Death Threats- Comment from “John Stapleton” is considered by me a death threat.

John Stapleton says:

August 14, 2010 at 12:08 am (Edit)

Every conservative — and especially every birther who has called for a military coup in America should be PUT TO DEATH. I hate every one of you and I will dedicate my life to destroying you. I PRAY FOR CIVIL BECAUSE I WISH TO LEGALLY BLOW YOUR FUCKING HEADS OFF.




I am a “BIRTHER”

Are you threatening me?

I am not calling for a coup.  I believe that there has already been a coup.

Look around.  This government is against the will of the people at every turn.  The government has gone above and beyond shreading EVERYTHING in the Constitution and they have set ablaze the Bill of Rights.

A coup?

The coup has already happened.

You are a Communist.  So, is POTUS.  He wasn’t born here, but that’s not what makes him a Communist.  The Communist was in him and was bread in to him by the very nature of his birth.  He is scared of Women and he will never be a MAN, thats why he clings to the MUSLIM in him.  They have much in common.  Muslim men are generally dis-joined(unnaturally) from their moms and that is a culture that comes from the UN holy Q’RAN.  Obama was abandoned time and again by his mom.  Because she was “white” the good Muslim men used her like a whore.  He, innately, believes this to be true.  Since he hates his mom, he has to choose the MEN that were right for using her like a whore.  I wonder if HE was not the instrument in her death?  Or maybe he just wished her dead.  He got his wish.  Didn’t he?  Did she really have the cancer?  Look at the Lockerbie bomber…. We were told he had cancer too.

Yes.  I’m a birther.



2 Responses to Death Threats- Comment from “John Stapleton” is considered by me a death threat.

  1. Debbie says:

    I know this will show some of my “political ignorance” ,but who is john stapleton and this POTUS and where are they in this whole mess??

  2. txlady706 says:

    John Stapleton is a news reporter, but this guy may not be him. I can’t say that thats him. Not to mention, the person who posted may have lied about his name. Anyway, I have the IP and I’m sure it’s not a real threat, but he wasn’t only making to me but any conservative.
    POTUS is an acronym – President Of The US.

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