New York – Republican candidate for Congress Randy Altschuler comes out regarding Mosque at Ground Zero

As more and more Republicans come forward in Opposition to this travesty, then maybe people will stop the PC silencing.

To talk about POLITICS should not be TABOO.  To talk about Religion should not be TABOO.  The propaganda that makes these things taboo has been advertised through the last century by people who want to silence others.  It’s a tool.

I hope that people will begin to TALK more.  Talking is COMMUNICATING.  Not talking is the problem.  Because when people STOP talking, they don’t just STOP.  They DO.  They do horrible things.

Please, consider seriously the implications of Sharia in the US.  To understand this, one needs to get an education in Islam.  The best education is to read or listen to historical accounts of Mohamed.  The reason that that is the best education is because he is what Muslims aspire to.  His life is what is to be emulated.  Please, research this.

If you are appalled at this then read about the flight 93 Mosque:

Ground zero Mosque is the second mosque thats been proposed. The first is the fight 93 mosque.


Posted on July 30, 2010 by Emil Everett

Altschuler Launches Video and Petition Drive Against Plan

Randy Altschuler, the conservative Republican candidate for Congress (NY-1), today released a 60 second Internet video calling on New York City to reject plans to erect a mosque and Islamic center a few hundred feet from Ground Zero. In the video, entitled Travesty and produced by Cold Harbor Films, Altschuler personally calls on New Yorkers to “stop this travesty and stand-up for the memory of the victims of September 11th.” In conjunction with the video, the Altschuler campaign will be circulating a petition calling on New York City officials to block construction of the Mosque and Islamic center at the current site.

The video, its script and the petition may be found below.

Radio Ad :60

Our country is the most religiously tolerant nation on earth.

From the beginning we have welcomed all faiths to our shores. We cherish freedom of religion.

But this isn’t a question about religious tolerance.

On September 11 our nation was viciously attacked by radical Islamic extremists. More than three thousand innocent people lost their lives.

Now less than nine years after the worst terrorist attack in American history, a radical imam wants to build a 13 story 100 million dollar super mosque and Islamic center 600 feet from Ground Zero.

Families of the victims of 9/11 are stunned. These families consider Ground Zero sacred ground.

Try to imagine the American outrage if the Japanese government sought to erect a shrine to its World War II Emperor in Pearl Harbor in 1950. It would never have happened and it would never have been right.

Now we face a similar situation.

With hundreds of mosques across this country the Imam has decided one should be built within yards of Ground Zero.

The radical Islamists understand symbolism. This mosque sends the wrong message to the terrorists and does dishonor to the fallen.

It’s time to stop this travesty and to stand up for the memory of the victims of September 11.

This Imam must be stopped.

Please go to and sign a petition saying no to this Mosque overlooking Ground Zero.

I’m Randy Altschuler, candidate for Congress, and I approved this message.

For more information on Randy Altschuler and his campaign, please

Petition from ACT to stop the Ground Zero Mosque – 9/11 mosque at the Twin Towers site


7 Responses to New York – Republican candidate for Congress Randy Altschuler comes out regarding Mosque at Ground Zero

  1. I believe everything Randy said is true, but that the mosque affects all of america not just New York. I watched the towers fall I will never forget that day I cried for the people.I have already called the NY Governor and the NY major about this. I want to sign the petition to stop this. There is no peaceful MUSLIM the Koran doesn’t teach peace. America wake up.

  2. lynneshay says:

    I wish to state my disagreement about the mosque being built in this location How sad it ths that the idea is taking away the many lives that were taken that day. I know there must be a location more suitable and satisfactory to all. Please reconsider

  3. txlady706 says:

    It’s very sad!

  4. i think its outrages that anyone would think that its o k to put anything there that is not for the people that died there wake up people thay want us deed .

    • txlady706 says:

      You are completely correct and justified in feeling that way.
      America has forgotten to WHOM she OWES justice.
      It’s time to begin reminding them to who they answer and the Document the STILL secures our LIBERTY.

  5. iphone 4 refurbished…

    […]New York – Republican candidate for Congress Randy Altschuler comes out regarding Mosque at Ground Zero « Politics, Religion, and Family[…]…

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