NY – Cordoba mosque – Ground Zero mosque – Whatever they want to call it. IT’S being funded by BIN LADEN / AL Qaeda!

Islam has brought us this.

I feel sorry for all the Muslims in the Middle East who don’t want to be.  They are trapped.

We have a choice.  We don’t need to accept this.

Our Main Stream Media has been brainwashed and the sincerely don’t know it.

Florida – Burning the KORAN in protest to ISLAMIC sharia and jihad – CNN’s Rick Sanchez interviews Dove World Outreach Center’s Pastor Terry Jones – can’t understand why ANYONE would want to stand against ISLAM and Jihad


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Think about this. The duplicitous Imam erecting a triumphal mosque in the shadow of what were the world’s tallest buildings for a time, is funded by the very same Islamic supremacists who attacked and brought down those two buildings that housed a small city. 50,000 people worked in the buildings, while another 200,000 visited or passed through each day. The complex had its own zip code, 10048.

On September 11, 2001, that all came to a crashing, horrible end, when Islamic jihad brought the war to our shores and murdered 2,998 American citizens here at home. 10 years later, Islamic supremacists will open a 15-story victory mosque on September 11, 2011.

From a conference call with Berntsen and Rep. Peter King, R-L.I.:

“I am concerned about the fact that Al Qaeda and other militant organizations will target that mosque. They will infiltrate people into the mosque,” Berntsen said. “Once they have done that they will petition to bring their own mullahs in, or imams, and have them emigrate into the United States using our immigration law against us. I think it will be foolish to not recognize the fact that this mosque at Ground Zero will be a magnet for militants, that they will attempt to do this to establish themselves literally feet away from what is hallowed ground in New York City.”

“Militants are using these mosques. They are using front organizations against us. They


are using the west’s respect and tolerance for all religions against us,” Berntsen said. “We have to continue to respect everyone’s religious beliefs and allow them to have the ability to practice religions. We also at the same time have to be thoughtful about security, where we allow these facilities to be. We would not have allowed a Shinto shrine to be placed at the front gate of Pearl Harbor.”

I wonder if Berntsen knows how right he is. Righter than he knows. Al Qaeda doesn’t have to infiltrate the mosque, they are already in. The Attorney General must examine and investigate the alleged ties and funding by Xenel Corporation and Imam Rauf and Daisy Khan. Who is Xenel? They fund the Imam and …..

The website lists Xenel Industries Ltd. as a primary donor to the Al-Falah Program. Xenel, a Saudi owned conglomerate, “provides development, manufacturing, investment, trading and services throughout a wide range of areas of interest” ranging from healthcare and infrastructure to oil and real estate, according to the company’s website (www.xenel.com).

On December 10, 2002, the Orlando Sentinel published an article describing the research of a local trade union regarding Xenel, who had just been awarded a $100 million contract to build the city of Orlando a new state-of the-artconvention center. The article reveals that Xenel CEO Abdullah Alireza sits on the executive board of Dar al-Maal al-Islami (DMI), abank based in Switzerland. Haydar Mohamed bin Laden, half brother of Osama bin Laden, also sits on the twelve member executive board.

According to State Department records and the August 2002 brief filed by the families of 9/11 victims, DMI is involved in “al Qaeda financing through several of its subsidiaries, including […] Faisal Islamic Bank and Al Shamal Islamic Bank.” During the 2001 trial of those suspected in the 1998 embassy bombings in East Africa, Faisal Islamic Bank was implicated directly in terrorist activities by former al Qaeda operatives: Ahmed al-Fadl, a finance manager for al Qaeda, testified that al Qaeda accounts in Khartoum were held at Faisal Islamic Bank.

Xenel also funds The Cordoba Initiative and Faisal and Khan’s ASMA supremacist group as well. This, according to the World Economic Forum:

The Xenel Corporation, and others… endorsed projects: (hat tip to Lawrence)

KISSIMMEE — Osceola County’s attorney will examine union claims of alleged ties between the owners of Xentury City Development Co. and the family of Osama Bin Laden.

