How is it that possible that 95% of the people oppose this thing and yet the “board” gets to decide something different?

Where do we live?

My parents left Communist Ukraine to come to this?

The media was not there.  They want the silence and apathy to work their majic


Video thanks to Pamela Hall of my remarks and Robert Spencer’s at the Community Board landmarks meeting last night:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Tonight I attended another meaningless dog and pony show put on by the ill-used tools on the community board. The room at the auditorium was packed; so packed, in fact, that there were many left outside waiting to get in.

There was little to no media there.

The room was 95% opposed. But the will of the people is ignored. Last I heard from Pamela Hall, a vote was taken…but then they stalled and stalled…not giving us a tally. I had to cut out to make my Hannity appearance.

It bears noting that there was no Muslim presence at the hearing and that is, in and of itself, extraordinary.

When they have anti-Israel antisemitic protests they fill the streets with haters and agitators, every time. When they have to fill a hall to support the jihadist Saudi Islamic Academy, there is not an empty seat in the house.

But not one at the meeting save Gamal. It is, once again, pure deceit, pure show, pure manipulation.

Pamela Hall is posting all the video — will update with the link when they go live.

GZ july27 001

Negeen Mayel, one of the four Christians who were arrested and their cameras confiscated at an Arab festival for passing out leaflets.

GZ july27 002

Robert Spencer, Negeen Mayel, David Wood (another Christian who was arrested for passing out leaflets at the Muslim festival), and Helen ofAmericans for a Safe Israel.

GZ july27 010

Packed house, lots of folks from Staten Island, fresh off their victory against the Muslim Brotherhood mosque.

GZ july27 017

Hindus were out in full force.

GZ july27 018

Great Americans who were denied entry waited outside in opposition to the mosque.

GZ july27 009

On the left is Imam Rauf’s dhimmi Jewish lawyer (pathetic) and on the right, the new face of what was once called  Cordoba House (symbolic of Islam’s conquest of the West), but which has now been rebranded as 51park: Sharif el-Gamal, CEO of SoHo Properties. Rebranding.... they think we are so stupid.

Pamela Ground zero

Above photo: Much thanks to Ilya from Citizens Magazine who just sent this to me. His participation and coverage of the Staten IslandMuslim Brotherhood mosque victory was spectacular.

We will hold a service and protest the mega mosque on September 11th at 2pm at Park Place (between Church and West Broadway) nearGround Zero. Join us.

Here are Barbara P’s (one of the leaders of the Staten Island fight) observations about the meeting:

First, Bill thanks for attending, 555 you too – nice to finally meet you, Bay People, what a group you are, I know you will win your battle too – so nice to see you again. Ilya from http://www.citizensmagazine was there and I’m sure will do a fantastic job of reporting on the event as usual – very nice to meet you too. So proud to see Staten Island and Brooklyn so well represented.

The press was present, but not to the degree expected. As many of us as possible gave interviews – they make me nervous but it has to be done. Pamela Geller is on Hannity tonight along with Andrew McCarthy, repeats at midnight – try to tape it, it’s a good discussion on ground zero and the jihad threat against all Americans.

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller were at the top of their game, as usual. They are so good at speaking for a limited amount of time and getting everything they want to say said.

I tried to yield some of my time to them when I spoke so they could explain to everyone the differences in Imam Rauf’s book as published for Americans and the version that’s far more sinister and published under the same title for Muslims in Arabic. The Chairwoman wasn’t going to let me have the full 2 minutes I should have had to speak. I did submit the 5 page statement outlining all of the reasons to landmark and stating that all testimony about building the mosque must be disregarded as irrelevant – and I submitted the copy of the request for a 9/11 historic district to be created that would include the BurlingtonBuilding. While it was accepted, they vote tonight, I doubt it will make a bit of difference.

John Press, the leader of the Brooklyn Tea Party spoke and did a fantastic job too.

Brett Joshpe, an attorney who along with Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law & Justice are representing a 9/11 fireman, (and a group of others) in the fight to stop the mosque at ground zero. He had the crowd cheering too. Check out his website http://www.brettjoshpe.com and the ACLJ – http://www.aclj.org – both are extremely good.

So many people were there on our side. It was more than obvious though that the Community Board was not on our side – in fact I was told by 2 women on the Board that they want the mosque. So much for objectivity and doing what they know the community wants, what the majority of New Yorkers want and what the majority of Americans across the country wants – they’ve heard from people from all over America who are against this mosque.

While the focus should have been the building, it was the damn mosque.

Gamal, the owner, was there and after introducing himself he said he was there as a resource. No one was interested in him – he saw the anger New Yorkers voiced and couldn’t care less. I couldn’t help staring him down and didn’t let up until he bowed his head.

Maybe 3 people spoke in favor of the mosque – all of them were shouted down until they left the microphone.

Every speaker on our side did well.

I have to tell you what I was told. It’s more than likely that the Landmark Committee will vote against landmark status for the building. The next step in the process after the vote is to submit the Committee’s recommendations to the Landmarks Preservation Commission – which usually does what the Committee recommends.

