Ground zero mosque to be the First of MANY – Tennessee residents PLEAD for the Murfreesboro Mosque project to be halted.

Here is another example of MUSLIMS stealing land in the NAME of SHARIA

Sharia should be ILLEGAL

It is a form of Government.

Sharia establishment will negate the CONSTITUTIONAL rights of ALL AMERICAN citizens

If  Muslims everywhere were for the most part peaceful, life LOVING people, then there would be no need to have organization like

and Rifqa would be a MYTH.

Residents demand construction on Mosque be halted:

By: CHRISTIAN GRANTHAM, Post Contributor
Posted: Friday, August 13, 2010 9:56 am
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Several county residents spoke at Thursday night’s monthly Rutherford County Commission meeting in opposition to a proposed Islamic Center on Veals Road.Most demanded construction be halted and stopped short of demanding the buried body of a Muslim on their property be exhumed.

The 52,000-square foot Islamic Center of Murfreesboro was approved earlier this year by the Regional Planning Commission under a new state law that allows religious institutions to build whatever they want in residential neighborhoods as a “use of right.”

Residents who spoke want the county commission to reconsider their approval claiming Islam is not a religion and expressing fear that Islamic Sharia law will be imposed on Murfreesboro citizens.

“Look at the history of Islam,” Darrel Whaley told those gathered at the Historic Courthouse. “Look at the statements that it’s making in all the countries where it rules and reigns and that is the intent right here in Rutherford County in the United States of America.”

Like many residents who spoke, Whaley embraced tolerance as he asked the commission to reject the expansion plans of Murfreesboro’s Muslim community.

“If you do a little listening to the news about England, Germany and France to see where they have allowed Sharia law to take over, they are suffering for it now and they will have a difficult time getting those people out,” Foy Smith warned the audience.

“They want power,” Smith added. “That’s what Islam is about. They want power over you.”

Some residents worried whether Murfreesboro Muslims were involved enough in the community.

“Since Muslim have been in this community so they say since 1982, I’d like to know which service clubs they belonged to and what local charities they’ve supported and how many Memorial Day services they’ve attended,” said Pete Doughtie, publisher of The Reader, a news weekly that was removed from local Kroger stores for alleged hate speech.

“The problem is Sharia law,” Doughtie said. “With Sharia law comes demands on non-Muslim communities and our way of life that has to conform to theirs or we become bigots and racist.”

One resident threatened legal action against each individual commissioner if they didn’t investigate the Muslim community’s ties to terrorism before approving their expansion plans.

“Any failure to engage in such action will result in a lawsuit against the county and you as county commissioners individually without immunity and with attorneys fees payable by you to the prevailing plaintiffs in such suit under federal law 28 U.S.C. section 1988,”  Laurie Cardoza-Moore said.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore

Laurie Cardoza-Moore

Community anger follows the county’s May approval under the Tennessee Religious Freedom Act of site plans for a Mosque to be built in a residential area off Veals Rd.

The new state law goes above and beyond a similar federal law enacted in 2000 by forcing local governments to provide “clear and convincing evidence” of the government’s interest when denying building plans of religious institutions in residential neighborhoods.

Kevin Fisher, a concerned resident who appeared before the Public Works committee last week seeking answers to four questions residents have about the approval process, demanded approved construction be halted.

“We asked and we will continue to ask that any and all future work on this mosque be halted until proper environmental studies, water quality studies and traffic studies can be fully analyzed and discussed.”

Fisher and others also expressed anger over the burial of a body on the property claiming it was not properly approved and poses health concerns, stopping short of demanding the body be exhumed.

“Today, the burial site does not appear to be located at the correct setback on the boundary line to the adjoining property,” said Elizabeth Coker. “I urge you to evaluate and rectify this situation by the only course of action that is logical.”

At least one resident claimed Islam is un-American and that the Devil is tricking people in Murfreesboro.

“Some say the greatest trick the Devil ever played on mankind was convincing people that he didn’t exist,” said James Estes. “If that’s the case, I’d say his second greatest trick is convincing people that the God of Islam is the God of Christianity.

“This agenda of Islam is in direct conflict with American values,” Estes added. “You cannot believe and obey a great deal of these verses and still embrace American values, specifically the freedom of religion.”

Long time resident Sally Jones Wall told commissioners she thinks the whole thing is a conspiracy.

“I know conspiracy is a funny dirty word, but I mean that’s how it looks to the community,” said Wall. “Now I don’t know what y’all did and what y’all thought you were doing, but it happened too quick.”

The only action taken by the commission was to ask the county attorney whether or not residents can sue commissioners individually.

The commission also deferred back to a steering committee a proposal to remove all religious institutions from “use of right” zoning protections. The move drew sharp criticism from outgoing Commissioner Anthony Johnson.

“I would hate to see this ‘use of right’ to be completely taken out without any thought other than we got a lot of people complaining about,” said Johnson. “And right now that’s what we have. Man up, woman up, and do what’s right. But keep protection in here for all of us.”

Residents will receive answers to four submitted questions on the approval process at the Public Works Committee meeting in September. No other official action has been taken to stop the approved construction of the Islamic Center.


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