Texas – Houston – Deer Park – illegal aliens, Pedro Corporan Cedano from the Dominican Republic, forced 9 women into prostitution to pay off their smuggling fees.

But they ALL come to work and do the jobs that Americans won’t do.

Thats why 33% of the jails are housing ILLEGAL ALIENS from all over the world

The criminal propaganda by our Politburo  is amazingly seditious and, really treasonous.

These people put us in harms way and they KNOW it.

Their communist ideas about world peace and harmony are KILLING US.  Literally!

The corruption and FRAUD perpetrated against the people is CRIMINAL.  The fraud committed by this government and the Fourteenth amendment LIE that this this amendment gives illegals the RIGHT to be here needs to be, no only straightened out but the people who have perpetrated this fraud need to be held culpable.   This “MISINTERPRETATION” is also the reason why illegal aliens are counted in the census.  Our census then goes on to draw lines and boundaries on the measure of that census.  This is also known as “REDISTRICTING.”  When illegals get counted, those boundaries are drawn to provided the people in those district a weight of their “elected” officials.  So, the congressmen of those districts have more weight in the “representation” of the people that they represent.  So, their VOTE in Congress is heavier than others as a result.  The districts gain congressmen by virtue of the amount of people in those districts.  The LEGAL Citizen of the US has their VOTE diluted as a result.  This should be CRIMINALLY prosecuted. That is the current LEGAL voter fraud.

Janet Napolitano is a criminal

Meanwhile the illegals commit crimes that are, at least, as bad as this.


2 face sex-trafficking charges:

Two Houston-area people were arrested on charges involving sex trafficking, and nine women forced into prostitution were taken into federal custody, officials said on Thursday.

Pedro Corporan Cedano of Deer Park was charged with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, federal officials said. A criminal complaint accuses the 38-year-old of using apartments in Houston and Pasadena to promote and provide commercial sex.

The complaint said the women were in the country illegally, some paying off smuggling fees through prostitution. Cedano is an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic, officials said.

Carmen Angeles was charged with harboring illegal immigrants. The 33-year-old was arrested at an apartment on Goodson in Houston, one of the apartments used for sex trafficking, officials said. Angeles is a native of the Dominican Republic and a naturalized U.S. citizen.



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