Obama should not be President – A President who is bent on Destroying the country is a traitor to his country

These may be the weapons of Americas destruction, which will give rise to the World Power, but the fallacy is that the Liberals think that America will be the head of this organization.  They are WRONG.

Healthcare destroyed Britons economy and all of Europe teeters on collapse.  Obama’s healthcare emulates that of the failed European states.  The monetary collapse is tested and proven, so the American president is sure of the outcome.

If our government sees this and pushes forward toward this anyway, then doesn’t that mean that they are doing it on purpose? The people inside the government are, in essence, seeking to destroy the country? Is that not then treason? They, however, are not trying to destroy the country for the purpose of another country, but for the WOLD ORDER that is on the RISE. The rise of the CENTRAL WORLD GOVERNMENT. This is inevitably the conclusion. There is no possibility for a different conclusion if all factors remain the same, our healthcare will go the way Briton did, then the conclusion is known. If the conclusion is known and they AIM for it, then what does that mean? It is TREASON.

The POTUS also has proven ground for WAR strategies and he favors those that extinguish the fight from within.  The People WANT to Win, but the government has set them up for failure time and again.  So, is our government to blame?  YES!

The government is much too strong and the people have become enslaved.  The trust we gave to the government to guard us, has been used against us.   This government has become a monster, living and breathing it’s own air.  The central government was initially conceived to help with getting the cumulative powers of the states together to produce something that they WANTED to come together for.  But that has long since ebbed and now the GOVERNMENT orders to the states to do THEIR bidding.  It’s supposed to be the other way around.

When did we LOOSE LIBERTY?

How Obama is Going to Destroy America as a Superpower:

At a press conference during the G-20 summit in Toronto, President Obama said that he would deliver serious deficit reduction proposals next year. And when he does, those politicians who talk tough on debt simply to score votes will have to show their hand. He said, “When I start presenting some very difficult choices to the country, I hope some of these folks who are hollering about deficits and debt step up, because I’m calling their bluff.” [1] Needless to say that after this statement, a number of politicians and other “talking heads” said, “It is a little late, don’t you think” or words to that effect.

Most intelligent people know that this constant spending is bankrupting America, and it seems that Obama and company don’t care. A number of people are asking, “Why would Obama want to bankrupt America?” Some are saying, “It’s because of his socialist (progressive) agenda.” Others are saying, “That it is to create a crisis within the country, after all “a crisis is too good a thing to waste”; in order to completely transform America into the model that George Soros believes it should be. However, after receiving an email from a friend, reading the documents he attached and then hearing what Glenn Beck read from “You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know which Way The Wind Blows”[2], I began to feel that Obama is definitely setting up America to be destroy as a country. Now, I can hear you all saying, “the Old Marine has completely lost it and is ready for the ‘funny farm’”. No, people I’m not ready for a tin foil hat (YET!).
As with all things, “Past is Prologue” and we should take a quick look at the not so distant past, let’s look at the Vietnam War. No, I’m not going into the pro and cons of the war, just a little bit of history on how the congress got us into and out of that war.
Congress enacted the Tonkin Gulf Resolution on August 5, 1964. The resolution passed easily, in the House 466 – 0 and in the Senate 88-2. With the passage of this resolution President Johnson was authorized to use “all necessary measures” to repel armed attacks against U.S. forces in Vietnam. [3] Thus, the U.S. entered the Vietnam War officially.
Although similar to the resolution which authorized the use of U.S. military force in Iraq, the Tonkin Gulf Resolution contained language which allowed Congress to repeal it at any time. There was an unsuccessful effort to repeal the Resolution in 1966, just two years after its passage, it failed. Then finally in January, 1971, Congress did succeed in passing a measure to repeal the Resolution. President Nixon did not veto the measure; but claiming his presidential authority, as Commander in Chief of the military, he refused to honor it and continued to wage the war. However Congress had another far more effective way to act that would ultimately end the Vietnam War: by closing the federal purse strings.
Following the U.S. invasion of Cambodia in December 1970, Congress reacted by passing the landmark Cooper- Church amendment to the Foreign Military Sales Bill. This amendment prohibited the use of any funds already appropriated for military spending on the introduction of additional U.S. troops into Cambodia. While President Nixon denounced Cooper-Church as harming the war effort, he failed to veto it. Today, the Cooper- Church amendment is regarded as the first congressional action taken that limited presidential powers during a war.
After passing Cooper-Church, and even though the Paris cease-fire agreement, Congress literally dropped the hammer on the Vietnam War with the passage in 1973 of a joint resolution (H.J.Res. 636) prohibiting any further appropriation or expenditure of any funds for any “combat in or over or from the shores of North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia.” Thus America lost the Vietnam War.
Now, fast forward to present day, we are currently involved in a war on two major fronts, Afghanistan and Iraq. We all know how the left feels about these two fronts. Hell, Obama even ran his campaign on getting the U.S. out of both Afghanistan and Iraq. However, he has run into opposition, the American people, thus he continues, half heartily, to fight the war, just look at the delaying tactics he used in granting Gen. McCrystal’s request for more troops.
Now, I realize that there are those reading are wondering how the Cooper Church and H.J. Res. 636 could affect the current war and our overall defense posture. Well, think about the one thing that all conflicts have in common, MONEY, MOOLA, GREENBACKS. Now, think about this, America is on the brink of bankruptcy and Obama has racked in the short time he has been in office massive debts, all for social programs, add to this the Obamacare that is coming, where are we going to get the money? Taxes, or are we going to have to cut something? What is the main target of the left for cutting? The MILITARY.
To continue the spending spree, the White House plans to eliminate over a trillion defense dollars in the next ten years. Details of those proposed cuts were laid out by Rep. Barney Frank’s (D-MA) Sustainable Defense Task Force in a 56 page report titled: Debt, Deficits, & Defense – A Way Forward (Copy of which is attached in PDF format). None of the service arms are spared.
Some of these cuts including reducing the Navy to eight carriers (twelve were planned) and seven aircraft wings. Eight ballistic missile submarines will be cut from the planned force of 14, leaving just six. Building of nuclear attack submarines will be cut in half, leaving a force of 40 by 2020. The four active guided missile submarines would be cut, too. Destroyer building would be frozen and the new DDG-1000 destroyer program cancelled. Among other huge cuts, the fleet is to be reduced to 230 combat ships, eliminating 57 vessels from a current force level of 287.

