus whose past generations were devastated because of jihad, and still they are unsafe for the same reason. This is blind activism of police where underwear bomber were let go but a completely innocent guy is harassed, jailed and mentally tortured. His visa is revoked, after which he was charged of overstaying!! To keep you secure, why he should pay a price, even if he was a muslim? Who will take the idiot police to task for harassing a law abiding citizen? Dont thump your chest in glee, you could be in same trap as him. Americans are also not beoynd suspicion in India, sp. after discovery of america born terrorist headley who helped mumbai attack! Also pls get knowledge about RSS, according to some they are hindu nationalists who abhor jihad. I dont think there is any remote possibility of any harm from RSS to america, if not favor. Also RSS specifically advocates closeness with israel, and it was BJP regime when israel and india started their relationship. Get some knowledge why gandhi was killed..there were lot of reason for the apparent fanaticism of the killer.
    I would support detaining him for his ‘sweats’ and brass knuckles in check in bags(which shows he did not want to harm anyone). Once his identity is established police should let him go, instead of doing nonsense to earn respect from stupid people. A nobel laureate of this year, an indian origin guy, said he had a beard and he had to undergo painful ‘random checks’ in the airport! How sustainable is this?

  28. Dangit says:

    Poor guy was making a documentary about Islam. He is a filimmaker from India. As for the brass knuckles, who wuldnt want some protection these days.

  29. txlady706 says:

    I’m still glad that they stopped him to check it out. We are all in danger. He could have sent those books via ups ahead of him to the location. I do that with regular luggage sometimes, because it’s cheeper.

  30. txlady706 says:

    I’m not thumping and if the guy is totally innocent, then I agree that he should not have his visa revoked. That being said, AMERICANS, are to be very suspicious of. Again, I DON’T care what ethnicity or color or Religion that particular person is. It’s what he’s carrying and his (her) affiliations that count. As to the MUSLIM question. Again, it’s the persons affiliations and the actions. I believe that there are plenty of people out there who call themselves Muslim, but have never stepped in to a Mosque or read the KORAN (Q’RAN). THOSE are not the people I would like security from. Shariah is a LAW and has NO business in any country that is NOT Muslim. As to the Terrorists, people create allegiances with others for political reasons, so even if they are not MUSLIM they can be a terrorist. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, etc…. So in the end, I think we are on the same sheet of music.

    “I would support detaining him for his ‘sweats’ and brass knuckles in check in bags(which shows he did not want to harm anyone). Once his identity is established police should let him go, instead of doing nonsense to earn respect from stupid people. A nobel laureate of this year, an indian origin guy, said he had a beard and he had to undergo painful ‘random checks’ in the airport! How sustainable is this?”

    I agree.
    Janet Napi head security CZARINA is a BALLERINA for the OBAMA puppet. The security is upside down. We live in Alice In Wonderland.

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