Texas – Los Zetas seize two ranches in Laredo – ACT OF WAR!—-UPDATE

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Texas – Los Zetas seize two ranches in Laredo – ACT OF WAR!

Canada Free Press has a very odd post.

They have a you tube on the lock down, but then the post that they go to is from more than 1 year ago.


My initial question is why is there nothing coming out on the social network sites?

All the reports have been coming from sources outside the US.

Is this going to be reported as a hoax?

Or is this going to be something MUCH bigger?

Has communication been suspended?  Why would our government suspend communication?

What is going ON?

Why would someone be lying about this?  If it’s a lie?  Why no refutation?

Texas Border City on Lockdown:

FBI: Texas drug cell trains on own ranch

DANE SCHILLER Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle

The FBI is advising law enforcement officers across the country that a Texas cell of Los Zetas — an increasingly powerful arm of the Mexican Gulf Cartel drug trafficking syndicate — has acquired a secluded ranch where it trains its members to “neutralize” competitors in the United States.

In order to ensure its share of the lucrative illegal drug trade, the cartel’s members reportedly are operating north of the border to collect debts and spy on competitors. They have also protected cocaine and heroin shipments that were bound for Houston, where they were repackaged and shipped on to Alabama, Delaware, Georgia and Michigan, according to the FBI.

The information, which was disseminated Monday to state, local and federal agencies, does not provide specifics, such as the location of the ranch, but includes a notation that the information came from reliable FBI contacts.




7 Responses to Texas – Los Zetas seize two ranches in Laredo – ACT OF WAR!—-UPDATE

  1. […] Texas – Los Zetas seize two ranches in Laredo – ACT OF WAR!—-UPDATE […]

  2. themadjewess says:

    I cant believe Texas. They NEED Az law, before these ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS start going through TX. Man I ask for the mercy of G-d.
    I notice you have Judith (Yehudit) as your little gravatar, KAHANE CHAI!

    Btw; Our evil stance against Israel is why we are suffering this fate.

  3. txlady706 says:

    I agree. This government is supporting this. Why the media blackout? This is a media black out. So, is the Gulf. Reporters are not allowed to report. I would not be at all surprised if the 2 ranches were actually seized some time ago and the government negotiated a BUY deal or something. Or the ranchers “sold” their ranches, even though they really didn’t want to. Also, there have been tunnels found under the rio grand, where smuggling has taken place. So, why would this not be plausible. It would be interesting if someone was able to get that information. I bet in might turn up very interesting information.

  4. txlady706 says:

    Yehudit is my Hebrew name. 🙂

  5. themadjewess says:

    I LOVE Joan Of Arc 😀
    That is my gravatar 😉

  6. txlady706 says:

    I like it!
    It suits you.

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