Texas – Austin and Round Rock – John Carter Town Hall – 7 pm


I went.

I sat.

There were about 250 people.  This is my eyeball guesstimate.

Most were consumed with the economy: Obamacare being shoved down our throats, and taxes that are going to choke the rest of us.  A few were concerned about the usurpation of the Constitution.  One vet was very eloquent in his comments.

I had my camera, but the event was over 2 hours.  I ran out of memory about 1/2 way through.  I need a much bigger memory stick.

This is the first one I have been to that was organized this nicely.  I have been to 2 others and they were not as orderly.

Overall, it was a good talk.

I am not a public speaker, so it took some nerve to get up the courage to go up and try to say something.  Unfortunately, by the time I did, and waited in line, I was not able to, because the event had gone well over the time.

By the time I left it was just after 9pm and I had to run home to my daughter.  She was not happy about mommy being out so late.

Next time, I will garner up the courage much sooner.  I will have a small speech prepared, so that it may be easier to being, at least.

If you are anywhere near ROUND ROCK, then you can’t miss it.

The Church is a bit of a pain to find.

Get off at Hester’s Crossing and go down to the light, on the frontage road, to McNeil.  Make a left and it will come up a few blocks down on the right.

Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) says the Pentagon's document avoids discussing Islamic terrorism.

** Join me at an America Speaking Out townhall in Round Rock on Tuesday, Aug. 17 **

While Americans have been speaking out, even yelling out, Washington has simply refused to listen.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her majority have pursued a totally partisan agenda by completely ignoring not just the alternatives we have offered on every issue, but also the concerns of the American people. America is ready for a new agenda in Washington, and the nation deserves a Congress that acts to implement the will of the people instead of the dictates of the inside-the-beltway crowd.

We launched America Speaking Out to offer the nation a new set of policy solutions, but rather than handing an agenda down from Washington, we have included the American people in building it.

And here’s another chance for you to speak out and help shape decisions in Washington. Join me at an America Speaking Out townhall on Tuesday, Aug. 17.

WHO: Rep. John Carter and constituents
WHAT: Townhall
WHEN: Tuesday, Aug. 17, 7 p.m.
WHERE: St. Barnabus Church, 1150 McNeil Rd, Round Rock, TX 78681
WHY: To hear what you have to say

Thanks, and God bless.


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