Arizona- Conceal Carry Bill – No License requirement

Arizona is a very dangerous place.

It’s dangerous to the LEGAL citizen.  It’s even MORE dangerous for the LEGAL alien.

All the people who are so against SB1070 are afraid that the police are going to “profile” them.  What they don’t talk about is the fact that they are being profiled by the MEXICAN gangs.  The Mexican gang are also profiled by the INTERNATIONAL terrorists.  They have been targeted.  They are being used.  The GANGSTERS and the TERRORISTS have formed an understanding, at least temporarily.

The only people that have thus far been DISARMED have been the good little SHEEP of the US of A.  The sheep have begun to grow some horns and are no longer deemed placid enough.  They are turning in the RAMS.  The International gangsters and terrorists deem that inappropriate and therefore have contacted OUR politician.

The politician who are corrupt and are on their PAYROLL.  Yes payroll.  How?  Because if you have terrorist orgs sending money to schools and prisons and infrastructure,  you have SOLD yourself out.  YES. OUR politicians have done that to us.

At least in Arizona, they have begun to empower the SHEEP.  One day the SHEEP will gather the force of the RAM

This may be big but the MSM don’t want to touch it.  They are SCARED.  Scared of their own benefactors.

Maybe with these people there will be some who will be able to protect themselves and others who can not or would not.

July 29: The Arizona Concealed Carry Bill Becomes Law:

Published July 28, 2010 by:

Cochise County – In two short days, Arizona Senate bill 1108 becomes effective. This bill allows law-abiding Arizona citizens 21 years of age or older to carry a firearm concealed on their person or in their vehicle

without fear of negative action by Arizona law enforcement.

This bill was the subject of numerous articles looking at the positives and negatives that may result from it. Tucson Gun Rights Examiner, Chris Woodard said,I do not think that there will be numerous people here that will start carrying concealed. While those of us who are active in the movement are only too aware, this new bill will escape the vast majority of the population.”

And he is right: Most people in Arizona are focused on SB 1070, the Immigration Bill.

For myself, as an avid Second Amendment supporter and shooter, this bill has really only one or two negatives that I can see. As an NRA-certified Range Master and regular volunteer at our local range, I see bad habits being formed and at times dangerous actions occurring. It is my job to ensure that those committing the dangerous actions are either removed or educated. The negative I see happening as a result of this bill is that more untrained individuals will carry with the mistaken belief that simply having the firearm is enough.

Any true martial artist will tell you that training is imperative; having knowledge and tools does one no good without training. Shooting is a martial art, and skill is acquired not through the simple owning of the tools but the constant use and practice with them. Ask a boxer if simply owning the gloves is enough to make them a pro, and they will laugh and walk away. Ask any skilled martial artist if simply owning the bo staff, or batons, or kubotan, or knives makes you an expert and prepares you for what may happen. Their answer will be, One can own anything, but only a few can use what they own properly.”


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