California – Proposition 8 overturned even though 52% of the people voted FOR it.

Marriage is defined by RELIGION.

What right does the government have to regulated RELIGION?

The homosexuals have the “civil unions” and the signing of the papers that would give them the same legal rights.  “Marriage” is defined by ones religion.  Why is the federal government intruding in to two private aspects of peoples lives: sex and marriage?

This judge is GAY.  He has an agenda.  He’s made that perfectly clear.

I don’t believe that the government has Constitutional authority to regulate marriage, because that, by proxy, is the government regulating an aspect of ones religion.

California gay marriage ban, Proposition 8, overturned in federal court, unconstitutional (video):

August 4, 6:31 PMUS Headlines ExaminerCharisse Van Horn

Same-sex couple Stuart Gaffney (L) and John Lewis wait to hear the ruling on Prop 8.

Same-sex couple Stuart Gaffney (L) and John Lewis wait to hear the ruling on Prop 8.

A federal judge overturned a California gay marriage ban, known as Proposition 8, today. Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker delivered the ruling amongst a crowd of same-sex couples anxiously awaiting the announcement. Proposition 8 defined marriages as between one male and one female.
Judge Walker found Proposition 8 unconstitutional and though the news is seen as a victory, gay marriages cannot resume as the order is under appeal.
There is a great likelihood the matter will be heard before the Supreme Court. The next step is for the appeal to go before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of appeals. The parties from both sides were ordered to submit their written arguments for their appeals by August 6, 2010.
CNN spoke with Executive Director for Equality California Geoff Kors after the ruling was announced. He said, “We are thrilled with today’s ruling, which affirms that the protections enshrined in our U.S. Constitution apply to all Americans and that our dream of equality and freedom deserves protection.”
President of the National Organization for Marriage Brian Brown said to CNN after the ruling, “Big surprise! We expected nothing different from Judge Vaughn Walker, after the biased way he conducted this trial. With a stroke of his pen, Judge Walker has overruled the votes and values of 7 million Californians who voted for marriage as one man and one woman.”

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Impact of Prop 8 ruling, posted with vodpod

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