“We aren’t alleging anything,” says Neal Kwatra, a Washington-based senior research analyst for the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International. “We don’t want to characterize this. We are just providing reproductions of publicly available facts.”


Xentury City is the company selected to build the $100 million Osceola County Convention Center. Its parent corporation is Saudi Arabia-based Xenel Industries.


Shipley describes a 90-page packet of information that appears to indirectly tie Xentury’s parent company [Xenel]  to “less than desirable individuals, businesses and organizations.”

Shipley says the union officials would not leave their information packet with him, “on the advice of their attorney.”

The commissioner says he invited the union leaders to present the information at the commission meeting.

Morty Miller, president of Local 362, and Kwatra declined. Both men say they feel the information needs to be presented in its entirety in a calm, dispassionate way. “We wanted to sit with the county attorney and walk her through all the information,” says Kwatra. “We didn’t want a ‘he said, she said,’ circus-like atmosphere. We were discreet; we didn’t take this to the media.”

The union research in question reportedly describes a “close working relationship” in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, between two wealthy families: the Alireza family and the bin Laden family.

Although the bin Laden family name is now forever tied to Osama bin Laden, it is also known in Saudi Arabia as a $5 billion global construction enterprise launched by Mohammed bin Laden, an illiterate masonry worker and the father of 54 children, including Osama.

The bin Laden family link to Xentury City [Xenel]  as reportedly outlined by the union goes through several connections:

• One major shareholder in the Al Shamal bank founded by Osama bin Laden and others is the Faisal Bank.

• A trust holds an ownership interest in the Faisal bank.

• One member of the board of supervisors of the trust is Abdullah Alireza.

• Alireza is also the managing partner and a major shareholder of Xenel Industries, the parent company of Xentury City.


NYPD vs Released New Aerial Images of 911 World Trade Center Attack [VIDEO-PICS]


4 Responses to NY – Cordoba mosque – Ground Zero mosque – Whatever they want to call it. IT’S being funded by BIN LADEN / AL Qaeda!

  1. Markos says:

    The Muslims are planning to invade the US from within. They got approval from the New York City Mayor “Michael Bloomberg” and the official New York community to build a large Islamic complex and Mosque over ground zero. This is to worship Muhamed and to insight hatred of Christians and Jews and to organize mass murder from within the US. Muslims are advancing a bit by bit they start small and spread like locusts. They hit and run. They use mosques in Israel to launch rocket attacks against civilians. They will use the Mosque to show their contempt to the victims of 9-11. Islam Holy Book “The Quran” in the Repentance Surah Verse 29 states: “Fight who do not believe in ALLAH AND HIS PROPHET FROM THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK “CHRISTIANS AND JEWS” UNTIL THEY PAY THE JIZIAH (MONEY TO RANSOM THEMSELVES) WITH WILLING SUBMISSION, AND FEEL THEMSELVES SUBDUED. Muslims are commanded to fight and kill Christians and Jews according to the Quran. Michael Bloomberg is Jewish and he is helping the Muslims to build the mosque because he does not know that HE BEING JEWISH IS THE FIRST TARGET TO THE MUSLIMS WHEN THEY TEACH SURAH TAWBA IN THE MOSQUE THAT HE IS AGREEING TO BUILD. AS I MENTIONED THAT THE SURAT TAWBA COMMANDS THE MUSLIMS TO KILL JEWS AND CHRISTIANS.
    So allow them to build the Mosque so that they teach more of them to go ahead and execute mass murder…WAKE UP AMERICANS! More below…