The Air Force must retire six fighter air wings equivalents, and at the same time build 301 fewer F-35 fighters. The nuclear bomber force will be completely eliminated in the name of unilateral disarmament—the B-1 and B-2 and B-52 and other bombers will still be able to drop bombs, but their nuclear weapon wiring and controls will simply be removed. Procurement of the new refueling tanker and the C-17 cargo aircraft will be cancelled. Directed energy beam research and other advanced missile and space warfare defense projects will also be eliminated or curtailed.
Active duty Army personnel will be slashed from 562,400 to 360,000. That includes elimination of about five active-component brigade combat teams (the report is not exact). The Army will also suffer a myriad of other cuts, including closure of overseas bases.
The Marine Corps would be cut by 30%, from 202,000 to 145,000, and the other funding cuts planned for the Corps mean the United States will not be able to mount a major amphibious landing on any hostile shore. Marine Corps programs to be killed include the V-22 Osprey tilt rotor aircraft and the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle.
The hot button item of reducing pay, pension, healthcare and other benefits for our soldiers, their wives, their families and their widows is stated as: “Resetting the calculation of military compensation and reforming the provision of military health care…” Whatever those mysterious words will ultimately come to mean, the task force report shows a planned reduction of pay and benefits for the troops and their families to the tune of $120 billion.
Many other proposed cuts are not addressed in coherent detail, including how the reduction of our deployed nuclear warheads to 500 would be accomplished (a much greater reduction than contemplated by the pending START treaty with Russia). Today’s deterrent force of 500 Minuteman III missiles, for example, would be reduced to just 160 missiles or less, which then leaves a balance of 340 warheads for ballistic submarines and tactical delivery systems everywhere in the world! Other key parts of American strategic defenses are slashed as well, including modernization, research, and maintaining safety and reliability of existing weapons.
President Obama is emulating President Jefferson. Strapped for money, Jefferson cut the navy by two-thirds and built small gunboats instead, saying they “are the only water defense which can be useful to us, and protect us from the ruinous folly of a navy.” What were the results of Jefferson’s version of a low cost ‘policy of restraint?’ Britain’s navy brushed the gunboats aside and burned the White House in 1814.
Fortunately, the British superpower of 1814 did not have an air force, a strategic missile force, or a large amphibious Marine Corps. If they had, they would have burned the Declaration of Independence, too. [4]
Now, in “You Don’t Need A Weatherman To Know which Way The Wind Blows”, which was written in 1969, during the Vietnam War, and Glenn Beck alluded to this, “ ….Winning state power in the U.S. will occur as a result of the military forces of the U.S. overextending themselves around the world and being defeated piecemeal;….” Although currently our military is a little over extended, some would say greatly, the one thing that they do have is the material support they need to fight the war. They currently are receiving the newest equipment as it becomes available. They realize that they have the benefits that they were promised. Now, if there is a complete change in the Congress and conservatives do take charge, they will be placed in a situation that may put them in a no win situation because as Obama said at the G-20, “When I start presenting some very difficult choices to the country, I hope some of these folks who are hollering about deficits and debt step up, because I’m calling their bluff.” Will this bluff, result is the gutting of our military and thus leaving America weak, thus more vulnerable to attack from the outside? Remember back to just prior to WW 2, when the military was a very low priority. If Obama does succeed in calling the bluff and the Congress folds like a cheap tent (providing conservatives are in the majority), who will the rest of the world turn to protect the freedom that America has always stood for in the past. Is America going to survive as a super power?
Remember it was Congress that cause America to lose the war in Vietnam. Will it be Obama and a cowardly Congress that will cause America to lose the war against Muslim Terrorists?

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Please Note, This was a combined effort between Jerseygal, Topshot and myself, however, to make it easier to read I kept it in the 1st person.

Semper Fi,

The Terrific Trio


Thanks OM


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