California – “Jerry Brown is dishonoring and disrespecting each of our fallen heroes by accepting money from a terrorist supporting lunatic” – Brown accepted money from Code Pink, who, in an ACT of TREASON sent money ($600,000) to terrorists in Iraq. Then, Jodie Evans of Code Pink, tells mom of fallen soldier, “Your son deserved to die in Iraq”

This treacherous, vapid, pig, is a non human.  She, Jodie Evans, and her girlfriend, Medea Benjamin, should be tried for providing material support to terrorists.  They should, both be, in prison.

Organizations, or people of those organizations, that have materially supported enemies of this country, should be tried to the fullest extent of the law.

I can think of a few:  Muslim Brotherhood, Black Panthers , Bloomberg, George Soros, Code Pink, La Raza, Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, MacArthur Foundation, Bilderbergers, Barney Frank, and the list can keep growing.

Code Pink Tells Gold Star Mom: Your Son Deserved to Die:

Note: Please join with me and Move America Forward in calling on Jerry Brown to return any money he has received from Jodie Evans and protest at her fundraiser tomorrow: Aug 21st at 4PM PST at the Home of Jodie Evans, 757 Palms Blvd., Venice, CA 90291

I still clearly remember the day that I was summoned home by my oldest son Kristofer to find the Navy officers and chaplain waiting inside my home to tell me the most painful and agonizing words I would ever hear, “We are sorry to inform you that your son Marc Alan Lee was killed in action.”

marc alan leeMarc Alan Lee

August 2nd, 2006 forever changed my life. I don’t breathe the same, I don’t think the same, I don’t act the same, I don’t live the same. Everything I do since that day is much deeper and with greater passion. I cherish every moment that I breath, every person in my life, every hug and the precious gift of life. Since that day I have dedicated my life to honoring and supporting our troops, their families and especially the families of the fallen.

I have always been a patriot and understood that our men and women serving have paid for my freedoms but since the day Marc willingly sacrificed his life, I understand in a much deeper way the cost and sacrifice that our brave warriors and their families make. “Freedom isn’t free” is a reality not just a patriotic slogan.

It’s hard to believe that we have just passed the four year anniversary of Marc’s death. I have dedicated the last four years to telling Marc’s heroic story, standing for our troops, thanking them, and fighting across this nation to make sure they have the funding, benefits, health care, respect, and support they need. This is more than a full-time endeavor for me. These are our heroes who are willing to give up their lives if need be to defend this country and fight for our freedoms.

Numerous times over the past four years I have confronted the antics of Jodie Evans and her anti-war Code Pink cronies. We’ve all seen the nightly news with them being arrested time and time again throwing their leftist temper tantrums with their pink boa feathers wrapped around their necks as they kick and scream like a two-year-old throwing a tantrum to get attention. They have sent over $600,000.00 to the terrorists in Fallujah, or as they called them, “freedom fighting” heroes. You would think treasonous acts like this would have them locked in jail. Over and over they have attacked our military recruiting offices causing thousands of dollars of damage to the offices and threatening the recruiters.

In 2008 they barricaded the recruiting office in Berkeley with the blessing of the Berkeley City Council. We at Move America Forward had all we could stomach when we heard them tell the Marines they were unwelcome, unwanted intruders, not in Iraq or Afghanistan but on American soil in Berkeley, California. Americans from across the nation joined us in Berkeley to counter-protest these anti-war hippies. Numerous times they told me they support the troops but not the war, yet over and over when I asked if they had sent care packages, phone cards, written letters, or helped the families left behind in anyway, they conveniently couldn’t remember anything they had done. Yet they had a successful fundraiser to send $600,000.00 to our enemies in Iraq?  Yet Jodie Evans and her Code Pink degenerates taunted me and made light of my son’s sacrifice telling me, “Your son deserved to die in Iraq if he was stupid enough to go over there.”  It took every ounce of reserve in my body to not level these idiots to the ground. These same people who call terrorists “freedom fighters” says that my son, who gave up his life for their freedoms, deserved death.

Now Jodie Evans is at her fundraising efforts again, this time to support Jerry Brown for Governor of California. California is at the top of the list for military bases and boasts one of the largest populations of Veterans, yet Jerry Brown a past governor of the state and candidate for the office again, is willing to take thousands of dollars from one of the largest anti-war groups in America.  What a slap in the face to all of our brave warriors who have fought and sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

My son Marc is buried in Fort Rosecrans in San Diego along with a multitude of Vets who honorably served and gave their last breathe defending the shores of America. Their headstones are a testament to the sacrifices they have made as they gave the greatest gift they could, their life, so others could live and live free. Jerry Brown is dishonoring and disrespecting each of our fallen heroes by accepting money from a terrorist supporting lunatic! Jodie Evans has deeply insulted and offended me and so many other Gold Star families too many times.

Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin disrupt Palin speech

Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin disrupt Palin speech

From Muckety:

Jodie Evans

Jodie Evans lives and/or works in

Venice, CA.

Jodie Evans current relationships:

Codepink – co-founder

Drug Policy Alliance – director

Rainforest Action Network – director

Jodie Evans past relationships:

2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign – fundraiser

Muckety map information sources include:

Chicago Sun-Times

Muckety draws information from thousands of sources. For a list of primary government and news sites, see ourSources page.

Jodie Evans campaign contributions:

(Donations of $3,000 or more during 2007-2008 cycle)

Obama Victory Fund – $7,250 on 7/30/2008

Jodie Evans gave the maximum donation to the following political campaigns:

Obama for America in 2008

Jodie Evans connections, once removed:

Jodie Evans is connected to …

Medea Benjamin >> through Codepink   >> Map it!

Christine V. Downton >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

James E. Ferguson II >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

Jason Flom >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

Ira Glasser >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

James D. Golin >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

Carl Hart >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

Kenneth Hertz >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

Mathilde Krim >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

David D. Lewis >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

Pamela Lichty >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

Ethan Nadelmann >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

Robert G. Newman >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

George Soros >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

John Vasconcellos >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

Richard B. Wolf >> through Drug Policy Alliance   >> Map it!

Note: This may be a partial list. Click on the map above to explore more connections.


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