Maryland – Ramadan comes to Maryland – Muslims slaughter animals in garages and homes. Sick (outlawed) rituals in metropolitan areas. This can’t be sanitary. Yuck! Your apartments are not slaughterhouses. Where is the department of Health and human services? FDA? Anyone?

This is insane.

Ritual slaughter has been outlawed and now it’s back?

This is going to create diseases in those areas.  Mark my words.

I have lived on a ranch for a few years.  I know what death looks like up close.  It DOESN’T “clean up nice”.

Aside from being unsanitary, it’s insane.  We don’t have any reason to slaughter animals in this way.  If we were living on ranches, then yes or in the country where houses are extremely spread out, then yes.  But this is INSANE.

Our government is YET again putting us at risk for major and catastrophic illnesses.  These children will be going to school.  They will be in contact with the rest of the population.  This is something that the FDA and other HEALTH organizations have a foothold in and they do NOTHING?  This UNCONSTITUTIONAL government has done everything against the population and now THIS?

These people are VAMPIRES.  They come out only at night to eat and frolic, just like the vampires in old boogy tales.  Monsters!

Where is the Main stream Media to expose this sickness?  To warn people of the neighbors that these people are the ones who will be bringing disease and infestations?  The political correctness about this subject is going to endanger our health and welfare.  The politically correct LIES are going to HURT us.  These government officials that turn a blind eye are acting in a way that cause harm to the people that they have sworn to protect.  That is Treason.  By physically NOT doing something is actually DOING something.  IT’S ALLOWING this to continue and puts us in harms way.  This government has become treasonous.  It’s treachery will be engraved forever in history.

Whats next?  Open decree of acceptance of FMG in the home? It’s a practice that they have done for a millennia.

What about honor killings?  They can do them in a HUMANE manor?  !!!!

It’s OK. ……. NOT!


What century is this?

Business caters to Muslim immigrants seeking to fulfill ritual animal sacrifices

In a barn in Mount Airy, Ali Manguera pinned a 69-pound goat to the concrete floor, pointed the animal’s head toward Mecca — some 7,000 miles east of this rural Maryland farm — and slit its throat in a single, expert motion.

Francisco Ortega, a farm manager at Wagon Wheel Ranch in Mount Airy, Md., wrangles a goat into the ranch's custom slaughter facility.

Manguera knows this process well. Following a centuries-old tradition, he has been slaughtering his own animals for Muslim holidays since his childhood in Somalia.

But like thousands of Muslim immigrants in the Washington area, Manguera has been forced to adapt old practices to a new land — a country where state and federal regulations, as well as cultural barriers, complicate the booming business of ritual animal sacrifice and slaughter.

As Ramadan approached last week, Muslim immigrants preparing for their pre-holiday feast sacrificed goats in halal slaughterhouses — those that conform to Islamic law — family farms and their garages.

In Mount Airy, Manguera removed the skin and intestines from the animal, draining the entrails into a yellow bucket. The process is slow and deliberate, requiring precision and spurts of brute force. An extra pair of hands would have helped, but farmer Brian Schiner and his managers looked on, unable to assist Manguera.

If any of the farm’s employees had so much as touched the goat, they might have been in violation of the federal Meat Inspection Act. In the “on-farm slaughter” business, the law requires that customers buy the animal alive and kill it without help from the farmer.

“This could be so much easier,” Schiner said. “But we don’t want to break the law.”

This budding sub-sector of the meat industry caters to Muslims who want to follow their faith’s rules — to be certain that the animal has been slaughtered humanely with a knife to the throat, that the animal is pointed toward Mecca and that it dies as the slaughterer recites a prayer.

Since the 1980s, the number of goats slaughtered for their meat has more than quintupled, according to the U.S. Agriculture Department. Many of those goats are killed not in mass slaughterhouses but in quiet ceremonies on farms and in back yards.

The goats on Wagon Wheel Ranch in Mount Airy, Md., are kept in a holding area before being slaughtered. The farm has tapped into the booming ethnic slaughter industry.

It’s a niche market that Schiner discovered accidentally. Not long after Schiner opened Wagon Wheel Ranch in 2004, a man called him to purchase a goat. “Do you mind if I kill the animal myself?” he asked Schiner, a self-proclaimed “Maryland boy” who has a tattoo of the state flag on his left shoulder.

“I wasn’t expecting that request,” Schiner recalled. “But sure, I thought, why not?” As Schiner nervously averted his eyes from that first killing, the ranch’s do-it-yourself slaughter business was born.