    I think that Michael Bloomberg is not a stupid person not to know what I just eluded to. Although he belongs to the Jewish faith, I do not think that he is faithful to his faith. I think that he does not care to see the Mosque he is allowing to be built used to plot for attacking Israel, the US and anyone or anything that do not worship the prophet of Islam Mohamed. The Jewish people fool themselves into believing that the Moslems used to treat them well in the Islamic countries when the west mistreated them. This is wishful thinking. MOHAMED THE PROPHET OF ISLAM MASSACRED ALL JEWISH TRIBES (BANOU KURIZA, BANOU ALMOSTALAK and KHEIBR JEWISH TRIBES) IN MEDINA. AFTER MASSACRING ALL THE MEN, HE TOOK ALL THE JWISH WOMEN AND GAVE THEM AS SEX SLAVES TO HIS HORNY MEN. HE SELECTED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN FOR HIMSELF NAMED SAFIA. HE TOOK SAFIA AFTER KILLING HER HUSBAND AND FATHER INFRONT OF HER OWN EYESAND HAD SEX WITH HER (RAPED HER) TO HUMULATE HER. SO, IN THE CORDOBA MOSQUE, IF THE MUSLIM WORSHIPERS WANT TO RESTORE THE GLORIOUS HISTORY OF MOHAMED, THE MUSLIMS WILL GO IN NEW YORK CITY KILLING ALL THE JEWISH MEN AND RAPING ALL THE JEWISH WOMEN. IS THIS WHAT BLLOMBERG WANTS. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? More below…
    Bloomberg should be taught the facts about Islam and its unwavering hostility to all non Muslims and specifically Jews. I think that Bloomberg is doing a great harm to both Jewish and Christians, and mostly to the Jewish people. Why, because Israel is the only Jewish state, and ALL ISLAMIC COUNTRIES WOULD LOVE to SEE IT WITH ALL ITS JEWISH INHABITANTS COMPLETELY AND FOREVER WIPPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. THIS IS NOT DUE TO ISLAMIC FANATICS, THIS IS THE CORE OF ISLAMIC TEACHING BY THE QURAN. Bloomberg wants to allow the MUSLIMS to build a mosque on top of 9-11 ground zero. The Muslim Palestinians were rejoicing in the streets thinking that the majority of the inhabitants of the twin towers were their ONLY ENEMY (THE JEWS). What are the Muslims going to teach the attendants of the Mosque other than the Quran, and the Hadith (teachings and life of Mohamed, Islam’s Founder and Prophet). The Quran said to kill all Jews and Christians until they are subdued. It also said that Jews and Christians are Monkeys and Pigs. Is this what Bloomberg wants to hear while visiting the Cordoba Mosque? Someone has to stand against this man and stop him from doing us the greatest damage in recent history.

    According to the Muslim Apologetics, 9-11, in their opinion, is a Mussad plot. They think that no Muslim did it. Maybe Bloomberg know this to be a fact and this is why he is rewarding the Muslims with a brand new mosque over the remains of the victims. Otherwise, no one in his right mind would agree to build a mosque over the sight of the victims of Muslims as a reward of their terrorist activity.

  2. txlady706 says:

    no one in their right mind is correct.
    He, Bloomberg is not in his right mind.
    I’m ashamed that he is Jewish. He bring shame on me. I am Jewish and can’t understand this person. He is brainwashed or he is a traitor to his religion and to his country.

  3. boudicabpi says:

    Hi Markos, txlady,
    This is an outrage. You can’t build a church anywhere in a lot of muslim countries and the do gooders here bend over backwards for these people. Here is a link in case the clip doesn’t embed. She makes her point very clear about 2 1/2 minutes in but you have to see the entire clip. On 9/11 war was declarede on America in the name of Islam. Ayaan is a former muslim and has been targeted for death.I have put several other clips of her up.
    Bob A.


  4. txlady706 says:

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s story is so so sad.
    I read her book Infidel many years ago. I cried sooo often.
    She is a very remarkable person.
    She has been through much tragedy. Too much!
    Thanks Bob. Her voice is of strength and courage.
    Because it’s HONEST

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