Gaza – clothing is confiscated and women are banned from smoking a water pipe

Decency doesn’t apply to men.  Only women are banned from smoking that thing.

As far as the clothing being confiscated– I thought that they didn’t have any clothing.  I guess the flotilla’s made a difference.  They shipped all those nice clothes with profanity.  Maybe that would be a good reason to not let any flotillas in.  It may corrupt their world renowned moral culture.  Did I write renowned?  Maybe it’s RENOUNCED.  The depravity in Gaza goes beyond mere slogans of profanity on a t- shirt, but who cares, let them ban the shirts that they say they don’t have.

Why are not the WOMENS movements out in droves over this.

Imagine if the government in the US banned smoking in public, but only for WOMEN?

And this is the culture that is soooo in favor?

Crickets from the media.  There is nothing but depravity in GAZA and the ME, but there they all go, praising the Barbarians (people from the Barbary coast).

Where is Rahm Emanuel?  He’s a Jew.  Jews would never stand for this and he is so influential.

Robert Gibbs is the spokes piece for everything else.  Nothing coming from there either.

They say that you can tell a culture by their art.  What do you see in this “ART?”

”]A Hamas policeman patrols a street in Gaza City 9 July 2009. [MaanImages/Wissam Nassar]

Gaza police seize ‘inappropriate clothing’

Gaza – Ma’an – De facto government detectives in the Gaza Strip seized inventory from several shops and vendors on Saturday, which a police report said displayed “immoral words.”

The clothing, manufactured in Gaza City, was mostly cotton shirts with the words “Porn Man Clothing” written on them in bold letters.

Detectives said the clothing was uncovered during a routine inspection tour, and was traced back to a manufacturer in the Ash-Shuja’iyyah neighborhood of Gaza City, where a report said two merchants and a printer worked to create and supply the goods to vendors.

Police said the supplies and the merchandise were confiscated and the individuals involved in making the clothing brought in for questioning.

Investigators said charges would likely be laid.

The seizure on grounds of immorality is the latest in a string of small measures being taken by the Gaza government to enforce what critics call inappropriate laws on personal status.

On 18 July, the Gaza Interior Ministry issued a ban on women smoking the water pipe (arghileh) in public places, with Police spokesman Ayman Batneiji telling Ma’an that women smoking water pipes in public places “contradicts” Palestinian traditions and values.

The decision will be enforced, he said, though news reports indicated otherwise.

Earlier bans targeted women riding motorbikes in Gaza, wedding parties that extended beyond midnight, and the mandating of conservative uniforms at government schools.


4 Responses to Gaza – clothing is confiscated and women are banned from smoking a water pipe

  1. Khawla says:

    In my opinion, a woman smoking a water pipe is unpleasant sight given the noise and the strong smell. The use of water pipe has always been associated with men in the Middle East. Women as well as men must be banned from smoking this poison for the sake of their health.

    The people of Gaza are deprived from eating fancy food, buying good textiles, giving their children toys, getting good education and accessing proper health services. Unlike other people, I do not think t-shirts with lewd references or smoking a water pipe are the most wished things in the hard lives of the Gazans.

  2. txlady706 says:

    It may be unsightly. However, freedoms and liberties should be equally distributed. That’s called justice. The idea that YOU think something is bad and you want to dictate what others should think, equates you with the dictatorships and tyrannies that make up most of the middle east. The light versions can now be found in Europe as well. They are called Socialists. Socialism and all it’s derivatives are relatively short lived. They invariably become more restrictive and more obtrusive. The more power a central government gets the less likely it will relinquish it. Be careful what YOU want to restrict, because tomorrow I may want to restrict some of the freedoms you may currently enjoy. As long as it doesn’t threaten my very life or put me in physical danger or restrict ME from pursuing a livelihood that secures my LIBERTIES, then that is nothing that the central government should have any role in. You are a fascist my dear and you may not even know it. And if you do, then your comments reflect it. Thank you for your input.

  3. […] Gaza – clothing is confiscated and women are banned from smoking a water pipe […]

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