NAACP – Racist Shirley Sherrod – shows how to discriminate against a white farmer and believes that she is NOT a racist.

A woman who says these things is first of all a racist.

She is the type of woman and black person that negates all the good things that MLK ever talked about.  Listening to his speeches and hearing the stuff coming out of this woman is very disheartening.  It’s really hard to listen to.

I would really like for every black person out there to know that the working class white person, even if at the upper middle class level had probably never participated in Slavery.  So, all the white people you (if you are black or white) blame for it are not the people who had anything to do with it.  The people who had anything to do with it are the elite, who will never be affected by affirmative action and the blacks who are also elites now in Africa and also, will never be affected by affirmative action.  This generation is twice removed from even KNOWING what slavery was about.  Most are not old enough to remember it at all.

The pendulum  has swung and it’s on the other side of the clock.  The discrimination is now yours to own and it’s being seen and is ugly.  Would MLK have wanted it?  Do you want to be seen as the racist?  Because the race card is being drawn and it is without merit.  The one quick to the draw is usually the one seen as the proliferator of it.

John Lewis did LIE about people screaming racist comments.  Since, he is the proliferator of the lies, then he is the RACIST.

Bachmann’s House Tea Party Caucus OK’d amid Racist Charges:

by  Connie Hair

Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s (R-Minn.) new House Tea Party Caucus has been given the go ahead by the House Administration Committee.  They have met all requirements for the formation of an official caucus in the House of Representatives.

Approval of the Tea Party Caucus was granted in the wake of an attempt by the NAACP and its Democrat allies to paint those associated with Tea Party organizations as racist.  The NAACP at a convention this month even passed a resolution denouncing the Tea Parties as racist.

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) accused Tea Party activists gathered by the tens of thousands on Capitol Hill in opposition to Obamacare last year of racism.  He said attendees in the crowd shouted the “N” word 15 times at his group as they stepped down from the front of the Cannon House Office Building and walked across the street to vote in favor of the highly-unpopular government takeover of health care.

With dozens of cameras in the footage seen filming that walk across the street—including Democrat staffers—not one of these dozens of cameras caught even a single instance of any racial epithets being shouted at Lewis and his group.  Not one.

What is clearly heard being shouted is, “Kill the bill.”

But there was a blatant act of racism earlier this year at an NAACP conference caught on tape and exposed yesterday by Andrew Breitbart’s

In July of 2009, Shirley Sherrod was appointed by the Obama administration as Georgia Director of Rural Development by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

NAACP Bigotry in their ranks, posted with vodpod
In an exclusive interview with CNN, former USDA official Shirley Sherrod tells how she feels hung out to dry by the Obama Administration and the NAACP. “They harassed me… I had at least three calls telling me the Administration wanted me to resign. It was Cheryl Cook, the Deputy Under Secretary.”

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Georgia controls $1.2 billion in federal dollars each year.  According to local Georgia news reports, $30 million more in stimulus funds just yesterday was reported as being routed to Sherrod’s Rural Development section of the USDA to provide low-income home loans:

Georgia will receive an additional $30 million in Recovery Act funds for direct home loans through USDA Rural Development on July 19, when pooled funds from all states are redistributed from Washington, D.C. These loans are for qualifying families considered to have low and very low incomes to purchase or build a home in a rural area.

So far, Georgia has helped 288 rural families through the direct home loan program, obligating over $31.7 million to help families achieve the dream of homeownership. The Recovery Act has funded 220 home loans for almost $25.8 million.

“The time has never been better for rural Georgia families to consider buying a home,” said Shirley Sherrod, state director. “These funds can be used to purchase an existing home or to build a new one.”

The tape shows Sherrod speaking in March at the NAACP Freedom Banquet where she makes racist statements.

“The first time I was having to help a white farmer save his farm, he took a long time talking and he was trying to show me that he was superior to me.  I knew what he was doing but he was coming to me for help.  What he didn’t know is that while he was talking all that time trying to show me that he was superior to me I was trying to decide just how much help I was going to try to give him.  I was struggling with the fact that so many black people had lost their farmland and here I was faced with having to help a white person save their land.  So, I didn’t give him the full force of what I could do,” Sherrod said on the tape.

Shouts of agreement are heard from the audience, but no outrage or disagreement with the statements being made.  As Breitbart points out, this is hardly an organization to be throwing accusations of racism at others.

Sherrod was fired late yesterday by Vilsack after the tape went viral from Breitbart’s site.

For more information on the incident see Brietbart’s report including a second video here.

Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus will be the target of all sorts of slurs and innuendo.  Yet the truth is membership in the new caucus reveals those in Congress who believe in listening to the people’s voice—no matter their color or creed—as their representatives, not their rulers.

That’s what the Tea Parties are all about.

A spokesman for House Republican leader John Boehner (Ohio) said that as a personal rule, Boehner belongs to only one caucus, the House Republican Conference.

Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), chairman of the House Republican Conference said he would be joining the new Tea Party Caucus.


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  1. Were the journalists in the Sherrod affair so much different than the blogger? Moreover, are bloggers who provide news not journalists as the “journalists” claimed after getting the story wrong?


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