Since then, Schiner has become something of an expert on religious and ethnic slaughter rituals, adapting his business to serve a foreign-born clientele. He watched Ghanaians light lambs on fire after killing them and then bought a flamethrower for his farm.

After seeing some customers saving goats’ livers and heads, he started to supply plastic bags.

And after observing an elderly Greek man cut a hole in a goat’s leg and breathe air into the carcass to separate the skin from the meat, Schiner equipped his farm with an air hose.

During Eid al-Adha, the annual Festival of the Sacrifice, the line at Schiner’s farm stretches several hours long, including Muslims from four continents. Muslims slaughter animals at that time to recall the trial that Ibrahim faced when God commanded that he kill his son as a sacrifice.

Other farms have shied away from such rituals. “Some farmers have no interest in catering to people who don’t look like them,” said Susan Schoenian, a sheep and goat specialist at the Western Maryland Research and Education Center.

Three years ago, when Sandra Miller, who sells goat at D.C. farmers markets, advertised her on-farm slaughter services in Carlisle, Pa., she was approached by men from a nearby American Legion post. “You’re a terrorist,” she recalled them saying. “Why are you catering to those damn Muslims?”

Goat slaughter, she learned, has become an unlikely subject of a post-Sept. 11 culture clash. Miller has scaled down her on-farm slaughter operations.

Schiner, by contrast, renovated a corner of his barn for ritual slaughter, with a drain for the animals’ blood. On the wall, he hung a poster with instructions on the process. But sometimes, when inexperienced slaughterers show up, printed instructions are insufficient.

“Sometimes people show up who have no idea what they’re doing,” Schiner said. “They usually wait for someone with experience.” Occasionally, they try to muscle through the slaughter themselves, as Schiner looks on, pained.

Bathtub butchery

To avoid the messy nature of on-farm slaughter, many customers take home live animals and slaughter them in residential bathtubs and garages. “We hold the animal on the garage floor and make sure the blood goes into the drain or the bushes,” said Waqar Farhat, who grew up slaughtering animals in the hallway of his home in Pakistan.

Some of Farhat’s friends slaughter goats in their showers. “But they clean up very well afterwards,” he said.

Still, when non-Muslim neighbors discover these makeshift slaughterhouses in their midst, reactions can be sharp. In Prince William County a few years ago, when residents reported that ritual slaughter attracted a flock of vultures to their Haymarket neighborhood, authorities cracked down on the practice.

Customers slaughter their own animals in part to be certain that the killing follows Islamic law. “If we don’t do the sacrifice ourselves, how do we know the meat is really halal?” Farhat said. He used to sacrifice animals at a slaughterhouse in Prince William before discovering that the owners slaughtered pigs with the same equipment — a fundamental infraction of Islamic law, which prohibits eating pork.

After several cases involving mislabeled halal goods, Virginia is considering legislation that would make selling halal knockoffs a misdemeanor punishable by fines

This year, Farhat went to Lambco, a new slaughterhouse in New Windsor, Md., that caters largely to Muslims. He picked out a white boar goat from Lambco’s pen. Slaughterhouse owner Joe Cavanaugh handed him a knife. Then Lambco assistant Frankie Williams carried the squirming goat inside, and Farhat pinned it under his knee in the pristine, almost clinical, room.

“Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar,” he whispered, the words of the Takbir prayer. “Allah is the greatest.”

Modern but traditional

Butchers with butcher knives participate in religious rituals before slaughtering the buffalos: 'World's biggest animal sacrifice' held in Nepal

In the booming ethnic slaughter industry, Lambco is a place where modern and traditional meet. Upscale retailers from Washington use the facility to slaughter lambs and goats using a Western technique: stunning animals with a captive bolt gun before they’re slaughtered.

But when the retailers leave, Lambco becomes the stage for sacrifice and slaughter rituals from around the world — practices the federal government exempted from the Humane Slaughter Act in 1958 at the request of immigrants.

“As long as it’s humane, we allow the customer to do whatever their tradition and religion dictate,” Cavanaugh said, bending down to pick up a piece of goat intestine. “We just clean up afterwards.”

After the goat was slaughtered and butchered, Farhat’s son, Ali, 14, carried the meat to the family’s minivan.

“It’s been a good day,” Syed Farhat said, walking away from the slaughterhouse. “We know for sure that this meat is halal. We know that this was done right.”


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    Maryland – Ramadan comes to Maryland – Muslims slaughter animals in garages and homes. Sick (outlawed) rituals in metropolitan areas. This can’t be sanitary. Yuck! Your apartments are not slaughterhouses. Where is the department of He…

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