Those who know far more than I do told me that it’s believed that Obama let Bloomberg know he wants the mosque and Bloomberg, being the fame and power hungry person that he is (remember he wanted the vice presidential spot on Obama’s ticket & didn’t get it) is doing what Obama wants. Also explains why Schumer, Gillibrand and Mahoney aren’t saying a word. So the expectation is that we will lose this battle at this level – but – The ACLJ is ready to take them to court over this, and they believe they should win. Give these guys as much support as possible.

After they cut off speakers and turned to their normal business we started to leave. We went back into the room when we heard they were discussing the original landmark vote that took place. Believe it or not, members of the board were questioning the panel (the Board’s leadership) as to how they arrived at the vote against landmark status. They were going over the points in the resolution and insisting on answers. A good sign, but….

We had to leave, we’ll know in the morning how this turned out. While I was encouraged by the questioning, I could tell by the look on this panel’s faces when we spoke and how they cut off our side that this panel would need a gun held to their heads in order to vote for preservation.

I hope I’m wrong.

UPDATE: The community board voted NO for landmark status for the building hit by a piece of plane’s  landing gear that took out the World Trade Center in the largest attack ever on American soil

The Community Board voted 24 – 13 in favor of NOT land marking the Ground Zero Mosque.

UPDATE: Ilya of Citizens Magazine has sent lots of pics. Click below to view:












Here’s a disturbing comment from Pamela’s site:

Derek said…

July 12th, 2010 Hard Rock Cafe did a fundraiser to raise money for the Flight 93 Memorial which is shaped like an Islamic Crescent moon. It was originally called ” The Crescent of Embrace ” but there was flack and they changed the name. The Architect Paul Murdoch is also working on right now in Bel Air,CA on the extention project of The University of Jerusalem. This is insane ! He is out of the the country to avoid the uproar of protests against the mosque at Ground Zero while sneeking in the Flight 93 Memorial. Tom Burnett was one of the hero passengers on that flight and his father Tom Burnett Senior is spearheading this along with Alec Rawls, Bill Steiner, and A ret. Lt Col that I for the time being cant remember his name. If you go to Blog Talk Radio and type in alec rawls in search you can get the old interview of Alec Rawls and Tom Burnett Senior being interviewed by Pamela Gellar on Atlas On The Air show. Please listen. It is amazing. You can listen to this through Itunes too. Thank you ATLAS SHRUGS for bringing this back to light. We are only beginning to fight this in Claifornia. Please join the fight !

see this post for more information:

Ground zero Mosque is the second mosque thats been proposed. The first is the fight 93 mosque.


2 Responses to NY- Ground Zero – Cordoba Mosque – MEGA MOSQUE COMMUNITY BOARD LANDMARKS MEETING

  1. Markos says:

    Mohamed was a Pedophile (married a six year old girl and raped her when she was 9 years old), blood thirsty (he used to kill all his adversaries cold blooded) war mongering (he led tens of wars killing thousands of people until he was poisoned by a Jewish woman after he exterminated all the members of her tribe), rapist (he raped Safia, a Jewish woman after killing her father and husband in front of her own eyes), lustful (he lusted after his adopted son’s wife (Zeinab Bent Gahsh)when he saw her at home alone while visiting his adopted son(Zeid Ebn Alharethah), he authored a surah (verse) to ban adoption and forced his adopted son to divorce his hot wife so that he can have sex with her). Hollywood doesn’t make movies about Mohamed not because no one knows his real life and stories, but because of the fear of repercussion from the angry Muslim mobs and their brutal terror tactics going after whoever mention their perverted prophet. Islam teaches its followers to kill, rape and steal non-Muslims. This is mentioned in the Quran and Hadith (sayings and doings of Mohammed) and not mere misunderstanding or misinterpretation of Islam. A real follower of Islam must do these things to be commended by Allah (Islam’s alleged God). There is no such a thing as making peace with Islam. Islam means submission (This is the true and real Arabic Translation of Islam as I know it very very well). The Muslims as a minority in the western world deliberately keep the war and killing verses of Quran hidden from the West. They conceal the real Arabic Islamic source books which contain all the real teachings of Islam. Islam Holy Book “The Quran” in the Repentance Surah Verse 29 states: “Fight who do not believe in ALLAH AND THE LAST DAY FROM THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK “CHRISTIANS AND JEWS” UNTIL THEY PAY THE JIZIAH (MONEY TO RANSOM THEMSELVES) WITH WILLING SUBMISSION, AND FEEL THEMSELVES SUBDUED. Muslims are commanded to fight and kill Christians and Jews according to the Quran. This verse was authored by Mohamed in his latter days when he had a huge army of gangsters and according to Islamic scholars the latter verses nullify the earlier verses of the Quran. The earlier verses of the Quran authored by Mohamed in Mecca were much milder towards Jews and Christians because Mohamed was outnumbered and didn’t have the army yet to go and kill and rape as he wished.

    No none in Muslim countries has freedom of religion. when a Muslim apostates (leaves Islam) to any other religion, he is threatened and can be killed and for sure is tortured and persecuted. How do we allow the spread of the religion of intolerence because of our tolerence, this is shear madness and stupidity or TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. txlady706 says:

    I feel your passion.
    I believe that Islam is EVIL and that the morally d deficient crooks don’t see that they are lured in by the money that these people offer and the power that they wield with the sword. But they will be consumed by them as well. Not one will remain. They are too powerful to understand that they have no power.

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