Ground Zero Mosque – Pelosi calls for investigation…… OF the OPPONENTS-

yes, thats right OPPONENTS. She isn’t calling for the investigation of the benefactors of this ICON to ISLAM, but of the OPPONENTS

Local?  Did she say local?  When was ANYTHING a LOCAL matter to her?

She has tried to push her agenda EVERYWHERE.

Why is she out from her crypt anyway?  Go back.  Ramadan is not over yet.

Anyone that she doesn’t agree with needs to be investigated.  Stupid Succubus!

The American people, who are funding this have lost all liberties and rights, but the blessed Muslims should be afforded rights above and beyond ours.

Maybe it’s Nancy Pelosi that should be investigated directly after the birth certificate of our POSER in Chief.

The Media, the fourth estate, has not done ANY investigating.  And if they have, their silence says that they have found nothing to investigate from the opponents.  They are in the pocket of Saudi money, which is what is funding this.  They have more at stake than just money.  They have politics at stake.  Those media outlets, they are located in the ME and those contracts were signed with the laws of the ME.  What will happen if they write something bad?  They are, in fact under sharia laws over there.

Some have already been jailed and tortured and killed.

Here is the most recent:NOKIA—Jailed Iranian Journalist Takes Nokia to Court – for selling technology to Iran that is used to aid censorship and repression

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ground Zero Mosque Pelosi – calls for investig…, posted with vodpod

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