Brigitte Gabriel – Islam In America – Part 5 of 6 (video) – Texas A&M and RICE University are receiving money from Saudi Arabia. And so are ALL the IVY league schools and most state schools, to include some community colleges.

Brigitte Gabriel reads off a list that should bring shivers to your spine. Why is it that our government has accepted these monies and allowed for this type of treason to take place. Yes. This is TREASON. There is no amount of rhetoric that the liberals can offer to me that would allow for any other conclusion.

20 mil to U. Arkansas

5 mil to Berkly – from 2 sheiks directly linked to Al Qaeda

22.5 mil to Harvard

28.1 mil to Georgetown

11 mil to Cornell

5 mil MIT

1.5 mil to Texas A&M

1 mil to Princeton

5 mil to Rutgers – chair endowments

5 mil to Colombia – for chair endowments – tried to conceal this information (the source of the funds)

UC Santa Barbra

John Hopkins U

Rice U

American U

U of Chicago



Duke U

Syracuse U

Howard U

many, many more

U of Idaho

Washington State U

Ohio State U

Arizona State U

U of Michigan at Ann Arbor

UC Los Angeles

UC Irvine

UC Berkley

U of South Florida

U of Connecticut

The Muslim Student Association is BIGGER than either the Republican or Democrat lobbies on Campus. They are bigger than BOTH parties Representatives on Campus’ COMBINED The Main Stream media WILL NOT TALK about this due to the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS lies that are disseminated to the Liberal sheep. They talk about hurt feelings. What about the hurt feelings associated with stifling free speech?Apathy and Silence are the killers of Freedom and LIBERTYWe need to throw away the titles that dis joint us. The things that separate us. We are AmericansFreedom of speech is necessary to securing LIBERTYTruth and Passion.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Brigitte Gabriel – Islam In America – Part 5 of 6, posted with vodpod

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