MALAYSIA – Although women are usually the victims of acid attacks, men are not immune. Islam is the cause of these attacks each and every time, regardless of gender ISLAM is the CAUSE

Men are usually not featured as being victims.  It’s OK for women, but not for men.  Men are usually not characterized as victims in the ME or in Third world countries.

Acid attack disfigured my husband:

Sun, Aug 08, 2010
New Straits Times

THE year was 1957. At that time, many convicts were exiled under restricted residence to Grik, Perak and one of the police officers in charge of them was Mohd Mokhtar Nulop. The detainees formed secret societies and this information got out to the police. Mokhtar was one of those assigned to investigate. Little did anyone know that Mokhtar would soon face repercussions.

Mokhtar, then 30, lived in the police barracks with his wife, Jariah Abdullah Sani, and his three children who were then between the ages of 2 and 4.

While he walking to the mosque after breaking fast with his family, he was accosted by six people, including a woman. A man sprang forward and splashed acid on him. It hit the right side of his face and his right shoulder.

Dina El-Gowhary with father Maher El-Gowhary

Dina El-Gowhary with father Maher El-Gowhary

Mokhtar crumpled to the ground in pain and crawled to a nearby police station. He fainted at the entrance of the station. His colleagues rushed him to the hospital.

“I was alone at home packing our clothes to balik kampung for Hari Raya. Some policemen from the station came to the house to tell me what happened. I dropped everything and left for Grik Hospital,” said his wife.

Jariah, now 73, said when she reached the hospital, Mokhtar was all bandaged up.

Despite the pain, he still managed to reassure her and told her not to worry. He also identified the culprits and they were arrested that very night.

From Grik Hospital, he was transferred to the Kuala Kangsar Hospital where he stayed for a week.

“The first time I saw his face without the bandages, it was terrible. The skin looked raw,” said Jariah.

Mokhtar was then transferred to Ipoh Hospital where he stayed a month.

“The police force wanted him to retire then, but he still wanted to work. He went back to work in the photography unit of the police force.”

Their daughter Hasni, who was then 3 years old, remembered how scared she was when she saw her father’s face.

“It was heavily scarred. He was also embarrassed to return to work like that, especially since he was a very handsome man before that,” she said.

A court artist's impression of, from left, Mohammed Vakas,  Mohammed Adeel and a 17-year-old defendant who cannot be identified,  appearing at the Old Bailey

A court artist's impression of, from left, Mohammed Vakas, Mohammed Adeel and a 17-year-old defendant who cannot be identified, appearing at the Old Bailey

After a year back, the government sent Mokhtar to Singapore for plastic surgery. The damage the acid did was considerable.

“The plastic surgery was gruelling. They took the skin from his thigh to place on his cheek and the skin from his scalp for his right shoulder. They took some skin from his ear to place on his lip as well. He also got an artificial eye for his right eye socket,” said Jariah.

Mokhtar was in Singapore for a month. After the surgery, he returned to work and continued to serve in the police force until he retired as a sub-inspector in 1982.

In 1996, the man who splashed acid on Mokhtar was released from prison.

“He was afraid the man might take revenge and remained on alert until his death,” said Hasni.

Mokhtar died of stomach cancer at the age of 81 on Dec 9, 2008.

“Even though this painful incident happened to him, he never regretted joining the police force and serving the nation. In fact, he encouraged all of us to join the police force.”



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