Arizona – Joe Arapaio – $1 million bounty for the killing of the Sheriff is set by a Mexican cartel.

This only alludes to the fact that the drug cartels have become weak.

They are offering bounties?  And “advances”?

It used to be that you were cherry picked and if you wanted to be a bad ass, then you would seek out these bad boys and offer your services.  Now they have to offer “incentives?” Hah!  Arapaio is probably laughing out loud.  This only says that they have lost their footing.  What ever Arizona is doing


*where’s the main stream media to break this one?  Wiki leaks is reported and this is ignored.  The media is not competent

Mexican Cartel Put Million Dollar Bounty On Arizona Sheriff [Video]:

By Tffhthewriter August 2, 2010, 11:22am

The infamous Mexican Cartel is gaining national attention, not for the massive drug war going on in Mexico, but for the million dollar bounty that they have put out on an Arizona Sheriff.

According to published reports, Mexican Cartel members sent out mass text to let people know that they are offering $1 million dollars for the murder of Arizona Sheriff Arapayo.The message, which is written in Spanish, is said to have originated in Mexico and urges recipients to keep passing it along.

Reports also state that in addition to the bounty, the cartel is offering $1,000 to anyone who wants to become a member of the deadly organization.

Police became aware of the text after a good samaritan, who wishes to remain anonymous, was shown the text by his girlfriend.

“My girlfriend showed me the text,” the man said in an interview with Phoenix’s Fox 10 News. “I was so disgusted that I called the sheriff’s office and filed a complaint.”

According to the sheriff secretary, Sheriff Arapaio receives death threats daily, but this one appears to be more credible due to Arapayo’s stance on the immigration law and the million dollar bounty.

“The FBI is paying attention and aware of it,” Secretary Lisa Allen said. “Arapaio gets threats pretty routinely, but with his role in the immigration law and the million dollar bounty, we are being a little more careful.”

As of press time, authorities have not found the origin of the text but urge the public not to forward it on.

Check out the video:

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Mexican Cartel Put Million Dollar Bounty On Ari…, posted with vodpod

Mexican drug cartel offers $1M bounty to Assassinate Sheriff Arpaio:

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Mexican drug cartel offers $1M bounty to Assassinate Sheriff Arpaio? I wonder if this drug cartel is working for Obama, Holder or Napolitano? It goes to show you who’s side the President and his thugs underneath him are really on. They are UNITED with Mexican drug cartels in a war against ONE SHERIFF?

ONCE AGAIN….they are domestic enemies and they prove me correct every damn day by their actions, because I would have drones with tear gas and machine guns patrolling that border. Trust me, nobody would dare cross it.

This is a disgrace when a patriot like Sheriff Arpaio is targeted like this and what does the Obama administration do? They sue Arizona.


thanks to Atrain718


5 Responses to Arizona – Joe Arapaio – $1 million bounty for the killing of the Sheriff is set by a Mexican cartel.

  1. txlady706 says:

    Poetic Edda:
    Those people should be happy that they have the freedom to degenerate the flags that allow them that sort of descent

  2. Bill says:

    The photo shows real class acts!
    Mexican drug cartel member one level above a worm! Can you imagine a 20 minute conversation with these ‘Mexican revolutionaries? And they STILL can’t figure out why their country is a shit-hole! Amazing!

    Sheriff Joe should hire the attorneys that represented the little New Black Panther orc who was running aroung hollering “kill the crackers and the cracker babies”. Seems he beat our ‘Coward’ Atty. Gen.

  3. txlady706 says:

    “They” are the government. They don’t care. They are far more removed from HUMAN let alone people. The government has NO reason to support YOU. They support more government. They look for ways to obtain power. YOU can’t give them power. They have removed power from the PEOPLE. They want MORE power. Now, YOU are irrelevant. You no longer have any power to impart. They have grown so large that the only place to look for more power is to the rest of the world.

  4. Anonymous says:

    don,t u hav anything better 2 do

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